U2360° TOUR

Aug 18 2009
Glasgow, Scotland, GB / Hampden Park
with The Hours, Glasvegas

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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big jake
the show was as usual fantastic been a U2 fan for 28 years best stage set ever Keep on rockin....
Wow - what a show!! U2 just never fail to impress!! Crazy was the song of the night for me!
Still remembering, MAGNIFICENT night
I flew on purpose from Spain to assist to my first U2 show, and itr was woth it!! I'm still jumping, singing with people around.... scots are crazy! And I have to say that everyday I've been remembering the ending of Pride, with all the stadium singing. I sing that chorus everyday and a smile comes to my face, remembering that amazing night. Now I'm looking forward to the 2010 tour. Maybe Seville...looks like a good plan!
Sung myself hoarse, what a night. Band were, Amazing highlights got to be "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "With Or Without You". The Stage is amazing!, My first concert and if use tour again it won't be my last. Thank You!!!
G. Cockwill
We were at the Glasgow Concert and I must say it was the best! Thank you to U2 for putting on such a fantastic show, as always! It was well worth every penny and the agro after trying to get the train home!!!! I was at Dublin in 05 and that was something, but this tops the lot.
ian s
Blinding Lights at Hampden
Had a great night last week at Hampden, have tried 3 times to post a message! Have to congratulate Scotland for brilliant singing during "I Still Haven't Found" - had goosebumps all over! Sadly, was a wee bit disappointed with how little the band entertained the back! So pleased with the choice of songs - the new ones sound great live & the rest were classics. Look forward to the DVD release!
AWESOME !!!!!!!
I was there!
i was there at the Gig and it was awsome well goin to see U2 again but no gigs coming up in the uk for a while:(
Went to see U2 in Hampden Park on 18th Aug, It was out of this world. The best live concert we have ever seen. Some sound problems but they more than made up for it. Thanks guys for an amazing night will never forget - KEEP TOURING Love to all :) xx
This was my first U2 concert totally brilliant loved the old stuff and loved the new stuff as well Sunday Bloody Sunday blew me away.Dont leave it too long next time got the bug fabb
So i say.Thank you for the music
What an amazing concert,seen u2 in Dublin also, i could not comapare the 2 concerts, both amazing experiences.For me,the remix of i'll go crazy, was out of this world,musically visual and spiritual.This band is bringing the world to one massive tribal gathering.thanx for all the great years of u2 creativity !!
What a show!
Fantastic or should I say Magnificent!!!! Haven't been to a live show since Caird Hall Dundee in Feb 83 and that has always been the best show I have ever seen (beating the clash!). Breathe just perfect for opener - disappointed nothing from Boy or October but hey-ho you can't have everything! Just keep producing new stuff like no line and we'll be fine!
ED 1969
That's the fourth time I've seen U2 and they keep getting better. Heard the Sheffield gig on the internet and it was just like being there again. Absolutely amazing, please don't make us Scots wait another four years until you come back to blow us away!!
Without a doubt the best gig in Glasgow for many years. The sound was excellent (except the blip during Walk On) and is the clearest I've ever heard at a gig, indoors or out. The set list was hit after hit after hit and it has to be said the new tracks are absolutely STUNNING live. NLOTH was brilliant. Other highlights have to be ELEVATION, STREETS, SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY and the Glaswegian crowd singing the entire 1st verse and chorus of I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND (without their backing singer BONO). GLASGOW + U2 = PERFECTION
Up On The Catwalk
It was my fifth U2 show this summer and 9th all in all. I can't decide which one was the best, they were all somehow different but this one was up there with the greatest. :) Anyway I thought Scottish crowd would be a bit more wild, as far from what I've heard. Although the atmosphere was good and everyone was relaxed and very nice. Nevermind the soundsystem died during Walk On. The crowd sang it with the band as loud as it could. A special moment for me was when Bono sang a bit from Simple Minds song called Up On the Catwalk at the end of Elevation. He also mentioned their album Sparkle In The Rain and dedicated Unforgettable to the band. This was my last show this year. And I can't wait to see them again. Cheers from Slovakia, Tana.
Can't Wait For Vancouver
I listened live online to the Sheffield concert today. They sounded amazing. I have tickets to their Vancouver show and can't wait to take my kids.
Amazing guys! You still rock as much now as you did back when I first saw you in '87 on the Joshua Tree Tour. Never ever thought I would get to see you play The Unforgettable Fire live. It's long since been my favorite U2 track (And Album). I was quite choked when it first started and had tears in my eyes by the time it finished. It was well worth the journey up from Newcastle just to hear that one song, especially since I was standing only a few feet away beneath Bono as he stood on the wee bridge. Thanks for the magic and for pointing this 42 year old in the right direction back when I was a boy of only 18 years.
Still the greatest....
U2 rocked the house big style despite typical Scottish summer weather and a few blips with the sound. Great mix of old and new songs but the definite highlight was the Unforgettable Fire - awesome (even Bono's falsetto!). No New Yeard Day which was a surprise but great to hear Ultraviolet and the usual classics including Streets, Pride, etc. Accoustic version of Stuck in a Moment was fab too!
The Pit
Despite the awesome stage that is 360, there is still only one way to watch U2 and that is from the pit. Made it for Wembley and stood as usual left of Bono. The bridge obscured our view though when it moved but at Hampden got three from the front, directly in front of Bono. The energy in the pit was amazing and the band were clearly up for it too. Had reservations about the new material live but totally worked in Glasgow. Was hoping for Bad, NYD etc from second night at Wembly but no matter was still one of their best concerts I've been to. Must try and get to the states. when it moved so had to
This was my 5th time of seeing the boy's and once again they were amazing. Unforgettable fire was just phenomenal, had goose-bumps. Just wish i could afford to go again this tour. The set and sound were fantastic (apart from the ickle hic-up during walk on, oops!) My only miniscule critisism was that the crowd barriers around the outside of the walkway did not follow the line of the walkway as it did on the Vertigo tour and we had a large empty area in front of us which was a bit odd. On the plus side we had a fantastic view!!! Thanks U2 for once again proving that you are probably the best rock band in the world ;-)
Andy C
Was at the Glasgow gig.The best U2 Stadium gig ever. The 'Claw' made the gig almost feel like an indoor gig. The sound was fantastic, my throat still hurts from singing my head off (well more like shouting) The set list was realy good, mixing new with the not so new and classics. The Unforgetable Fire was brilliant. No one can touch U2!
Orla Knowles
The lads rocked last night. From the opening bar to the last note, they had us all in the palm of their hands.Atmosphere was electric. Unforgettable Fire and Unknown Caller my favourite of the night. Bought ticket for the red zone and it was amazing,the access was great all around the back of the stage and even got to say hi (well, shout it anyway) to the lads as they walked up the ramp to go onstage. Thats how close I got. Well worth it for that alone. Superb night. Glad I made the trip from Dublin even though had seen them in Croke pk on the saturday. Sticking my neck out here but preferred Glasgow. Still on a high.
Its all your fault Bono !!!
Yup, magic concert (AGAIN). Went to see them three weeks ago in Dublin and thought they were better in Bonnie Scotland. Great vocals, great music and great energy. Infact such great energy that I was jumping about like a 'fanny' and re snapped my cruciate ligament whilst in the pit. Had to stand and endure an hour off agony whilst listening to the worlds most amazing band. U2 360 tour - Glasgow, Scotland.........the night I was strechered off at Hampden Park. Now not many people can say that !! Ha ha. Be good !!
U2 stole my soul
This was my first U2 gig at the age of 42. I've never been able to get hold of tickets before for any of their gigs despite being a fan from the start as a boy and looked forward to this one. The whole thing blew me away as soon as the lads came on stage. The claw had me mesmerised and I'm guessing that Larry apart, they must have covered a fair distance around it during the show. I enjoyed all of it and I am hooked on the new album even more so since seeing songs from it played live as they should be. "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" booming across Glasgow must have been heard at Celtic Park. 2 days later and I can't get "Crazy" out of my head. In fact I can't get U2 songs out of my head! By the time I managed to get home, I'd been up 28 hours straight and had to go to work 2 hours after that. This gig was well worth it and now I find that U2 have stolen my soul! Even now thinking about it sends shivers down my spine and I'll beg steal or borrow if I have to next time to get tickets! Hurry back lads! you are always welcome!
Alan Gibson
Alan Gibson
Seen U2 on nearly every tour since 1980 this one was probably the best I have ever seen I still cannot talk as my voice is gone after a night of singing please do not leave it so long till the next gig amazing
Wish I had a ticket for Sheffield
What an amazing night at Hampden! Highlights were Still haven't found,I'll go crazy and Ultraviolet but the whole concert was incredible! Wish I had a ticket for Sheffield, thanks U2 for an amazing show!
I have seen U2 a few times now, the shows are always brilliant but tonight, as if it was possible, they were beyond brilliant, absolutely loved the whole show, I brought my son up on U2's music and this was his first gig, you have to think that anything else would be a dissapointment after seeing this, he was blown away. At a push The Unforgettable Fire was my highlight which is my all time favourite but too many hits to choose from really all sounded awesome live - haste ye back!!!!
Awesome 8-) but flawed 8-(
First time to U2 Show was awesome, spectacle incredible, band tight as a tight thing, Stage - just mad!!! Sadly as indicated below the sound suffered. From quite early on if you knew what to listen for there were drop-outs and swells which got more noticable until Bono's vocal noticably dropped out in Pride and then in MLK. Then the much reported failure in Walk on. After that the sound never fully recovered to the dizzying heights acheived during Vertigo (pardon the pun). As a part time and untrained sound engineer I really felt for the guys behind the desk, it might have been U2's night but it wasn't theirs - sometimes even the best kit can let you down. Loved the show though and the sound could have been different depending on where you were sitting/standing JP
As Fab As Ever
Glasgow was a great gig, finally got into the inner circle (a bit crowded but expected). Set list not my fav but still good and band on top form. Miss the build up of Zooropa and Pop - Vertigo and 360 band just appeared on stage without all the hype and off course no Fly/McPhisto these days but suppose we're all getting older. Sound did go a bit but didn't understand the booing! Looking forward to seeing them in Florida - Seated so will get to see the screens this time and appreciate gig from a different angle. Overall another great performance and crowd interaction - if going by history the only down side is another 4 years to wait till see them again.............
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