Nov 21 1997
New Orleans, US / Superdome
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Fifth Time is a Sort of Homecoming
First time i get to see my fave band in New Orleans. And i too was moved up to great seats. Boo on my homies for not buying more tickets... but i had a ball.
First time seeing U2
Bought these tickets as soon as they went on sale, which I believe was about a year before the show. My brother and I went and found out when we got there that our seats had been upgraded to 7 rows from the front of the stage. The show was pure magic. It was more than I could have expected. I can't wait to see them in Houston for the Joshua Tree tour!
First time to see U2
By '97, I had been an avid fan for going on 15 years. So I was really looking forward to this show. In 1997, I was working for a marine supply company, whose office building was about five blocks from the Superdome. The concert was on a Friday and Friday's was a dress down day at work. I showed up to work dressed for the concert. My boss took one look at me and said "Kim, do me a favor and just stay in your cubicle all day. MY boss will have a fit if he sees you dressed THAT casual!" I find it amusing that the tour to support the album that wasn't their best was my first U2 show. I was not disappointed. They played to a half full Superdome, but as a result, my nosebleed seat was turned into a dead center seat on the second level. Third Eye Blind opened. Eh, they were alright. I remember dancing my butt off all night. I remember "Bullet" being my bathroom break. I remember being horse from screaming the following day. I remember the magic, the energy and the MUSIC.
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