Nov 10 1997
Tampa, FL, US / Houlihans Stadium
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I was there, nice a lots of fun, nice weather and bad traffic ...Our friends couple could not join and i still have the 2 passes intact ...I wonder if they worth anything...
360 tour 2009
- I will Follow - Out control - The electric co - Zooropa - Even Better then... - Pop Muzik -Please -Beatiful day - Elevation - Vertigo - Bullet de blue Sky - The Fly - Mysterious Ways What happened to U2? Why does not the best U2 concert history. A concert to dance, to fly. u2 want to see, not cold play. that you are going? 36o tour 2009. I was at the concert of barcelona. I saw the Greatest Show on Earth, the biggest stage of world ..... why not the best concert I saw? I trust in you, I need to dance, I need to feel, I need to fly ... but above all I need u2 again be as it was u2 and make the world enjoy the best concert of U2's history.
Popmart '97
Awesome show. It was my first time seeing the band. Medical reasons kept me from seeing them on the Zoo TV Tour, so I was determined to make it to Popmart. So glad I did. Seeing my favorite band perform my favorite song ("One") for the first time was beyond cool. The whole show was absolutely amazing. The new material from Pop was great to hear live as well. This show was in the old Tampa (Houlihans) Stadium and Third Eye Blind opened for U2 this night.
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