U2360° TOUR

Aug 3 2009
Gelsenkirchen, DE / Veltins-Arena
with Snow Patrol
The show is different when there's a roof overhead, just as it was in Amsterdam a couple weeks back. 'Like seeing a space station in a house, ' as someone put it tonight. Great music in this house as the show returns to Germany. 'Bright lights, bright city' as Bono puts it, before the opening bars of City of Blinding Lights.

Here's what they played tonight. Were you there ? Add your own highlights and mini-reviews.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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After seeing U2 play in Amsterdam twice, this was a very, very nice treat! We also saw them land with the helicopter, great! The show was, as before, awesome! Just too bad they keep singing the same 3 last songs..... Ultraviolet is great, but why not "I will follow", or another nice song to keep you "In the U2 mood"....
I was in Berlin, it was a superb night. I just drove 4 hours back from Gelsenkirchen, the night was different, but amazing all the same. Elevation is really a song that has to be played live. I almost cried when I heard the first notes of Stuck In A Moment... It's my favorite song at the moment, and I really wanted to hear it. And Edge's guitar incident. Nobody went unexpected on the stage tonight, but it was a pleasure to see U2 again. And I guess the trip back to the airport in the two helicopters was better than the app. 400km alone in a rental car. ;-)
Under a roof
Great great show!! So proud to introduce my daughter to her first U2 show. Joyful to see how she recognizes songs an the exquisite smile on her face a few seconds later. A younger generation fan now i would believe ;-) Thks for Edge his treat; Vertigo & stopped and ..Vertigo again. Hope to hear 'Bad' somewhere out there, maybe Boston. I dare to hope for it. Cheers, Johan
i am back
it was a great show. i likdt it very much great songs, lights and cameras. u2 see you nex time. Gr leroy van rosmalen
Thank you, Thank you, Thanks to U2!! U made us so happy! Love was in the air and the whole crowd from all over Europe was on fire! Stuck in a moment was a highlight, but the most touching moments we`ve had during walk on. Let`s pray for this strong lady in Burma! And I hope, U2 will come again!!!
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