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Jul 15 2009
Nice, FR / Parc des Sports Charles Ehrmann

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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First time
I'm 45 years old and it was the first time I saw the band on stage. An inforgattable fire in my heart and in my head. I wait so long for this moment. Thanks for all what you do since the first time I hear a song from U2. It was in the last years of the 1970's when I was near my 15 years old.
an unforgettable speech on mediterranean sea. love
my first concert
I listening at them since the 80's and was the fisrt time I saw them. It was incredible despite I was at 5 miles away from the stage. great show for sure
Best U2 show
I will remember this wonderful show for the rest of my life. Everything was perfect that night. Great setlist.
first u2 concert in my life
I'm 28 years old and this one in nice was my first u2 concert...surely not the last....what a perfect, exciting and marvellous night!!!!They are the best band in the entire universe and Larry is sooooo cute!!!!
Was splendid... Enjoyed it even more than the Stade de France, so much intimate!!! Looking forward for a release of Crazy remix, so punchy...
I was there......
Nice spirit or spirit in Nice...???.... So many thanks for this crazy moment in Nice. I was there, no more....... xs
BONO VOX is back
Still at the top of their game after all these years. Phenominal piece of engineering. Bono's voice has returned in all its glory. Going to see band is again the spritual sermon it was in 93.
What a show in Nice, what a great band (best band in the world). Bono was "magnificient" and the other members were excellent (sorry I can't find the rights words to describe my feeling after this show ;-) ) I really hope to see you again in Belgium and hear also BAD. Thank you so much U2 for all you brings us.
tres fantastic
What a night. Well worth the 4 year wait and the trip over from England. Snow Patrol were excellent and then on to the stage stepped Larry followed by the rest of the boys. Would have been nice to hear BAD but totally awsome experience. Bring it on Wembey next for me. Can't wait.
So Nice ...!!
This is a very beautiful Day.....!!! thank you very much for this splendid evening with you. One carried me very far in your second house....!! Valdome.
Billy McNamara
where were you in the 80's..
Need a bit of Electric Co, I will follow and Gloria to kick the guts out of it. Hope the dublin 24th playlist includes these...
brings back great memories from the Vertigo Tour when we were living in Paris!! Looking forward to seeing them in DC! Nice set list, but please add more of the earlier songs (e.g., Out of Control).
Finally the show in Nice!!And what a show it was!This was my 5th concert and I can't believe how incredible they are each time!!Thank you guys so much and happily I will be going to Dublin for the 25th(first time to see you at your "real" home)so you there and for all other fans in sows to come :your in for a lifetime experience!!!
What a show!! Amazing, Enormous, Magnificent. A pure U2 show. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much for such a beautiful night in Nice. Please please please come back again to your second home!
seen you for the fifth time still amazing but please bring back BAD next week in A'dam
I wish they'd play more 90s stuff.
I'm sure the show is great, but it'd be nice if they played more stuff from the 90s, especially from Zooropa or Pop.
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