U2360° TOUR

Jul 2 2009
Barcelona, ES / Camp Nou
with Snow Patrol

It was a hot and humid night in Barcelona for the second show of the tour and the band rang some changes from Tuesday's opener. Here's some highlights that we noted - add your own reviews at the bottom of the page. First up the set list.

1. We got to hear 'Crazy' twice tonight: the band are shooting a video with Alex Courtez and tonight's performance is part of it. After a storming version of Vertigo, we got the very groovy dub remix of 'Crazy' that they premiered on Tuesday, complete with Larry performing on djembe while walking the circumference of the stage to general adulation. Overhead, rocking black and white images of the four members on the screens. Just before Moment of Surrender, came the 'classic coke' version as the singer put it.

2. Promising sign when a song makes its live debut, but no-one predicted it would be Electrical Storm, the 2002 single from 'The Best of 1990-2000'. 'So we'd like to play a song we've never played before, except when we recorded it,' explained Bono. 'Could be interesting... interesting is ok...' Interesting enough to be back in the set soon - we predict.

3. Angel of Harlem wasn't in tonight, but compensation came with a mini-acoustic set featuring Desire and Party Girl, with the drum riser rotating and the whole band facing the other way. Bono pulled out the harmonica and some amazonian beauty clambered up on stage, who - apparently - was once called upon to share the traditional 'party' bubbly in Argentina. Tonight, as then, she was word perfect - though it's not often a member of the audience gets to carry the lead singer. Maybe it's going to be one of those tours.

4, Unknown Caller is one of the most infectious tracks the band have written, but ever wondered what it's all about ? Tonight we got some background. It's about a guy, feeling depressed, 'at the end of his rope', in a hotel room, not able to get a signal on his phone, suddenly finds that his phone is starting to text him instructions. 'He doesn't know who it's coming from... God, his best mate... but it gets him out alive...' At which point Camp Nou restarted and rebooted itself.

5. Check out Sunday Bloody Sunday if you're at the show. First up, the previous song outros with a beautiful lilting vocal piece by (we discover) Iranian-born singer Sussan Deyhim. Then as the rhythmic opening bars of 'Sunday' arrive, the overhead spherical screens turn a luminous shade of green as farsi script script scrolls into sight. Is it a symbolic shout-out to the protestors in Iran demanding a re-run of their elections ? If you think there's a connection, discuss it here.

Ok, that's a few stand-out moments from us. What did you think?

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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It's So Exciting!!
Electrical Storm!! What a Great Choice!! I love that song!! Keep it up!! Bring out some oldies but goldies!! Maybe "Wave of Sorrow" or Ground Beneath Her Feet" That would be wonderful!!
Have been at the first two shows. Musically the band performed much better the second night by their own high standards. For me there was something off with Electrical storm last night but over all a much more solid confident performance than the first night. One was a diseaster the first night and I thought the Bass was not coming through early on in the show. Great to see some new songs in. Think they should take out a few more of the regulars as they have a huge volume of great songs. Roll on Dublin !!
Electrical Storm
Watching and hearing that song played live before my very eyes was like a U2-dream come true! keep it in the setlist this tour :) so we can enjoy it a little more
Was listening to the live feed of Barcelona 2 with the link posted hear on the zoo...when I heard the opening notes of Electrical Storm I started to cry! Amazing...have been a fan since 1982 & they just keep an amazing me!
Not sure Breath is an opener....think bad would add a lot to the set.
What a Mix!
Indeed great to see Electical Storm finally getting a live airing...make sure ye do it in Dublin guys..doesnt matter which gig..I'm going to all of them anyway!!
Kudos for standing with the Iranian protesters. The green was a great idea!PLEASE keep Electrical Storm in the set through September!!!
Barcelona Awesome - Bring On Sheffield!
Finally got to see U2 after 20 years! Amazing, innovative stage, a true spectacle with that War of the Worlds "spider" inside the Camp Nou. Was up in the Gods but sound and vision was still spot on. Really cool to look down from on high. The screen really adds to your enjoyment and brings you closer. Picture quality incredible and sound quality just blew us away. Bono´s voice sounded fantastic from beginning to end and what a stage presence!Obvious the whole show is run by real professionals pulling out all the stops from concept to stadium, innovating and pushing new boundaries. So exciting for the crowd to not just have a mediocre effort trotted out cos they are huge. The place went off with Vertigo, followed by great version of Crazy. Preferred that version than the end videoed one. Didn´t know the new album to sing along but am def hooked as a fan now! Can´t wait for the Sheffield show. How lucky, 2 shows in one year after all this time. Will be interesting to see how,if atmosphere is different to BarÇa crowd. Will Snow Patrol be there too? Nice surprise. Thanks again for a memorable night and the energy of the band. Caroline from Mallorca
in a little while longer
hey i agree electrical storm was a nice addition, but i was at camp nou 1 and please don't ditch "in a little while", it is a nugget of riff and melody it needs some more airing time!! glad we have two versions of crazy, the melody gets lost in the remix
Brilliant show, nice mix of songs.
@blueandgoldfan Was a great show and nice to hear both the old and the new stuff. > I thought that the stage was supposed to rotate, does it not?? The part of the stage with Larry's drumkit rotates, and the two bridges connecting the inner stage with the outer circle move around the stage. The rest is fixed.
Electrical Storm
In my top ten songs ever from the band.....I agree it should feature in every show........it gives me goosebumps every time!! Play it in Sheffield please!!
Viva Electrical Storm
Please, Please. Play this song at Paris SDF on July 12th.
Electrical Storm, PURE MAGIC!!!
Yes, finally, ELECTRICAL STORM!!! Guys, this is A MUST in all setlists during this magic tour! Surprise, in unique U2 stile!!! BRAVO!
That is one amazing setlist - the show sounds like it was definately somethin' too! I'd love to hear electrical storm live - here's hoping it stays in the set!(Or at least for the first London show *coughcough*) :)
Electrical Feeling
woow this is great choice to play the electrical storm amazing song' one of the best! great list just miss the clasic of new year day' this one is alway great!!!!
Live Electrical Storm Yes!
I'd love to hear Electrical Storm live ! Unknown Caller is fabulous. I relate to "reboot yourself, you're free to go", When I'm depressed, I can chant this & know I'm loved & have hope for the future.
Electrical Storm
ES is much more than interesting....I will be at San Siro,to the first show ,so DO IT AGAIN,PLEASE!
a sort of homecoming?
loved reading tonights list. in every article i've read so far, i'm hoping for some mention of a sort of homecoming. god, how great that song is. congratulations, though, to U2 for already creating a more fluid setlist.
this is great!
Reading the report it had to be a great show!
Finally ... Electrical Storm
It happened! It really happened! Electrical Storm made it's debut! Keep this song in the set list, 'cause I'd love to listen to it at the 2nd Dublin show!!!!
Master stroke
These guys are just too damn smart. How do you stay relevant to old and new fans? Play the new tracks and add in some 'golden oldies' from the vast repetoire. I am just too excited thinking about what other oldies might turn up and how they re-work them
Electrical Storm
Bravo, way to go U2. Please, Please play this at the Rose Bowl.......WOW
set list
This set list looks better than opening night. Still wish they'd thrown in Bad though. Very nice to see the Iranian green. U2 fights for justice no matter the boundaries. I thought that the stage was supposed to rotate, does it not?? 3 more weeks till Dublin!!!
Absolutely fantastic!!
The show tonight was awesome! Visually amazing, tonight they ironed out some of the sound problems of the first night in Barcelona! When they played "Party girl" and "Electrical Storm I couldn't believe it! My friend Anna was practically crying with "The Unforgettable Fire". It sounded great!! Bono sang it really well reaching all the notes and the light show that accompanies it is incredible. Of the new songs, the one that works best live is "Unknown Caller", 90,000 people singing Karaoke style to the chorus!! My only small criticism is the following; maybe for some people the album version of "Moment of Surrender" is a great song with a deep lyric line, whatever you want, but as a concert closer, it`s boring. If you want to finish with a slow song better "With or Without you" or "One", anthems that everyone can sing to, and people leave the stadium with a buzz! A comment like this actually reaches the band or not?
what about Bad...and All I Want Is You
These songs will always really rock a stadium show. The acoustic stuff should remain in smaller venues. Good to see Bullet the Blue Sky and New Years Day are out, so that some different tunes can shine.
nice mix with the set, could we get some "surrender ", or " indian summer " next time :)
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