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Jul 7 2009
Milan, IT / San Siro

Bit of a party night tonight, celebrating the birthday of Bono's daughter Eve, who was up on stage for Party Girl. Felt like the band were looser and more at ease on the stage, finding their feet as 360 gets underway. Were you at the show ? Some highlights from us below, add your own highlights at the bottom of the page.

1. The Space Ship felt like it was taller than the San Siro itself tonight. The discoball on top was actually higher than the roof of the stadium.

2. As the band arrived on stage fans on the floor gave them a distinctive and colourful welcome - holding up orange, green and white balloons. The audience was so loud by 'No Line', it was hard to make out what Bono was saying.

3. 'How do you like our Space Junk ? We think it's somewhere between a spaceship and a cactus flower...'

4. The set list was different again to the first two nights.

5. Bono Introduces Angel of Harlem as 'a song for Billie Holiday, tonight we dedicate it to Michael Jackson.' and ends it segueing into 'man in the mirror' before slipping into 'Stand by Me'.

6. Feels like the band are still working out how to live on the huge new stage. Still experimenting with how to connect with everyone in 360. Adam spent all of Beautiful Day out on the b-stage runway. Larry looks to be enjoying his nightly lap of honour with the djembe for 'Crazy'

7. At the beginning of Party Girl, Bono asks the audience to welcome his daughter Eve on stage, 'not the shy one in the family'. 'Wanna sing for my little girl Eve.' he explains. 'It's her birthday today. She's no longer a little girl but older and a beauty.' A stadium join the band in singing Eve happy birthday and Larry does the honours on the champagne, pouring glasses for father and daughter.

8. Plenty of famous faces at the show tonight including actors Woody Harrelson and Gael Garcia Bernal, designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and Nicoletta Mantovani, the widow Luciano Pavarotti.

9. The leaders of the G8 meet in Italy this week, which offered a timely way into One tonight: 'It is well known that I have had some differences with your prime minister over promises that were made and not kept to the world's poor. Italians have given so many gifts to the world... modern physics.. the renaissance.. the piano... the gift of song... from Puccini to Luciano Pavarotti to Jovanotti. In the next few days, at the G8, your leader will decide where he stands on the gift of life for people far beyond your shores. If you think he should do what he promised for the poorest and most vunerable in Africa, you need to let him know because he is not Increasing aid as he said he would. He is slashing it. Do you think he should do what he promised? He still can. Tomorrow. Thursday. Friday. We'll be waiting to see if he does. I write songs... Berlusconi gets to write history... it's not too late for his chapter to end with dignity... I want to dedicate this song for him... it's called ONE.'

10. There was more, much more.... but why don't you tell us what it was ?

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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The Best Night of My Life !!!
U2.... I was in red drum, it was the best night of my life !!! I don't know much i can thank you... I will never forget this day... I hope one day people in Turkey can have a chance to see you too... You've got more things to do... more places to go... I love you all with all my heart.... I will follow you...
party night
Travelled from Scotland to see U2,well worth it,really enjoyed the new songs liveas well some of my all time classics , unforgetable fire and party girl.Thought the crowd were amazing , singing along , love the stage, was down the front at first , wanted to see the whole affect for last songs , so moved to the back and want a view with the crowd behind.I have seen U2 several times in Scotland and Dublin since 1987 , this was the best ever, cant wait until Croke park on the saturday for another party! Thanks Milano and thanks U2.
U2 belong to Italy
Thank you guys... you belong to everyone of us... and the whole of us belong to you... Italy belongs to U2!!! love, Davide
Oh No
Why do they insist on playing a ridiculous version of Crazy Tonight ???? Feels like a turkey along the lines of Miami on the Popmart tour. Hopefully by my next show in Dublin it will have gone. Great show in places, lacklustre in others.
Breathkatking night
I was actually there. I've seen them in Italy also in Reggio Emilia, but I liked last night more again. Top impressive moment, about rythm was when Larry started drumming 'I will not go crazy.." I was afraid we could crumble down from the second level of San Siro :-). The intro with Space Oddity by Bowie was also remarkable, and the first songs sequence by "No line..." superb. Can not describe the sensations: hope really that 4 Latins from Noth Europa, liked the gig in Italy... all the Best for tonight
still a great show
I was very impressed by this 30 year band who has the ability of making me dancing & nearly crying with new songs and old successes. thanks guys and yes...Bono is definetely the most fascinating man on earth.
Gabi Guimaraes
Happy Birthday...
... to little Eve (even though she's not so little anymore!)! What a beautiful girl! ... Missed "Electrical Storm" on the set, though!
I was there! It was the best show ever! that halfway between a spaceship and a cactus flower was amazing, but we were at tha back of the stage, and we wanted Bono to come more often to visit us!!! I wish I could be there tonight too! THANK YOU GUYS, SEE YOU AGAIN!
sound qualitz in san siro
the show was great, but have senn better shows of the vertigo and elevation tour. the sound quality of the yesterdays performance was worse!
The Claw
Hello hello U2... I've 31 years old and I fallen in love for U2 with POP in 1997 year. Yesterday night was the 4 th U2 concert... Never seen nothing like this. Everytime I see yours concerts is like the first. Everytime is an emotion, a satisfaction. with your songs my future wife and me we fallen in love more time ago... and after You've sing ULTRAVIOLET our special song... so "the claw" has made the rest!!! Only one word INCREDIBLE!!! THANK YOU U2 for another unforgettable night. I'm from Milan and I hope You'll came in Milan everytime You have to make a world tour. U2 FOREVER!!!!
I was there, it was absolutely fantastic!!!!! In one word: magnificent!!!!!!! Thank you Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam: you're the best!!!
SUPER SHOW!!! Thank you to return in Italy with a very great show. Thanks for the beautiful night. We hope to see you in Italy to amaze us again. We wait for you!!! Angelo e Rossella (Faenza).
thanks for the wonderful evening and concert!! it was my 3rd U2 concert and it was awesome!! thanks for playing "Ultraviolet"!! It was magnificent ;)) hope to see you soon!! Love from Silvia
What a night!
What a show! 4th U2 concert but every time it's like the first one. Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry please continue to heal our hearts and feed our souls. In U2 we trust!!!
Cri Cri
Me and my baby arriving
Yesterday we were in two. Me and my baby arriving. It was a great emotion. Thanks U2 !!!
Mat e Ale from Venice
incredible night !!! We love You!!! Thank U again for All thats emotions you give Us! Share a Fantastic Night with fantastic friends.. Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for a great night
We enjoyed an unforgettable night! Thanks for giving us such a wonderful time! Just a complain to Bono...you never came to the small deck on the back of the stage, we were there waiting for you to come!! :(
Milano, 2009-07-07
When I saw U2 the FIRST TIME (in 1987 in Modena) it was great... each concert I saw was great (and i saw all concert in italy)... and the last ONE was.. was.. i don't know words to explain... i hope u'll come back soon
it was... WOW
Yesterday was... was... I don't have words. What can I say?!?!? Fantastic? Incredible? The best I've ever seen? What more? These guys are four beautiful men 50 yo. p.s. please note that the price of the tickets is a little bit high
first concert for my son...
... Elia, my son... he's eleven and that was your first U2 show... thank you guys for making these experience unforgettable... after that he loves U2 much more!!! A magnificient night started with an intro, Space Oddity from David Bowie... after Unforgettable fire, With or without you... and stand by me... party girl... Thank you U2... I love your music!!!
Hi Larry. Last night I was to S.Siro. The U2s have given a magic night to Italy. Your sound is always perfect. You are great Larry. Mario
Thank you!
Bono: Yesterday night I was in S. Siro at 2 meters from you. You said that isn't a beautiful period for all of us, but you've given me a lot of emotions, tears, hope and a beutiful night that will remain in my mind and in my heart forever. Thank you to you, The Edge, Larry and Adam. You are the best! Lovely. Sandra
Great Concert!
Thank you Larry, Adam, Bono and the Edge! I had a marvellous night listening to your music! Great audience, great stage, great songs, great... all! Hope to see you again in Italy!!
stand up comedy
can't believe stand up comedy isn't part of the new set - very dissapointed - I reckon this would be a big stadium tune!!
it was absolutely amazing! i could be on their show for like a million times! U2 ROCKS! =)
4th concert
last night was our 4th U2 concert...and everytime it's like the first time: they are Great! Lara e Francesco (Reggio E.)
Happy birthday to me too
I was there. It was an incredible night. Specially because it was my birthdat too. So when Bono strt singing Happy birthday for his daughter, I felt like if a bit, was for mee too... Thank you so much. Max
Milan 2009-07-07
I was here!!! A beautiful show, another time with my beautiful brother... FOREVER U2!
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