U2360° TOUR

Aug 10 2009
Zagreb, HR / Stadium Makimir
with Snow Patrol
Here's the set-list for the second show in Croatia tonight, more coming up. Stand-out moment for us? The fan-organised balloon choreography.

This is what you've been telling us: 'One torch on the East, Simona on the stage, Adriatic right in front of you. I don't want to go to work..'; 'Thank you U2 for making us pride. Zagreb lived those 2 days for you and because of you.'; 'The minute I heard Mysterious Ways I just KNEW this would be different... I get shivers just thinking about it.'; 'This is the music show that I have been waiting for half of my life...'; 'Thanks for coming to Zagreb, it does make a difference to see you here. and you are right, we should forget past and look ahead... and act as one.'

Add your reviews below - favourite track, best memory, moment you'll never surrender?

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Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Zoki from Sesvete
Threw years I saw for many people these concerts were like a religious happening. Amazing, I was on many concerts but...Two concerts and a full stadium! Like Woodstock. Come back again in Sesvete.
"Ara" doesn't exist anymore. You have better cars(not a Trabant). Maybe a Porsche will be enough.
We travelled 8 hours to see 360° in Zagreb. We arrived to the north tribune of Makimir stadium 3 hours earlier to get good spot. The show was magnificent. The 360°stage has no competition. Perfect timing, band was synced as one man. I admire how somebody can sing, jump, dance 2 hours in a row. Best concert of my life.
Night to remember
My biggest life wish, as far as I can remember, was to see U2 live, no matter where. So my wish came true in year 2009 in August 10th on 360°Tour in the capital of my country Croatia in Zagreb at the Maksimir Stadium. Night was magnificent, it was full moon over the stadium. Bono said few word on my Croatian language, he was singing on Croatian a "Hymn of Freedom" wrote by Croatian writer Ivan Gundulić and it was incredible... Bono knew all the words. Croatia is a little country that was attacked by Serbs during war 1990 - 1995 and it was great pleasure for all Croats that he was talking on our language. I could see people crying around me, some where laughing on the concert, but no one talked about hatred and distances between nations. With one word, it was unbelievable. My name is Antonija Vranješ, and I live in Croatia, Osijek.
Only love can leave such a mark...ONLY U2 GUYS can leave such a mark in a man's life...Thank You...You are MAGNIFICENT....
Fullfillment of my dreams
Definetely after second concert, I was thrilled, with tears in eyey, felt that there is at least 50 000 people that doesn't like all the bad things in Cro. Such events returns our emotions from 20 years back and give us strength to fight with real life problems. Hope to catch you soon in Austria or Italy. Walk on...
You guys are from another planet. Zagreb was unforgettable. I hope to hear you again live ... I wish you well
true fans
day 2 was for real fans! it was amazing.. during the whole concert, tears were in my eyes.. i just love you boys..
i actually didn't listen U2 before this concert.. i knew few songs, but now i can't live without U2.. this concert was an amazing experience.. every day, i listen your albums and just wish a few more seconds on your concert.. i have listen the concert whit tears in my eyes.. and now, when people ask me:: what's so good in those songs, i just can't tell anything because people should experience it so they could get it.. thank you guys for such a beautiful day when we could feel as ONE
This was just magnificent.. there is no word that can describe it.. love you guys.. thank you for the best evening of my life
best day of my life..
it was just amazing.. i have been on 2nd concert, where the real fans were.. it was just amazing.. in such little space so much beautiful people.. and of course, the best music in universe.. Bono just knew what he has to do and say (lyrics of Ivan Gundulić).. when "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" started, I was just so happy.. i can't describe that feeling.. love U2, love Zagreb.
As I see it
Your coming to Zagreb was more than a concert. When I looked around me I could see people my age or bit older, even some with kids (35yold) and I was surprised with the expression on people’s faces, even though mine was the same. Astonished… ME History: teenager who likes U2, collects records and all that goes with it. Stopped after Rattle&Hum. Music changed. My life changed, war, college and so on. Present: I was thinking finally after 20 years they are here, I have to see that concert. And there I was, surrounded with all those people, not believing how good the sound can be on football stadium and how good U2 can play music. How good that music is. Honestly, I heard the new album songs for the first time at the concert. I was completely not prepared for the event. The thing is that I was amazed with everything, music, talents on the stage, sound, lights and stage itself, and atmosphere. It was a splendid mixture that represents not only a good concert but complete experience. Then I was in post concert depression. To cure myself I bought a book “U2 of U2”. I am thinking now, why those 4 guys have such an influence on me, why their music can touch my heart in such a high degree. Not only me, but all those persons at the concert. And it occurred to me that inside myself I want to change the world still (not only as teenager, when you think you can do all) and rock music and U2 is making this possible. This gives me courage. This is the reason why I like U2. Your passion, your devotion, your way to wake us up, to move us. Music is a brilliant way and method how to cure and move masses. My contribution is minimal but … Love your music guys and would like to talk to you
the day of my life
The best day of my life.I have seen a lot,but nothing compares with this,thanks to U2 and all the people on the scene,thanks...
I am still in the sound
Thank you again for two magnificant nights in Zagreb!
ultraviolet and with or without you
It was hard to decide which track was may favorite... The whole new album is excelent... It was something that i will never forget, and something that I will share with next generatio, with my family... Thanks U2, and thanks to all U2 team... God bless you all... Farewell from Split, Croatia, yours Mario and Ljubica...
Only YOU can leave such a mark <3 <3
Thank you for giving me the best night of my life!!!!! Croatia <3 you !
Great to see this. We organised the balloons at the Vertigo concert in Auckland (New Zealand) on the first night 3 three years ago. I designed posters to promote it beforehand and all. It was awesome. Good one guys!
A dream come true
I travelled 500 miles to get from Sofia to Zagreb. I will always remember 10 August. I'm still not sure that everything I saw was real - it was the greatest event I've ever attended! I've seen hundreds of concerts but not even one can get close to what I experienced that night in Zagreb. Ultraviolet has sent me outer space - I couldn't believe it is happening, and the way Bono sang it was magical (and "digital" Stop All The Clocks in the beginning... wow! one of my favorite poems). Thank you!
The Unforgettable Fire
I want to thank U2 for coming to my hometown and making my dream come true! this is something I've been waiting for a long time.it means a lot to me and to my country.you made us so proud.The set list couldn't be better, I enjoyed every single song.But 'Ultraviolet' and 'The unforgettable fire' were really touching for me.everything was just perfect.magical.the feelings that I can't describe and the memory of this night, I will carry forever.the band fulfilled all of my expectations.I hope you enjoyed it here in Zagreb and that you will come again!!! and Larry,you're still the hottest!!
heaven in Maksimir
..my life dream was true..for two hours I was in space and time wich can't be compered with any emotions I knew before..thnx for showing me that my love for you and your music have a special part in my heart and in my life...Love you..Ana, Ina, Maja, Ana, and Marija!!!
August 10 in Zagreb
... one of the greatest nights of my life!!! Thank you 4 coming to Zagreb!!!!
....even now few days after the concert on Maksimir stadium, there are still not enough words to describe the emotions in me on that day....you are still in my mind and heart...if that concert was a dream then it was so so magnificent....but if was true, which it was, than my dream come true...and THANK YOU for it...thank you from the hart!!! xoxoxo
Beautiful 2 days! Magnificent! You gave us so much love and hope, and we will never forget it. Hope to see you again :)
the show was great. The dancer girl made us feel better by the way. SIMONAAAAA :))
...Love and only Love...
Dear U2 guys, and dear all readers, I also can't explain all these feelings which are in every cell of my body but mostly in my heart...I just can'l leave all that behind :-) I don't think I want to. I believe there is a special bond between Ireland and Croatia from now on, between you guys and Croatians...Please, please keep it that way, we certainly shall! So, come to Zagreb again soon, we're expecting you :-) Thank you for spreading God's love through your songs with so many emotions...that's why we were as one...all together in one Love! God bless you so very much :-))))
the most beautiful night ever... music ,words that touch every corner of the world ...the one is "the song of all songs..." thank you for make me feel proud of who I am- Croat who lives in freedom after years of pain...thank you for fighting for love and justice in the world ...Dubrovnik,Split ..Zadar also is with you ..U2 - hvala for pure phantasy!!!
my heart remain in Zagreb
Hello from Istanbul, Turkey:)! yes, first time I got on plane and I was first time in Europe. To see everything was U2. USA, Africa or Europe residents can always see U2 but this is very difficult for me. Since my childhood I would listen U2's songs, watc U2's dvds. I bought them all albums. I loved and respect U2 and I do everything for them. U2 was a big dream for me. Zagreb concerts was great. I have seen and lived U2. I was dancing and singing with them. I hope I want to live again the enthusiasm and I wish this time I would be dancing with BONO. Thanks U2 and GOD BLESS YOU!
It's love
I grew up in the neighbourhood of Maksimir stadium in the 1980s and I've dreamed about you guys coming here; dreamed and daydreamed. I did see you live in Cardiff in 2005 and in Dublin earlier this year, but Zagreb 10 August was home, and it filled my heart like very few things can. U2 certainly can. I don't know how you do it, but you radiate love, and you make me radiate love. Thank you. God bless you.
U2 ... what else...?!?!
i was in dublin an on the 24th of july and it was a great night. but then i had a chance to come and see u guys again in zagreb. not even a hospital couldn´t avoid me to come to zagreb to see u again... and i will never regret!!! it was one of your best shows! the best show and a honor to see you was in vienna back in the 90s with your UNFORGETABLE zoo tv tour... thank you to make the croats united and make me proud to be there with u. come back soon...
all my dreams came true.... you manage to wake me up, return my faith to music.thank you from the heart...
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