U2360° TOUR

Oct 14 2009
Houston, TX, US / Reliant Stadium
with Muse
'We feel right at home here in this the home of space stations.' Quite so, the day after Bono and Edge had visited the Johnson Space Centre and spoken to the astronauts orbiting the earth. Those men and women are 'heroes to us - to you they're just next door neighbours.'

This show's been in orbit ever since Barcelona in June, but at the Reliant Stadium in Houston tonight there was more space than usual. 'Chief Flight Engineer Larry Mullen, Space Walker Adam Clayton... Houston we have no problem.'

To top it all when Your Blue Room entered the 360 orbit for one of its occasional and welcome appearances, the voices of the astronauts were speaking over the track. And who better than ZOO TV's alien space baby to show up for Ultraviolet ? Could these Texans have made any more noise? Unlikely... unless Bono muses before Moment of Surrender that 'Texas to me is the centre of the world right now'. Even more noise.

Special mention to tour cinematographer Tom Krueger, during With or Without You. 'Thanks to the our amazing U2 crew and Tom Krueger - you know how to throw a good party Tom.'

How was it for you in Houston tonight? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
Your Blue Room
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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I've seen U2 3x so far and I loved every show. This show was a bit different for me because it was my first time seating down instead of being down in the GA area. I must say that although I never sat during the whole show, I rather have GA tix any day. The stadium size was a bit overwhelming but the guys still managed to make me teary-eyed a couple of times and get chills. Thank you!!!!
The Edge
The Edge in 360 degrees
amazing grace
The show was spectacular. I am inspired! -Ana
Great show. It exceeded my expectations. Bono really had the crowd rocking! The set of songs played was fantastic. Thanks for playing Your Blue Room. Highlites: Until the End of the World, Ultraviolet, Mysterious Ways, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Crazy, Elevation…well, they were all great!
Adam's girls
Love you Adam,we were in front row of the Red Zone,we screamed,cried, and "sang our hearts out", Adam you were everything, elegant,beautiful,sexy,hot!! Thank you Larry and Edge,you rocked, and Bono...a true rock star,your vocals were so pure and beautiful, we will remember this night forever.....J & M & L (S.A.Texas)
Eventhough I had to go alone I enjoyed every minute of the show. I do have to admit for a split second I was heartbroken when I heard Bono say he had been to JSC the day before. I work right there and had the day off!!! Still AMAZING!
Adam's girls
We drove to Houston to finally see my band,27 years waiting to see them, took my 2 daughters (12 & 18),we had a totally awesome spot in the front row of the Red Zone. When Larry came on stage followed by the Edge and Adam we screamed so loud and jumped up and down that we almost fell over the railing, but once Bono appeared we screamed,jumped, AND cried, it was such a surreal moment,it just seemed like we were all in the same dream. Thank you Larry,Edge, of course Bono (I love you so much) and my favorite band member the elegant,sexy,hot,rock star Adam for making it the best night of our lives,we took so many pictures,and the memories will last a lifetime,great music,great performance,sang our hearts out. We can't wait for the next time ya'll come back to Texas,we'll be there again in the front row,singing our hearts out........J & M & L of San Antonio
Unknown Caller for Las Vegas!!!
Hey... Put back Unknown Caller on the setlist for the Las Vegas concert. I got the ticket specially to hear this one. :D
houston TX, U2 360
Incredible night...
I can't believe I've been a fan for so long, and this was my first U2 show. But it was one to remember for more than one reason.
Inspirational 2
To hear Bono break in to Amazing Grace has been inspirational for me as I continue to reflect on Houston. How humble of Bono to share that spiritual moment with us. How important for us all to remember that the Magnificent one covers us with his grace...
I have been to alot of concerts over the years but U2 360 in Houston was UNBELIEVABLE! It wasn't just a rock concert, it was an "experience". While being rocked to the core, it was emotional, and was spiritually uplifting! The stage and light show was unbelievable! When Bono said, "Houston we have no problem", there wasn't a person I saw that wasn't jumping in the air screaming! Awesome! The only complaint I had, is they didn't play Pride. (Can't seem to upload a photo, not letting me)
Inspirational 2
Amazing Grace... was an incredible touch to what was already an energy packed night. What would Jesus do? He would go to a U2 concert for fun, thats what he would do... Way to go boys... Walk On...
You missed me again, Bono!
How many times does a girl have to show up in full ZooTV bellydancer gear in the FRONT ROW before you notice her? This was my second try, and not so much as a smile ... And to make things worse, that girl who obviously did *not* camp out in the heat all day like we did not only gets onstage, her picture is on U2.com! I have to say I'm kinda heartbroken. It was an awesome show. Great to hear some of my faves from Achtung Baby -- and I was lukewarm on the new album, but hearing it live boosted my enthusiasm for it quit a bit. I only wish I hadn't been so exhausted from the heat and could remember more of the experience! U2 should release a live album ... until then, anyone know where I can get a bootleg from this tour? ;-)
U2...stay...faraway..so close
This was the best performance I have seen by any band in my entire life, Thanks Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam, to make this concert a day I will never forget.
I have been to alot of concerts over the years but U2 360 in Houston was UNBELIEVABLE! It wasn't just a rock concert, it was an "experience". While being rocked to the core, it was emotional, and was spiritually uplifting! The stage and light show was unbelievable! When Bono said, "Houston we have no problem", there wasn't a person I saw that wasn't jumping in the air screaming! Awesome! The only complaint I had, is they didn't play Pride. (Can't seem to upload a photo, not letting me)
How am I expected to go back to my normal little life after a show like that? It was awesome! I have seen U2 in concert seven or eight times and every single time I am blown away. I was asked the other day which was my favorite concert and I cannot pick just one! This was my children's first U2 concert, ages 11(Nicolas) and 9 (Victoria). They were ready. They sang every song and followed along with their air guitars and drums from Breathe to Moment of Surrender. Their favorites being Get on Your Boots and Sunday Bloody Sunday. To listen and see the band perform live is a feeling like no other. I've seen other rock/pop/latin/jazz performers but NOT ONE even compares to U2's musical sound, energy (from the band and the fans) and visual effectiveness. I have to disagree with an earlier comment about "the same setlist every night". Are you kidding? This is the 360 TOUR! If another city got a couple of different songs that I didn't get to hear, I would be so jealous!! Oh and a big thumbs up to the road crew! You build and tear down that awesome stage for every show. That's amazing. Rock on U2, we will be fans till the day we die. Thanks for the show and gracing us with your presence and sound! See you next time.
This was my 2nd time seeing U2. I was NOT disappointed. Those guys are true rock stars. They rocked! Thank you for coming to Houston... We hope to see you again here soon. Safe travels on the rest of the tour!
so sad:(
I have grown up listening to U2 for as long as I can remember. They have been my favorite band for years and I was soooo excited to finally see them in my hometown of Houston. Back in '97 I was serving in the US Army over in Bosnia and was enroute to a mission to pull security for the U2 concert being held in a collesium in Sarajevo when we were redirected back to the base camp. Two months later my sister who was back in Houston told me that for my military leave during the Thanksgiving Holiday we were going to go to the U2 concert at the Summit here in Houston. The day prior to my departure from Bosnia, Vice President Gore flew in unannounced for Thanksgiving dinner causing all flights to be canceled, ultimately missing the U2 concert again. Sooooo finally I get the opportunity to see U2 here again and purchase my tickets for me and my wife months ago. My sister flies in from Nashville with her husband and we all four go out to eat 2 hours before the show. Just as we arrived to Reliant Stadium my wife becomes extremely ill from possible food poisoning and is rushed of by EMS (poor thing!). Although its no fault of hers, we unfortunately had to leave missing the show. I am so glad they they came to Houston, but have been sad since they left. Hope to catch them again sometime soon!!!!!!
At Long Last
I'm 49 and that was my first time seeing U2 as so it was for my wife Christy. It was Christy's 39th birthday and it could not have been better. Thank you for being so giving to your fans and so giving to the world. Thank you so much for coming to Houston. t
Thanks for playing "Your Blue Room" and "Until the End of the World." But the high point of the show for me was hearing "One" going into "Amazing Grace." I have a new appreciation for both songs now. And to follow those songs with "Streets" was a stroke of genius.
Thanks!!!! Ultraviolet and Your Blue Room blew me away. Bono-your vocals were beautiful. Edge-what can I say?, Larry-Love the sound of those drums thumping my chest. Adam-I love looking at you. Diane
A lot to appreciate
There were so many things that I appreciated about last night's show in Houston. I appreciated that the show was tailored for the city, and that Bono discussed the city and it's space program. Houstonians tend to forget that sort of thing. I appreciated the video screens with the close-ups of the band, so you could see their faces and instruments. Edge has an incredible variety of guitars. I don't think there was a bad seat in the house. I appreciated the segues , especially 'Amazing Grace', and 'Stand by Me'. I appreciated the space station with the lights and video. Every song was uniquely presented, and you never really knew what was coming. I appreciated Bono's voice - his improvisations, his enthusiasm, and ability to get to lead a song and get the audience worked up. You need to be a have a pretty good range to sing along with the band. Edge also has a fine voice. This is not a typical rock band by any means. They don't discuss themselves or even their music. They talk about other people. It was good to hear a lot of new music.
Saw U2 first back in Melbourne in 1989 when I was 19 years old which was twenty years ago last week, since then I have seen the on the Zoomerang Tour, Elevation, Vertigo and now the 360 tours. Last night was magical,U2 at the top of their game.Feeling empty after their show, try and catch the again in Europe next year. Thanks again. Tim
Not what I expected!
360 degrees my ass! The stage was awesome! The crowd, the stadium, everything... But the band was only facing one direction with rare short and quick walk-arounds. And that was really disappointing. I was told that the whole idea of having a round-shaped stage in the middle of the field was so that the band could be seen from all directions. Maybe even a rotating stage. But if at least 40% of the audience had to see the band on the screen or look at their asses playing to a happy crowd up front. I could've done that at youtube for free.
Rock n Roll Mega Machine
A salute to the Edge first. His guitar work laces the mezzanine with echos of a thousand chimes, harps and bells tickling the ear. Larry and Adam provide the indelible beat that weaves the fabric of the U2 sound. Bono....well Bono is Bono. Philosopher, comedian, best friend, world famous super mega star and deservedly so. Reliant was great, the roof was open so the music lit the stratosphere. The band was crisp, sheen, smooth, delicious. Bono sounds good. Anyone that holds a job can appreciate these same four guys doing it over and over for 3 decades and giving it their all every time. The stage AND the sound are so big, many people are awestruck just witnessing the event. I had $57 GA tickets. Best 57 bucks I ever spent.
Views from the Inner Circle
I felt like a kid on the playground again...Adam Clayton entertaining us for the majority of the night, occasional "passovers" by Bono, bongo-laden Larry Mullen, Jr walking by and the Edge swiftly jogging back into place. There was energy on the field, on the stage, in the stands, in the air. Absolutely surreal at times...and yes, I took time to look up through the open roof and spotted several stars. If you didn't take the time to enjoy the entire aspect of the show, you really missed it- everything about the day was special ("spacial"?!) Many thanks guys, and many more electric shows!
with or without you disco ball
the show was amazing. this was my second show and it was better than the first!
Amazing Grace
It was a spiritual experience! You guys absolutely rock!! I pray peace/wisdom/strength/encouragement over you as you continue to LIVE from the heart make a difference in your walk. Press on....
Houston show out of this world literally and figuratively! Quite amazing how the band out-performs the Vertigo tour! I travelled from New Orleans--although deeply disappointed we are not hosting U2 in New Orleans, the trip to Houston absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!! I would have walked through the Bayous for this!! I was in a nose-bleed section but the Spaceship takes everyone onboard!!! heavenly artistry!! Y'all come join us in New Orleans in 2010!!!!!!!! Love you! alex
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