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Aug 22 2009
Cardiff, Wal., GB / Millenium Stadium
with The Hours, Glasvegas
Edge was wearing a Wales t-shirt with a Welsh dragon on it tonight, celebrating U2's return to the land of his fathers. Bono paid tribute to both Edge's father and his mother - specifically for lending the band money in the early days, which kept them going. As you'd expect in a country known for its singing and a stadium which is home to Wales rugby team, the audience for this final show of the European leg of U2 360 was beyond loud.

Great way to end a special six weeks travelling through Europe: more from Cardiff in a while, meantime if you were at the show, add your own reviews below. Here's what they played.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Just Fabulous!
I just loved every minute - the Crazy remix was brilliant, and my jaw dropped when Unforgettable Fire and Ultraviolet started (I'd avoided all set lists in the run up to the concert). It took us hours to get out of Cardiff, ended up sleeping in services on the way home, and my throat still hasn't fully recovered. I wouldn't have changed a thing - thanks again to the boys for a fabulous evening!
3 days still after the concert I still am on a high. Such a priviledge to be there. Thanks guys for making it one of the most memorable experiences in my life, its up there with the best. Amazing atmosphere, crowd were up for it and the band responded. Thank you. How can any other band match them- impossible
Barca, Dublin, Cardiff...
Without a doubt the best tour U2 have done, Barca was exciting, Dublin was a disappointment but Cardiff ruled! Well done boys, best night ever!
cardiff 2009
What a fantastic night! The best band in the world rocked the stadium treating their fans with a mixture of hits from three decades! The sound was amazing and the performance was outstanding. Without a doubt the best concert we have ever seen. This was the band at its best... sensational!
faraway,so close
Inspiring,amazing night...1st time I've seen u2 away from home,great adventure,new friends,lots of laughter.The music carried me through the night,every song a treat.It's so fantastic to see you guys live because I've connected with your music throughout my life and it brought a joy into my soul.There's nothing like those 2 hours.The comfort and space provided in the pit allowed us to rock.Thank You.xxxxD.
An awesome concert which reenforced my view that "No Line" is album that demands to be heard loud and alive.
Cardiff was the first (I hope of many more to come) U2 concert I've ever been to, and it was absolutely amazing. Magnificent is a very special song for me and my boyfriend, it practically brought us together; experiencing it live brought tears to my eyes. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From start to finish the experience was truly amazing. it was my son & husband first U2 concert and they were overwhelmed by it all. Bono's voice was on top form, and all of us just sang our hearts out. looking at the screen you could see that U2 were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of singing and cheering by us. THE HOURS were really good, really liked their music, but Glasvagas were awful, no need for all that swearing especially as there were families in audience. amazing night to end european tour, please release dvd from Cardiff. THANKS U2 YOU ARE MAGNIFICANT!!!!!!!!!!
diolch u2
thankyou boys for one of the most amazing nights ever !!! i lost my voice got bruises from hitting the chairs when dancing and i havent stopped smiling since i got back. i saw u2 in cardiff arms park on the zoo tv tour and i was astounded then but this was something else ... thanks guys so much i want it all over again ... please come bk xx
An amazing night. To be met by the stage really sent shivers through you that this was to be something special. The concert was amazing - great set of numbers and delivered was so much heart and passion. So many highlights but Still havent found what Im looking for still reduces me to tears after all this time. Took a friend who had never seen the band live before who at times kept turning to me and just saying 'WOW!'...think my response was 'I Know!'. Feel privileged to have been there - thank you guys.
the best band in the world
what a nigth. i do anything to see class like u2. the best day i have had since i seen them there 3 years ago. well done boyz thank you the welsh love u. people in the city have been saying that its the best show in cardiff ever and iam so glad i was there to c them.
Bostin! (Black Country for amaizing)
After listening to U2 for over 20 years I though it was about time I went to see them! The gig was amaizing in terms of music catalogue and performance. The pace and choices of songs for the evening was full of suprises and energy. Unforgettable. Q. How do you put a U2 set list together?
From Norway with love to U2 and Cardiff
My second U2 show, and what a show. Took the trip from North- Norway to se the gig in Cardiff. And it was well spend money. Great sound, great singing of the croud. Absolutly fantastic. Hopefully I will be ably to see them again. Thanks to the people of Cardiff for greay hospitality and thank to U2 for bringing us a Magnificent time. Rock on :-)
Boys you were so on form and rocked the boots off everyone. The space junk blew us away. I'm looking forward to the "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight remix" being released - that is so good. American watch out
Beautiful Night!!
Oh.....Oh.....Jaw dropping stuff from start to finish-this was our first U2 expereince and it sure will not be the last. Fantastic stage show and unbelievable performance of every track! The atmosphere was electric topping any rugby match we had seen at the stadium. The only downside is that it is not going to be worth seeing any other band perform-no one will match the night set by U2, Cardiff and the 'space junk'!!!
Kathryn,Sarah & Carl had the BEST night
WOW, WOW WOW!!! I am still buzzing from the gig, it was SO amazing! The atmosphere was electric! - the show was awesome! Nearly didn't make it in time, after driving for over 7 1/2 hours from Cornwall, but we did, and it was definitely worth it! A brilliant set-list, a fabulous stage, and a great view! I liked U2 before, now I LOVE them!!! The best night we've had in ages!!! Thanks guys! x :D
cardiff rocks
OMG what an amazing night lived up to all my expecations and more, so glad i decided i wasnt too old anymore for a U2 gig, took my friend along for the first time so she in now no longer a U2 virgin!! cant wait for the next tour come back soon boys xxx
Unforgettable and Magnificent!!
Well what a night....absolutely the best of five times seeing the guys by a mile. The stage, the crowd well up for it, the unbelievable set list all amounted to a night to behold. I wished for Stay and not only did they deliver but they through in Bad for good measure!!! What a surprise. The roof was open but would have been blown off by the crowd singing to the max. Tears in peoples' eyes and With or Without You will live long in the memory. I actually believe the band were taken aback by the reaction they got!! Please come back soon, don't make us wait another 4 yrs!!! Steevo
U2 rocked in Cardiff!
After Wembley i didn't think it could get any better, but something very special happened in Cardiff.....U2 performed an amazing show! What an end to the European leg of the tour. I can't stop thinking about it. Looked like the band were having a great time too! 100% brilliant!
thanks U2 for 7 great nights
We drove from Holland to Cardiff, just to see u2 for the last time this tour. The concert was awesome, breathtaking ... Highlites : Stay (yessss for the first time i heard it this tour), Mysterious Ways was amazing and Bad was such a great encore. thanks u2 for giving me the a great. great great 2009 summer. Hope to see ya .. soon!
Zoo Tv to 360
Waited since Zoo tv to see the band. Loved the simplicity of the performance but the sheer size of the "Claw" and the lighting effects off it. How on earth did they put it together.By the end of the night they had 70k+ on their feet. Best stuff for me was was the Joshua tree songs but the new songs worked fantastic! My 11 old son is now converted caught him playing "boots" on his laptop the next day. Only U2 can bring a staduim that size and make it seem like their playing in your living room. The kings have left the building!
A & A in Cardiff
Travelled down from Scotland to Cardiff, journey was a nightmare but the concert and venue more than made up for it. Breathtaking music and "stage", the fans were in great voice and spirits, all-in-all the best concert ever. Many thanks to U2 and everyone involved in bringing this amazing show together. Andy & Anne x
Magnificient! I have no words to describe how wonderful the concert was! I slept outside of the stadium to be able to choose the place i wanted to be....i am crazy i know, but it was so worth it as i had a truly amazing night! U2 were just great, awesome, fantastic...and you could see they were enjoying themselves as much as we were!!!!This explains why U2 are the biggest and the best band in the world! I will be waiting for you guys next year!!!!Could you go to Portugal? Porto? xxxxxx
awesome nite
what a nite the music just gets better the show was an exeperiance and one to remember bono wasnt at his best towards the end it was fantastic wouldnt miss it and are getting better new songs better live than the album just loved it
You Know your name so Punch it in!!
What a great gig, I'd waitied so many years to finally get to see them live, an excellent U2 set, stage was great the bridges landing right in front of us with Bono and the Edge soooo close. This has got to have been "the Greatest Day of my Life". (apart from wedding and birth of kids ;-) Thanks for the snippet of 40 U2.
Third time i have seen them in 22 years and they were magnificent yet again. Particular highlight for me SBS, hearing Bad again after such a long time and the remix of crazy tonight. The crowd participation in stll haven't found was brilliant and i believe stunned Bono. The only downside was the road works for the journey home which were a nightmare! But the gig was great(yet again) still by far the greatest band in the world by far!!!!!
Simply FANTASTIC!!!!!!
What can i say about This wonderful show and weekend, I have so many mixed feelings and emotions about this weekend that if U2 finished today they certianally would have ended on a high for me. 25 years this year i have been a fan of U2 and Cardiff was my 25th Show since The Unforgatable Fire. My weekend started on friday with having the pleasure of Bono coming over to talk to me in Miltown Malbay Co.Clare after Andrea Corrs wedding and posing for some wonderful photos that i will cherish forever (Thank you Bono} , Then off to Cardiff for yet another amazing 360 Expierince from inside the pit again........ I will gladly say now that this has been my favorite tour of all time and i cannot imagine how U2 can possibly top this, although i do not doubt that they can, I still have OH OH OOoooooooooooooo ringing in my head from moment of Surrender and my highlight at every show i have to say was Ultra Voilet (I love it , The Jacket, The Lasers, The smoke ,The Song). Thank you to all the Friends i met along the way Pedro from Spain to Phoenix, Yanny , Susie and all the guys from England,Wales etc...... its the U2 family of fans that make every expierence wonderful!!!! Thank you U2 for the Music and THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME A WONDERFUL LIFE!!!!!!! if anybody wishes to contact me please do jamescoughlan1@hotmail.com
UH-Mazing :)
i went to wembely, it was the best night ofmy life, great crowd, amazing atmosphere and an even more amazing band...until last night, it was actually one of the greatest nights of my life, i have never screamed so loud in all of my life and for stay to come on the set list, a few of the guys in front of me even turned round to look i screamed that loud. if it wasn't for the massive amount of traffic i would say i would definitely go back to Cardiff again, next year if they do come back, i am definitely going to book tickets for more than one show :) this year it was pure chance that i got to go to two shows. thanks guys, you may say we have made your life amazing, but you bring the music to our lives!
Cardiff Rocks
After 30 years of concerts you think nothing can get better after seeing The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd yes you get the picture but last nights show was THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN. The sound was outstanding and all the visuals were fantastic. Well done! The"The Hour" were excellent never listen to them before but will now check out there latest album. The other band Glasvages were for me very disappointing. There musical ability on the strength of last nights performance seemed very limited with the singer in serious need of help all round! I had my 13 year old son with me and was very disappointed with the bad language the singer used.
1st Timer!
It was the 1st time I've been to see U2 but I've been a fan for years and years. U2 ROCKED!! A massive thank you to the guys for such an amazing show. I had a lump in my throat hearing the songs I love being played live. The video on the big screen during I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix) was brilliant and the stage was amazing!! Last night was very special and will not be forgotten.
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