U2360° TOUR

Sep 23 2009
E. Rutherford, NJ, US / Giants Stadium
with Muse
'New Jersey we can do some funky stuff.' First of two shows at Giants Stadium tonight and a cover of 'She's The One' to mark the 60th birthday of Bruce Springsteen.

Great opening set from Muse, whose new album is topping charts worldwide this week, Larry Mullen Jnr led U2 on stage and 'Breathe' set the scene for a memorable night. The 'funky stuff' came with Mysterious Ways and the surprise inclusion of 'She's The One', for Springsteen, led into 'Desire'.

More coming from us but in the meantime, here's the set list.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
She's The One/Desire
Your Blue Room
Beautiful Day
No Line on the Horizon
New Year's Day
Stuck in a Moment
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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Hard to believe, but they just keep getting better and better! The setlist was great and Bono's voice was as strong as ever. Loved the I'll Go Crazy remix! Hoping they play Philly in 2010!!!
Every moment left me invigorated and breathless! Can't wait for tonight another awesome night! For the parents of the little boy, what a moment! Please find a way to get in touch, we have incredible photos to share with you.
Awesome show! Faves were: Ultraviolet, Beautiful Day, Streets, Bloody Sunday, Desire, New Years Day, Mysterious Ways, and With or Without You. LOVE U2!
I ENJOYED THE U2 Concert!!! Thanks for such an AAAWWWWWESOME show. Just one complaint: WHY DID YOU DO IT AT Giants Stadium????? It took me 2 hours to get there and 2.5 hours to get back to NYC. NJ Transit sucks and was not properly running to handle the masses of people. If you did anywhere in NY(Mets Stadium, Yankee Stadium), I am sure Bloomberg would have increased train service to support the flow of people. I don't think I will ever return to Giants Stadium even if you play again here. It was such of a horrendous experience. Love you guys! xoxoxo
Outstanding show. My wife and I had our two sons (7 and 10) with us in the Red Zone, stage right. We were right on the rail and Bono and Edge each took the time to "stop by" and smile and thumbs-up the lads, twice each. I'd love to get audio because Bono was talking to the boys but I couldn't quite get it all. Then during Moment, a roadie came to us and handed me a set list saying, "Bono asked that this get to your boys, he said, 'it's very cool they're here, loves seeing young faces.'" So so special an evening none of us will ever forget. Of course they were slightly disappointed that "Justin" got to do the lap with Bono, but they were beyond thrilled with the special souvenir and special attention. Show-wise, what a production. It does sacrifice some spontaneity, but still plenty of energy and improv. Funny as hell when Adam spaced out in NYD, forgetting where he was and how to play it. Laughed it off and moved on.
Great Night!
The show was a 10! great song list, the stage is amazing, I will be there tonight for round 2. missed Muse to traffic.
Giant's Stadium show 09/23/09 review
"He's the One" birthday tribute to Springsteen was very cool. Seen about 20 different acts perform at this stadium over the years and although this was the best stage I ever saw anywhere it was also ironically perhaps the worst sound system I ever heard. Sounded like listening to an old crappy stereo on full volume. Instruments drowned out each other as well as Bono's vocals. Still love you guys, good luck with the rest of the tour...Fan from NYC
Giant Stadium Night 1
WOW what a sick night.. when they played "streets" i thought giant stadium was gonna crumble. Great tribute to the "boss".looking forward to see how they gonna change it up for tonight. i hope they play " All i want is you". Fyi, leave as soon as you hear " Moment of Surrender" and you will not be stuck for 2 hours leaving the stadium :-)
a hymn...
...This probably has little chance of getting through but might I request for tonight's performance, a sweet, intimate paean to summer having recently passed, "Staring at the Sun" - the acoustic version?
show highlight for me was the Crazy remix... sounds way better live!!! can't wait until 2nd show and hope they add Stay to the line up! And thanks to the U2 crowd - everyone in 305 was very cool despite the hoopla going on with people falling over 3 rows of seats!!!
Giants Stadium 1st Show
What a Show! What a set! Over the top with pop up unbrellas. The GA crowd was great.
Awesome Performance!
Last night was Great! Tonight will be better - if that's even possible!!! Stands were packed - fans were excited - we all sang along. You could definitely feel the energy in the arena. Everyone went crazy for all the old stuff. See you in GA tonight! <3
Loved it!
I was so glad they opened with "Breath." Bono was great tonight, and of course the other band members gave him his wings. I love The Edge, and Larry was as solid as always. And Adam's base is a standout. I hope we get "Unknown Caller" and "Stay" tomorrow night. Thank you, U2!
Giant Stadium-23rd of September
'Breathe, Magnificent and Get on your boots' gave an amazing lift off. I look for reading more about the concert!
hello world!!!
Great concert I like a lot the expandable screen. I think this is the best concert since Popmart. It does not matter if they spend a lot or not they always have this balance between inovation, hi tech, art and political consciousness
The spaceship is a big plus!
I really liked the big screen on the spaceship set that allowed us folks in the upper seats to get a closer look at the band. It really helps add some intimacy to what would otherwise be a distant feeling for those not close to the set in a big stadium like this. I was also happy they added Desire tonight which wasn't on the earlier playlists - that song really rocks and was a great addition to a great string of music.
Amazing -- But I miss Unknown Caller!
The show was amazing. It was clear that there were a number of technical snafus, and Bono was forgetting even more lyrics than usual, but I often think that U2 are at their best when they feel things are a little out of control (no pun intended). I was at Boston 1, and I'd say that tonight's show was less polished but more playful, and I'm very glad I was at both! I'm looking forward to NY2 and DC1. And many thanks to all of the cool U2 fans who have lent a hand as I've limped around GA with a cane. There are a lot of crowds that would make it harder, if not impossible, for a disabled person in GA, but Zootopians and the U2 fan community in general are as generous as they are fabulous!
Awesome Show
It was truly an electrifying evening with an awesome set, featuring some music that hasn't been played in recent tours. It just left me wanting more! Thanks for all the sweet soul music--it has carried me through three quarters of my life and it keeps getting better! Hope to see more shows in the Spring. MD
what a show! it was one surprise after another - I think everything they played was unbelievable...loved the one/streets encore. LOVED the remix for I'll go crazy - WOW...I will pray they snick in Angel of Harlem for tomorrow - but if they change nothing from tonight's set list I will be just as happy!
Unforgettable Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have this Unforgettable Fire in my soul for U2. I just can't get enough. I traveled to Dublin in the summer, that concert left me in a state of AWE. Then I traveled to Boston Monday. That one left me, and the 3 people that had never been to a U2 concert speechless. Tonight I went to Giant Stadium that was truly Magnificent ( I got to hear New Years Day) going back for more tomorrow. I will be toping the Year off in Vegas next month. All I wanted for my 50th Bday was U2 all year. Since July, I have been on the ride of my life. I love my boys from Ireland. Please don't stop, I can't get enough. Thank You for you Love, energy and dedication to making my life so much brighter.
i wish the show never ends and U2 will do another show about spring time again ,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st time, wont be da last!
Thanks U2 for an unforgettable experience. My bro and I had a blast. We hope in the near future to see you guys at the Garden, its so hard to get tix there but will definitely try if given the opportunity...
A great show! They are at the top of their game. Highlights for me were: Unforgettable Fire, Your Blue Room,I'll Go Crazy, Streets,Ultraviolet,She's The One/Desire.Hell,the whole show was a highlight! The stage is amazing!
Amazing night in Jersey
These guys are absolutely amazing live! It was a great crowd and the song list was excellent. I'm so happy they did one and 'where the streets have no name'. =)
Another great show
I haven't missed too many shows in the NY area since the Unforgettable Fire tour and all I can say is these guys never disappoint. The new songs always sound better live and they always give it their all. Looking forward to tomorrow night and hopefully some future dates at the Garden
Need I say more! Already counting down the hours til I am back tomorrow night!
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