Oct 22 2005
Pittsburgh, PA, US / Mellon Arena
with Damian Marley

All Because Of You
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Another great October night
From the first notes of "City of Blinding Light" the show was magic. Nice to hear "Electric Co." and"Miss Sarejevo too. Love it when they throw in the older song here and there. A friend I hadn't seen in years drove in from Johnstown for the show. It was cool having a fan up to play along on "Party Girl". Really inspiring night leaving the arena with some hope and just feeling good. My friend almost literally ran into Paul McGuinness and got his autograph. The only bummer was that the Euro shows had Kings of Leon or the Killers as openers. but not here.
I was at the Mellon Arena on October 22, 2005. Getting there in and of itself seemed like a miracle: I tried in vain to get tickets to many of the shows on the east coast. I had not seen U2 in concert since the Zoo TV tour, and eagerly awaited the Pittsburgh show once our tickets were in hand. I knew that it would be a wonderful night. What I didn't know, however was that I would have the single most profound spiritual experience of my life that night. There are no words that can accurately describe what happened to me. All I can say is that my faith in Christ grew exponentially, and that I suddenly realized that in order to snap out of my normal melancholy, I had to "help people...EVERYONE". Again, that might sound insane, but I don't know how to explain it. The music "transported" me out of myself. I have become much happier and have been a more pleasant person since that night, and my eyes were opened to the needs of others.
AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember being the 5th person in line to buy (2) tickets. I didn't care who was going with me, I just knew I wanted to go. They sold out in 10 minutes. This was my first U2 show. I finally talked my husband into going with me. U2 opened the show with "City of Blinding Lights" and it was unbelievable! Just like the video on MTV, I had tears in my eyes when Bono had his arms reaching up, metallic confetti falling from up above. It was just so...moving! Then they played "Vertigo" followed by "I Will Follow" It was AWESOME!!! I would pay anything to go to the next show in the "Burgh!"
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