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Jul 27 2009
Dublin, IE / Croke Park
'We've got music in this country...sing!' And everyone did as the third and final night at Croke Park came to a close with Moment of Surrender and a never-to-be-forgotten residency in Dublin was over.'Don't forget about us... good night!'. Third and final night in Dublin and Stay is back in the set list, New Year's Day makes its bow and Walk On has extra poignancy

On stage in Dublin tonight, Bono announced that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is to be awarded Amnesty International's most prestigious honour - the 'Ambassador of Conscience' Award for 2009.'It's one of those moments in the show which become an emotional highpoint...' Edge talks about 'Walk On' and Aung San Suu Kyi.

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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On my own in Ireland. Amazing trip. So full of new and old emotions. Feeling like home again, but breaking the rhyme this time. "Stay" convinced me, everything is real. Old ghousts passed through my soul. It's amazing that music can get you to another universe, or the real one.
Stage Right...
Rained all day and cleared up when the show started. Right up front with The Edge, started the show with a rainbow as a back drop. I'm sure they ordered that in! Amazing show! How could it not be. Special note..."Stay"...a surprise and perfect!
I will never forget that show :)
I'll always remember the third croke park night, it represents so much to me... my first time in ireland and also my first time in dublin city, watchin my favourite group playing in their hometown. those first impressions of the claw, that new year's day tour premiere, and of course, those fantastic renditions of bad and ultraviolet. although the Croke3rd concert was not my first U2 experience live, I lived as it was the first time, really. what a wonderful evening I had, can't wait to see the guys rocking under the claw :)
incredible days in Dublin, Dubliners incredible, unforgettable magnificence concert
This show was extra special to me. After years of putting off traveling to Dublin to see the band in their hometown, I finally made it happen. It was SURREAL. Listening to them play outdoors at Croker as the sun went down was amazing. Bad, Ultraviolet and Stay made the setlist for me. Thanks guys- what a super special experience and I will NEVER forget it. See you in Texas in October!
What a way to Celebrate!
Last year on the 27th of July I was at a gathering my girlfriends had whipped together to help me face my 3 day old cancer diagnosis and big surgery on the 31st. Scarriest time of my life! Never did I imagine that I'd be celebrating my 1st Anniversary cancer free at Croke park with my son and born in Dublin husband (we've lived in Seattle for 22 years). There are NO WORDS!!! My heart was and is SO full. BAD has been my favorite for years and it was a truly transcendent moment. Magnificent and Moment of Surrender won't leave me. Now I'm determined to get to another gig on this tour here in the States. God Bless U2 and all of you! Jennifer - August 1st remembering July 27th
Danielle Brakel
Came all the way from San Francisco to see the boys in their home town. Totally worth it. Best show I have ever seen and the most amazing crowd. What other band could inspire peace, love and happiness in 80,000 screaming, singing, crying fans. A truly magnificent night. Thanks Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam!
best ever
what a night it will last with us forever thanks boys you did youselves and ireland proud as the world watched on as the greatest band in the world came home to put on the greatest show in music history
F....g brilliant!
I came from France to attend the three Croker shows and it has simply been amazing. I felt I could die after that:)! Heu God,it's just a joke:) Even if my birthday was on 26th July (no show on that day unfortunately but you also have to rest a bit:)), Bono gave me a big gift, singing "Stay" in accoustic version the next evening. When are you making an accoustic album boys??
A Beautiful Moment
It was so amazing to see the response from the crowd when Bono asked who was at the show from out of the country. More than half of the hands went up, people cheered and raised their country's flags.I was there from the U.S and was not alone. Bono started pointing them out and naming the countries represented then put his hand to his head in awe and said "There's no way..." It was incredible to see his reaction. He was taken aback. It was so genuine.
i was there
i cryed when stay was starte.. a magnificient cocnert, i was there on 24 too and 7 on milan.. but dublin was... fantastic... i can't descrie the emotions... u2 are a miracle drug... thank u2
One of the best
nights of my life. I felt like a bit kid: totally "wowed" by the music, the "spaceship" & the love that was evident all around. U2, you are amazing & I'm really grateful for all you gave me & the friend I was with. Fantastic memories forever. Still feel uplifted writing this & listenting to the track which really reflects you, the 360 tour your music & what you stand for: "Magnificent" Slainte! Andrew
Just Great
Just a great, great night. My fav - Sunday Bloody Sunday/Pride. Means so much, it took so very long for peace to shine in this land. And now it stands as an example to the world. Thanks for your part in it all guys and continue to push for Justice & Peace. A proud night to be Irish. And ya, I did shed a tear or two. Thanks T
conor kavanagh
Wow What AThril
Went to see U2 again, What a really great night Was on the pitch, Esctatic They played New years day, Stay & Bad. Before beautiful day Bono said there is nowhere else i would like to be other than my Home town. Walk on Was magical. & of Course Larry Mullen's Druming On "Crazy" Once Again thank you so much for Unforgetable fire A Great Piece From The past to Bring bring with you on your 360 tour set list. Thank you always. Unforgetable
lift off!!
What a band!, what a crowd! Glad i can finally say i've seen u2 live. My hands are still numb from clapping and the drive home in the pissing rain whislt hungover wasn't fun, but it was worth it. Everything exceeded my wildest expectations, all that it was short of was the stage launching into the stratosphere at the end of 'moment of surrender' but i'm sure thats in the pipeline ;) thank you.
Niall OC
Let me in the Sound & Vision
Willie and JoeOH - well done in reinventing Stadium rock concepts. After the letdown of Vertigo05 sound, you have made up with such a memorable set of shows. The 'rave' during Verigo has us still dumbfounded. Well done U2 also - you were excellent also.
Dublin - 3rd Night
I've been to see 5 of the tours - all very good but and I have to say this was the best. Not only because its more spectacular, the catalogue gets bigger each year, the sound was clearer but the boys are performing even better. Well done U2, it will keep me going for a long time.
Cynics, nobody is listening anymore.
Croke Park... the greatest band in the world return home and we Irish people show them what we really think. We are not the journalists, or the DJs or the people who hang out in Dublin's more illustious and conceited watering holes. U2 cynics have had their moment in the sun. Be quiet now, you've lost the war. U2 is of us and we are of them. Be happy.
Raising The Bar
Wow Wow and Wow again! 15 Minute drive from home to see the Biggest Band in the World in the Finest Stadium in the World. Life doesnt get much better! As far as Live Entertainment goes you guys have definitely raised the bar. Come Home Soon!
fab band & fab crowd
after 3 nights of pure bliss just wanted to say thanks to the boys. nothing beats a home gig where the crowd are as loud as the band (myself included) so thanks also to the fans for giving their all. great to hear a mix of songs and the retrun of the acoustic set. biggest hit of the year is going to be the "crazy" mix - pure class and typical of u2 to throw a curveball from a classic album. of the 3 nights can't pick favourite all as good as each other - again thanks boys.......from a long time die hard fan
absolutely FANTASTIC !!!!!!
Wow, what a night last night was, Even more fantastic than Saturday . Thank you U2 for the best weekend of my life !!
I was at all 3 gigs. I have been to Croke Park 85 & 87 I have been to New Years Eve in the Point 31.12.89 I was in the RDS and Lansdowne Road I was at Slane I was at all 3 Croke Park 05 gigs I never thouhgt Slane would be topped until Monday of the 05 gigs and I thought that would never be topped then came Friday and I was blown away and again thought THIS will never be topped, By now I should know better because last night was brilliant, amazing, incredible. and for me topped all that went before. Has there ever been a band as special as this one? Please dont leave it 4 years before we see you again. Thank you. This town loves you and THAT does ring true.
WOW! What a Set List
To the U2 boys, That is one of your most brilliant set lists ever. I wasn't at the show, but I am travelling from Scotland to Wembley on Fri 14th, with my wife. PLEASE play that same set on the 14th of April. If anyone can get this message to the band themselves, I beg you - PLEASE. I've followed every setlist on this tour, our only request would be to add in Stand Up Comedy if you can. Thank You
Congrats - kevinwarnock
Saw your comments and had to say Congratulations to you and your bride-to-be. Can't do much better than a proposal from the love of my life followed by a U2 show - the 4 other loves of my life. I wish you both all the best! Love and light!
This is the playlist!!!
Keep this playlist all the rest of the tour!!! Please! Please!!! Why do we have to make it to a third night concert in order to hear the best songs??? Or do we have to be in Dublin??? Make this one "the list" all the way to North America!! We are waiting for you!!!
This is the biggest and best band in the world bar NONE. What a show, what a set, what a night !!!! BAD was fantastic, BOOTS out of this world, and MAGNIFICENT, well work it our for yourself. NEW YEARS DAY & SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY took me back years, and the crowd, well take a bow guys you did Croker proud !!!!
My 3rd and always magic
All three shows were special, I thought Saturday was the best but they all had a lot of magic to observe. I can't thank U2 enough for always being a force in my life, you have and always will be a part of change...be it temperature, understanding, or the definition of fun...thank you....Dinmon out.
colly mckee
Amazing Night
What a show tonight. Been to Berlin and two shows in Dublin and it just gets better. Unknown Caller and Moment of Surrender are fantastic live tracks while it was great to hear Bad and Stay. Cant wait to Cardiff on the 22nd and hopefully Australia next year. Thanks to the band for an amazing night.
what a world
well just home from the u2 gig tonight 27/07/09. what a gig. it was the best gig i have ever been to in my life. it has changed me inside. words cant describe how i feel at this moment in time. it got true to my heart and messed with my brain. all i know now is i will be taken a differant path in life. thanks to the boys in the band thank you. may god give you all long life. as all the world needs to experance a show like that. from now to worlds end the show must go on and on and on all the best with the rest of the tour
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