U2360° TOUR

Jul 11 2009
Paris, FR / Stade De France
'Ground control to Major Tom...' Five shows in and that's all the signal that 90,000 Parisians need to know that the U2 space station is in orbit and the fifth show of the tour is about to begin. The distinctive figure of Larry Mullen Jnr walks along the central platform of the stage and as he starts playing Edge appears from his right, Adam from his left. Bono arrives last, coming 'from a long line of traveling sales people on my mothers side.'

And this show is off, travelling through the Stade de France like loose electricity with four straight songs from 'No Line' and Magnificent ending with Bono slipping into arabic style lullaby - 'we love you, there's nothing you can do' - and segueing into the opening bars of Beautiful Day.

'Thank you for coming out and thank you for giving us a great life,' he explains. 'Thank you for giving us the chance to build this madness, this space station.' Times are tough in France like every place in the world, but 'we believe you are tough enough, smart enough, creative enough and stubborn enough to make the future even better than the past.'

The drum riser takes a spin during 'Still Haven't Found' and for a while each member of the band is playing to a different quarter of the stadium. Moments later and the four of them could be in a Dublin kitchen thirty years ago, standing close together around a 'red guitar on fire'. Desire features snatches of Michael Jackson before Bono reveals that 'we have somebody with us tonight who is about to be the first clown in space.' In A LIttle While goes out to Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque de Soleil, who is set to join the International Space Station later this year.

'A man takes a rocket ship into the skies
He lives on a star that's dying in the night
And follows in the trail, the scatter of light...'

It's the perfect moment for 90,000 people to look up and find that on the huge sphere of screens, the six astronauts from the very same space station are ready for another chat with the band. (Turns out this conversation was recorded earlier as the astronauts are asleep right now.) Edge wants to know if space food is any good. ('Nourishing... but not like mom's home-cooked meals.' ) Adam has noticed that they have iPods and has been wondering if they have 'bass in space'. In fact the astronauts were listening to U2 over dinner just the day before. (The right answer.) The space travellers are wished bon voyage and Unknown Caller takes on another spin with its line about being 'on the edge of the known universe where I wanted to be.'

Is 'Crazy' getting crazier ? This dub version of the upcoming single sets up an irresistible groove and is starting to feel like a summer dance floor hit. The Stade de France was jumping tonight. If that's a track which has taken on a whole new feel in a matter of weeks, the next one is evergreen, despite being written a quarter century ago. It sounded like Bono said 'Tehran Radio' during the opening bars of Sunday Bloody Sunday and as the screens turned green and the farsi script scrolled into view, the stadium erupted in applause and recognition. On this tour it is the people of Iran who are asking 'how long must we sing this song.'

That's enough from us. If you were there tonight, add your own comments on songs or production below. Or if you caught some of it online, tell us what it was like. Here's the set list.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Paris ONE
My first U2360° with chris et sev ; ) What a night what a show ... incredible CLAW stage Highlights ? Unforgettable fire, No line, Unknown caller Crazy et M O S .... and seeing Adam at the hotel too ...
Paris - 20090711 - From Belgium - Photo2
Paris - 20090711 - From Belgium - Photo2
Paris in september
really impatient to get the stade a different setlist would be very very nice but i'll take everything
Paris mon amour! 4th tiime!
The scene, oh my god, the scene!!!!! Like a spaceship waiting for us to go in! Ground control to Major Tom... and then it begins! IT WAS GREAT!!! Better seats than last time, we were behind the spaceship. And we saw the band coming on stage! Loved it!
10 years marriage party with U2
We flew from Italy to Paris for this U2 concert. I am a great fan of U2 and my husband wanted to give me the greatest party of all for our 10th year if marriage. Unfortunately by the time of the concert he got a bad flu....but not bad enough to stop him. The concert was probably the most beautiful U2 concert I have ever seen since 1987, and the music was so amazing that everytime my husband tried to sit down to have some rest, he could not avoid to stand up again two seconds later and dance and sing with me. Thanks Paris: you did not make us regret the Italian warmth and atmosfere! Thanks U2: the more you grow old the better you are !
best day ever
I had to wait a long time till I finally saw you guys. When I saw you all... I had no words for it. When you played my favorite songs after eachother (where the streets have no name & one), I couldn't help losing a tear. You gave me one of the best days of my life! Hope to see you all soon in Belgium!
Even better than the real thing :-) Just bought tickets for Vienna 2010. Hope you will make it to Switzerland as well ! Thanks & keep smiling. S.W.
One Love, One group : U2 !
It was incredible ! Thanks Bono, The Edge, Adam, Larry for this great moment ! France love you !!! I hope you will come back to France next year, at the Stade de France and in small place (for a group like you) like Paris-bercy or Le Zenith de Paris. It was awasome !!! So much emotion !!! Come back to France please !!!
I was in the Inner Circle
The 11 july I saw my first U2 concert. I was in the inner circle one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
What an evening
Already 2 months ago...and still thinking of this wonderful and magnificent show in Paris, full of Belgium people, please don't forget Belgium on tour!!! Thanks !!!!
Thank you for helping us Breathe...
Twelve years had to pass in order to see the 4 gods from Ireland perform...My friend and I travelled all the way from Thessaloniki, Greece and we were unlucky enough to have missed the '97 Pop Mart Tour in Thessaloniki and the shows of the next tours. Well, July, 11 became the fulfilment of our dreams! Unable to describe how I felt, I can say that only those who were there that moment understand my emotions and the rain that fell down at the end of the show came as a salvation.. All those years of waiting have increased my eagerness and it's as if I became complete in one single evening... Magnificent, fantastic, awesome, terrific, great, pick any adjective you want and I'll agree with you!! Thank you guys for helping us Breathe and cope with the harsh reality... Ariadne
Just magnificent!!!!!!!!!
We came for Grecce to see U2 live again!!! We were there and we received love and strength to continue to live beatifull days in the streets without a name all over the world.Thank you Bono, Edge,. Adam, and Larry, because for one more time our souls travelled with your music and with your feelings.THANK YOU
Other highlights included - Crowd singing "I Still Haven't found" - Desmond Tuto "We are those people" Concert was an amazing experience that exceeded expectations - even better than Vertigo in Cardiff 4 years ago!
Amazing show, amazing band, Amazing Sound. Highlight Unforgettable Fire With Bono above our heads singing to us. See you in Amsterdam
Great and fall in love
I was there. I was got one more place that i Gave to lovely Girl 1. Lovely Girl 1 gave it to her friend lovely girl 2. She paid me a beer. The show was great. I fall in love for Lovely Girl 1 and Lovely Girl 2. If you read this message, just contact me. I promise to go to Dublin next time. It was too short. It was to intensive, it was too.... I'll can't wait for so much years.
where's U2 ? you became too small for you egos guys, a LOT of real fans are SOOO disappointed. You talk too much, you earn too much. wake up.
Thank you Thank you Thank you! All my youth I passed with your song, but never had the chance to see any concert - I lived in Russia. Now I am in France and - at least - I can see you in live show! I was one of the most fabulous days in me life! Since all these years! I hope to see more concerts of yours in my life but surely this show will always remain the best for my, because it was just realization of the dream of my youth. Thank you, you're wonderful!
Thank you so much for this night, i will never forget all the energy and the love you gave us. You gave me true emotions, i feel different since that night. What you did has been done before, U2 rules forever !!
Awesome Saturday Night in Paris!
Awesome show, awesome venue, a night to remember!, I hope the band felt connected with 5th member because we were with you all the way....After the Vertigo tour I promised my wife that I would take her and the kids to the next tour, we live in the UK in Blackburn and will be on holiday in France for all of the UK shows so we were privileged to get to Paris and now she knows what the band are all about and I am proud to have given my 2 kids the experience of a lifetime! See you next time...........
Remix on CD ?
Please, Please, publish that awfully exciting remix on a live CD !!!! I was there, I'll be in Nice too. But after that, how can I hear it back again ?
Thanks for this great "moments"
Coming up from Luxembourg to Paris with our two eldest kids looking out for Mum's Irish band she's a fan since she's 15...Great show, a perfect mix of your new and old songs. Many emotions, great communication, what an energy...Thank you guys for the big time you give your fans. Stay well .
What´s up next?
Une, Deux, Trois..., Vertigo! Awesome!! Felt like whole Paris lifted off yesterday.... My first U2 concert but guys.., what a performance!! Thanx! Can´t wait till the next one!
It truly was. I made the journey from the North of England for this and it was well worth it. The remix of 'Crazy' was just out of this world. Blinding lights and the classics One and With or without you will never be beaten by anyone! Very pleased that Ultraviolet made an appearance too. Thanks for a top top night. One that I will not forget.
Going Crazy in the City of (Blinding) Li
Travelled from Scotland with my family for this gig and it was my daughters first ever concert experience - they are aged 10 and 8. So while I had seen the band countless times over the past 20 odd years this was always going to be a unique and special show. The lads didn't disappoint. The stage set was the best ever, Bono has never sounded better, while Edge, Adam and Larry continue to prove to be the best in the business at what they do. Every song was played with so much energy and passion and the band seemed to be really enjoying themselves. For me Crazy and Unknown Caller were the highlights from NLOTH, while UF, SBS and Streets (of course) were the best from the past. Disappointed that Drowning Man wasn't played and would also have loved to have heard Party Girl again (maybe in Glasgow). Parisian crowd were good, although slightly more reserved than a Glasgow audience (too cool perhaps to go too Crazy). Bono's comments on Michael Jackson - "what a waste" were spot on. Thanks lads for yet another special night - my daughters are still on a high.
high school dream fulfilled
Goodness! I still can't believe that I saw U2 live in concert (July 11, 2009; Stade de France, Paris)! It was spectacular and I'll never forget it for the rest of my life! I was pretty emotional because 15 years ago when I was still in high school in Indonesia, I dreamt about this. Well, dreams do come true sometimes. You just have to believe in them =)
I was there with my niece, a 17 year old young women who have discovered for the first time an irish band in live called u2.. for my part, it was my 3rd concert of u2. thanks a lot, what a pleasure to listen "the unforgettable fire" in live ...and a plenty of songs absolutely divine ....u2 can touch you ....you dance, you cry, you love, you say good bye...and finally it let you an impression of "it's too short, i will come back"....
Dublin Watch out
Paris July 11th. What a show. Whoever sees U2 on this tour will witness a piece of history. The crowd were fantastic and the show like nothing ever attempted before. Is it possible they can do better, be more original in the future? This was pure class, better than Vertigo by far. For those who have tickets, prepare to be amazed.
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