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Jun 30 2009
Barcelona, ES / Camp Nou
with Snow Patrol

U2 unveiled their 'space station' in Barcelona tonight and 90,000 Spanish fans gave it lift off.

Arriving on stage at Camp Nou at just gone 10pm local time, the band played 22 songs over two hours and twenty minutes , eliciting an extraordinary reception from passionate Spanish fans.

As well as seven songs from No Line on the Horizon, the band soared through the catalogue returning to many classic tracks that have been missing from the set on recent tours.

The groundbreaking new stage production, designed by Willie Williams and Mark Fisher, was the first thing to hit the audience as they arrived at the venue - its four huge legs stretching across the hallowed home of Barcelona FC and suspending a giant spherical screen delivering crystal clear 360 vision throughout the huge stadium.

'This has been our neighbourhood for the last couple of weeks,' explained Bono, taking a breath after four opening songs from No Line. 'This is where we wanted to build our space station...'

The space station soon made contact with another one, when, to general astonishment, Bono called up the astronauts orbiting planet earth on the International Space Station. They immediately appeared live on the gigantic screens. 'Very nice to hear you,' said one astronaut as the microphone floated around the cabin.
'Commander, can you see Barcelona?' asked Bono.
'Right now the most beautiful sight in our cosmos is the blue planet earth,' came the reply.

Larry, Adam and Edge joined in the conversations with the space travellers, each of whom held out a sheet of paper, creating the phrase 'The Future Needs A Big Kiss' .

Along with some serious chat about the fragile beauty of the earth seen from space, Larry wanted to know if the earth was really round. 'Actually, that's classified...' came the reply. 'Escape yourself and gravity' goes a line in Unknown Caller, and considering this was its live debut it immediately sounded like a classic set to stay in the set for years. Sounded pretty cool hearing an entire stadium rhythmically chanting, 'Restart and re-boot yourself.' If it was a surprise to hear Unforgettable Fire, title track of an album released in 1984, it sounded majestic - of the 22 tracks the band performed we counted selections from eight different albums.

Another striking moment was when Bono dedicated 'Walk On' to Aung San Suu Kyi, democratically elected leader of Burma in 1990 but under house arrest for most of the years since. As the electronic screens weaved lower and elongated spectacularly over the stage, huge images of Aung San Suu Kyi appeared just as dozens of people began walking slowly along the external stage runway, each holding up her mask. 'Let her face be your face.' said Bono, as people all around the stadium began pulling out their own masks and wearing them.

Apart from a stumble during One, the band sounded looked pretty happy to be back on stage and back amongst their audience. It feels as though the new production will do what it was commissioned to and turn a stadium into a club.

'U2 is most at home when we're playing live.' explains Larry in the Tour programme. 'This is the place where our songs live.'
Ok, we haven't mentioned Gaudi, Michael Jackson or Desmond Tutu but that's all we've got time to say for now about a great opening night. We'll be adding more content in the coming hours - meantime, if you were at the show, don't forget to post your photos and videos.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Angel of Harlem
I heard "Angel of Harlem" was performed in tribute to Michael Jackson, along with a short mix of 2 other songs. Humbling at least. It is truly all about the music.
Muj Spectacular
the show was amazing. you're the greatest rockband ever. to start at 10pm was a great idea and i hope you'll start also in milano when the night is falling down...i appreciate the chance to give you my personally feedback. honestly i think a lot of the new songs haven't the u2-power. Breathe was cool, the new version of i'll go crazy was really great!!! and moments of surrender ist lovely. i missed elevation or mirucle drug. i think 5 songs from the new album would be enough. with or without was not that performance, that we know from the opera-singer bono, but it's always a great song. a very exciting gig and i'm happy to see you again in milano, paris and dublin. i love your music. michele
I like the list, but not a fan of the set order. The new songs need to be spaced out throughout the show, and Stand Up Comedy needs to be added to the set. I'll Go Crazy if they don't stop doing that disco version of Crazy Tonight. Also, I would start the show with Moment of surrender, and end it with Unknown Caller
I'm not a huge fan of Elevation,but as a live experience it is second to none! I've never felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up like they did when the crowd sang along to that. It was the best live track i've heard by any band ever. I know the back catalogue is too vast to include everyones favorites,but I'm sure i can't be in the minority when I ask for this to be included. Wembley and Wales. Bring it on!!!
From Lyon, FRANCE
It was 24h of dream, coming from Lyon, FRANCE for the show...and what show !!!!.... never seen anything like that ! Bono and band had such a good positiv energy. Amazing from beginning to the end... the concert athmosphere was peaceful in the great Camp Nou even if we were 90000 fans, incredible....
If I had to describe the opening show with one word I guess I would use UNBELIEVABLE. They amazingly bettered all known about what a good show should be and are definitely in shape. Best touch the contact to the International Space Station and amazing preformance of I'll go crazy tonight...Also liked the return of In a little while, ultraviolet, MLK...and Edge, Adam and even Larry!! playing around the outer stage. The still have the benchmarking in doing shows. Thanks guys for make happy once again.
why no FEZ boys
i was there lsst night,great night boys,magic,but why no being born,one of your best.thanks lads,worth the journey from liverpool.
All the way from Gibraltar dont mind the sleepless night fantastic show ,stage and band simply incredible.
just got back to liverpool England from last nights show,best nigh of my u2 life,dont forget u2.com it was`nt just spanish in camp nou last night,it was globel,i`ve watched this band LIVE since 87,loved them since 84 and this by far was the best,thanks boys,bring on dublin
Excellent show, the claw is brilliant the sound awesome. New songs work extremely well, specially Unknown caller. Magnificent is also great Ultraviolet and UF great brilliant moments, soulful still havent' found, lovely Angel of Harlem and Jacko tribute, intimate In a little while, Vertigo a real thunder I have seen U2 in 6 different tours (including this). At least at the size of the legend Some of the legendary "sacred cows" were in my opinion the lowest point, One and Pride specially. Event glorious Streets was not that glorious, and Sunday BS, was energic but not fully satisfactory. Good WOWY performance Quite moving Wlak on, even I0m not sure that mask thing works And nice closing with MOS, even drums were too high Suprisingly schocking but definitively good Crazy tonight I missed Stand up comedy
Was there and delighted!
Lot's of good surprises, great list, great songs and a surprising and very good version of "i'll go crazy if i don't go crazy tonight". Just "Magnificent"!!!!!
Hello, hello...from Barcelona people
I was at the concert last night. Visually spectacular and better than you can even imagine for those of you who will see the the stage, screens and amazing light combinations. Lots of energy, seven of the new songs was a little two much, but Unknown Caller is fantastic live. A couple more older songs to satisfy die-hard fans like me would have been nice and they could have been a little adventurous and played a couple of past songs never played live before. The Unforgettable Fire sounded awesome after all these years. My only real criticism you could call logical teething problems. On some songs The Edge's guitar was DROWNED out by Adam's bass! All in all a great show!
A great night!!! The first four songs where awesome!!! Breathe give you air to start a tremendous night... Best moments.... Angel of "Indiana", a very nice tribute to Jako. City of blinding lights... what I should say? Walk On... I missed the Elevation Tour, so nice to hear for first time, loud and clear for Aung San Suu Kyi and their people. ULTRAVIOLET... fantastic fantastic fantastic!!!! Also was really nice to see and meet with U2 supporters from all over the world... to all of you from abroad: WELCOME TO CATALONIA!!!!! Hope you enjoy the concerts and Barcelona city!!!!
Roll on Croke Park!!
Class list. only adjustments id love to see would be take out In a Little While and Angel of Harlem and put in The Fly and Bad, two brilliant songs live. Loving One and With or Without you
Moltes gràcies i moltes més!!!! It was a pleasure to be there, with all the U2 supporters (some in tour). Sharing is the key of life... and yesterday all of us were sharing the greatest night. As a catalan I'm proud that the band decided to start at Barcelona!!! Moltes gràcies un altre cop!!! Just to comment that the sound of the guitar and the bass was to loud for me... maybe my location! Una abraçada a tots i totes!
moment of surrender
Glad you played moment of surrender - thanks!!!!
Did not forget the fire!
That is a great set list. I can't believe that U2 actually has Unforgettable Fire in there. U2, keep up the great work! The fans love you and by this set list we can tell you love the fans. Ultraviolet - 2 thumbs up.
Nice, but Stand Up would have been brill
Good to see the boys dedicating the beginning of the show to the new Album, I hope they keep it up for the whole tour. I also like that Walk On seems to be slated to become a regular part of the set. Still I really would love to see them try out Stand Up Comedy live.
A few adjustments...
Maybe add Drowning man, and one or two songs from Boy, perhaps Kite.I've given up on hearing Acrobat live. I think its great that they opened with 4 new songs. Very different and exciting.
360 stage
It's James and The Giant Peach meets the Jetsons at Gaudi's house !!
Setlist rate: 7 Drop In a little while, add Bad. Let SBS, ISHFWILF, WOWY rest them... Where are Pop, Zooropa, and Boy.
Cannot wait!
That is quite simply a fab set list! Love it! See you guys in August in Wembley :)
Close to perfect - replace "In A Little While" with "Elevation" and you are almost there. "Elevation" is just too good a live song to leave out. Witness the audience interaction on Vertigo Live in Milan. "Elevation" is one of your best cards U2 - play it!
madrid fan
from madrid to barcelona ....... The trip worthwhile, I can not describe in words what I lived yesterday
ohhhhhh yessss
I had a dream from 13 years ago, and yesterday was met. u2 my view as close to the bridge ...... great performance, unbelievable, fantastic, unbeatable ........ I have no words to describe what happened last night. repeat the next time
Set List
Looks great hope they play that list in london, think Unknown Caller is the best song on the album
oldies goodies
Signori e Signore,it will be another time in milan s.siro to live & breathe the air of the gig........one week in enough to wait for.... Ciao a tutti!!!! Hy Y'all!!!
What a show...
the best show ever, the best show of my life, thank you to give us such a wonderful time... can't wait to see U again. And the tribute to Michael was just perfect.
Yesterday I lived great moments with the band. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! Paloma (Madrid,Spain)
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