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Jul 24 2009
Dublin, IE / Croke Park
Far more than a sort of homecoming at Croke Park tonight. Eighty thousand fans, many of whom had travelled from all over the world, were in Dublin for a show they'll never forget. From the opening chords of Breathe (see our clip below) to the closing seconds of Moment of Surrender, it was quite a show in Dublin tonight.

At first it felt a little different because the set up in the stadium here means the show wasn't in complete 360 but the unique Dublin vibe soon took over and the set list is going to be hard to beat.

Some stand out moments? Bono slipping into 'The Auld Triangle' after Stuck In A Moment; Edge and Bono duelling with an Irish flag on the b-stage during Until The End of the World; spellbinding new video footage of the pro-democracy protestors in Iran during Sunday Bloody Sunday; 80,000 voices singing in unison 'how long to sing this song' at the close of Bad; W H Auden's 'Funeral Blues' to mark the arrival of Ultraviolet...'

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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From Pescara (Abruzzo,Italy) to Dublin... One Love, One Heart...
2nd time at Croke Park...
Fly from Italy to Croke Park is a must for me and my wife: there\'s nothing like to LIVE a U2 show in Dublin and, this time, was simply Magnificent!i
Finally made it to Dublin
Ever since my first U2 show in 1985 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, I had vowed to see one of their hometown shows, but not until 2009 did I make it happen. Jim & I celebrated our 17th anniversary (July 23) by seeing both the July 24 & 25 shows at Croke Park (my 23rd and 24th shows). We had arrived in Dublin at the beginning of the week which gave us several days to wander around exploring. Ran into other U2 fans everywhere, from all around the world. Walking through the streets of Dublin to and from Croke Park, with tens of thousands of fellow travelers...it was everything I hoped it would be, and more.
brid martyn
My 7th U2 concert since 1987. and I had the pleasure of bringing my two children to their 1st U2 concert and they sang along to every song as they have been raised on U2 music.The stage was awesome.
To see U2 in their hometown is a dream come true for any fan!! I was in 7th heaven!! Best show from the best band in the world!
Simply the best U2's concert I've ever been to. Seen them 20 times in total and 5 times in the 360 tour, but this night they were at their best! End of The World and Bad were Magnificent, and the band in a really great mood! In Croke there were people from all over the world, also from New Zealand (unbelievable). The atmosphere was incredible not only at Croke Park, but in Dublin City too: we came from Italy and we had a full immersion in U2 music and culture for 5 days: the best holiday in my life!
I flew with two mates from Australia to see the two shows in Amsterdam and the 3 shows at Croke. What a trip! No band is better live, no band gets greater crowd involvement and no band can match live songs such as No Horizon, Unknown caller, Bad, Ultra Violet, COBL, TUF, Streets etc. Have already booked to see the 2 Montreal and New York shows in July 2010. Can not wait to see every show in Australia in November 2010.
All the way from USA
We travelled to Dublin with our children and friends (8 of us) to see U2 in Dublin. It was AWESOME. A once in a lifetime experience for us Americans of Irish descent. We loved the country, we loved Dublin, and of course love doesn't adequately describe how we feel about U2. It is the music of our little tribe and we all know every word!!
Here we are, the brazilians in Eire!
Well, one year after having seen Radiohead at Malahide, I could barely believe I was being led to the pit area of a U2 concert, in the same fabulous town! I've been fortunate enough to manage getting access to this area for the 3 concerts in a row (24/25/27 of July). The first night's memorable moments besides seeing them from up close were the band playing Until the end of the world and the celular phone scene, where Bono picked one that was thrown to the connecting bridge like 10ft from me and started calling out this girl's boyfriend or brother...amazing! Great band, great album, great concerts, amazing to have been there!
As I follow Willies diary on the tour I am astounded by the stadiums that U2 play globally. Every event, every concert and every city brings more to their shows. As Bono said before walking on stage in Dublin everywhere else was a warm up......... So surely this can only mean a possible end of tour concert in Dublin................. Wishing it so..... Dublin awaits for the return performance
I can not express in words how totally awesome this show and the venue were. My best friend and I made the trip from Phoenix AZ and now I feel I can not see U2 anywhere else excpet Dublin. AMAZING show and AMAZING time.
What a feeling !!!
24.7.09 a date i'll never forget !!! 20 years after my first concert in Dortmund 89........... Bono said:"the best place to see U2 live in the world". The fantastic concert, the fans from all over the world, the party in the city. So great. Thanks to all. See U again... next time in Dublin !
5° encounter
first travel in Dublin beautiful and quiet place, i feel good vibration from IE. Thank you U2.
This was the best performance ever! "Bad" was perfect and the set-list too! Congrats on an excellent performance of friday and monday concerts :) It was unforgetable to be in Dublin and Croke Park with all of You Fans all over the world! Greetings from Finland. Finnish funs waiting for U2 become here.
birthday party!
me and my boyfreind travelled from leeds england to see u2 in dublin, for me the only place to see them, it was my boyfriends birthday and what a spectacular evening! i was blown away!! we were 1117/1118th people in to the stadium and got into the pit!! tears formed when i realised i was 10ft away from my idol! the evening was, well ,magnificant! words can not describe the emotion and energy that filled the stadium! stuck in a moment was beautiful, as was bad and one. moment of surrender is my favourite song from the new album and was a great closing song. Although the show was different from 05 at croke park in respects to the performance and the encores, costume change etc it was definatley everything i hoped for and more. U2 you rock my world! x
This was the best performance ever! UltraViolet was perfect! Show was excellent. Greetengs from Estonia. We r waiting U2 here.
Well Worth It
After spending 36 hours in travel from Los Angeles to Dublin it was sooo well worth the flight cancellations, delays and everything else. My guys were on fire from the get go and I sang at the top of my lungs with no shame. I have loved U2 since I first heard the magical first cords to Sort of Homecoming and although I am not Irish the boys and the people of Dublin sure made me feel at home. I will forever remember U2 Croke Park July 24th 2009.
Dublin virgin
My brother, his mate and I came to see U2 in Dublin for the first time this weekend and we weren't disappointed Highlight of Friday night's performance was Bono nearly not getting hold of a Tricolore in time to start singing again, very close to falling into the crowd at one point Great show ............. as usual!
Yanks at Croke...
What a great show! been goin since the 80s in the US, but thought that to prove themselves as "dubs" I had to see in person! What an outrageous time...wicked big craic (to mix my metaphors! and showing my age!) Thank you U2 and Dublin (and Jim of course) for making my irish eyes smile, so to speak. Can't wait for Boston! DD was a great opening...hope he can get traction outside the island. I would see him over B47...waddya think? sorry larry... TY TY TY the Banshee
The best ever
Wow, what a set list, what a vibe, what a night. Like a good wine U2 just get better with age. No other act in the world can match this. A truly magical evening, my tenth U2 gig and the best....so far! Thanks guys for giving us all so much! Bad and Unforgettable fire on the same night - class. Crazy was amazing, moment of surrender a perfect ending. Pity gig has to start in the daylight - not your fault. Pleeeease come back next year after the rest of the world has witnessed this 360 degrees of pure perfection!
Wil Reason
Saturday show even better
Didn't think it was possible after Friday night show, but Saturday was even better ! Hope they BLOW THE CURFEW on Monday night. Would love to hear 'Bullet', but looking forward to a 3rd night, Excellent, can't wait
Ive seen U2 nine times since 84 and this was the best ive ever seen the boys perform Bad/40.What a night!!!!
As Travelling Brummies at croke park friday night the boys definatly did not disapoint us in any way.Ireland should be proud of their FAB 4.From entering the stadium until leaving the vib was amazing.We were seated in red zone (disabled seats) and the view was awsome.We didn't even notice it wasn't in full 360'.Last time we heard ONE live was in germany Achtung Baby tour and hearing it live again was emotional for us.Any doubts about new album were put aside when hearing it live, it was absolutly rocking, sun was shining and yes indead U2 made it a beautiful day to remember.Once night fell the claw came into its own.Trully the greatest gig ever.Well done boys you rocked AGAIN.
David Kenny
Nowhere better
You know when U2 come home it's special. This was the one we'd been waiting for. Our band Our town. Nowhere else you want to be on Friday night with the air of thunder and lightning threatening. U2 storm on and lift 80,000 people for two hours from past glories to new wonders. This was an uplifting, celebratory, uprising of the spirit. I was lifted from my gloom, Dublin sparkled in the evening sun before the onslaught of Breathe (I could hardly after two hours). This was what we came for, to be entertained, to be thrilled, to wonder. Best band in the world, you bet your ass.
Just wanted to thanks you guys for a great show and your awesome music! But even more, for your support for the "Green" movement in Iran!! I'm sure you all know that this is not just about Iran. It's about human rights all over the world and hopefully (in the end), a world at peace. A wold that, among many, John Lennon refers to when he sings Imagine.......... Thank you guys !!!! You ROCK ;)
super organised venue
We want to emphasize the grat organising work done from the people working in Croke Park for yesterday U2 gig... everything was really organised and safe! We began to queue at 5.30 am and since the beginning all has been done to make people respect the order arrival... and it worked! Super organisation... for a simply super BAND!
Out of this World!!!
I've seen them 5 times now since 93 and I was pretty sure they would not have surpassed either Zooropa or Pop Mart. But I would have to say that last night was probably the best I have ever seen. They were simply amazing and surpassed my expectations. The crowd were great, fantastic atmosphere. You could tell the band were out to prove a point. There were so so many highlights, but if I had to pick one, it would have to be Vertigo, the electricity was palpable. The set list is gonna be hard to beat. The concert was a transcendental experience. The band are in a league of their own
Welcome Home
What a show! An excellent performance from the band. i have to say. with the recession, job losses, church scandals, the country was on a downer. But all it took to forget that was for Bono to remind us all that we are Irish and Proud and can achieve anything if we put our minds to it. I was truly proud to be irish and present to witness U2's homecoming last night. a fantastic show. THANK YOU lads!
The greatest U2 show I've ever been to - all the traveling was above and beyond worth it. It was unrealistic. And the version of "I'll go Crazy..." was PHENOMENAL live, as was Ultraviolet and Moment of Surrender. The whole thing was tops - and it made the trip from Dallas completely worth it.
Worth the wait.....
Getting in line from 8am was definitely worth the wait. With the help of Donal and Jo from Corke, both old hands at the 360 tour having been to several in Europe, we managed to secure the best standing place in the house - in the inner, circle at the back rail just off the centre. It can't get better than having Bono in front Adam to your left on one bridge and Edge to your right on the other. The show was A M A Z I N G. Can't wait for Wembley when I'll do it again.
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