U2360° TOUR

Sep 13 2009
Chicago, IL, US / Soldier Field
with Snow Patrol
Here's a few highlights and then it's over to you for yours.

Bono singing 'Chicago' in the introduction to Magnificent, with the audience, unsurprisingly, in seventh heaven. 'One for the money, two for the show, where are we in the world... Union Street.'

'What do you think of our space junk? It's the latest line of U2 accessories, we thought it would bring us to interesting places... closer to you.'

'Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four... lift off.' For Your Blue Room, widely agreed to be among the most beautiful tracks the band have ever written, released on the 1995 album Original Soundtracks when the band recorded as Passengers with Brian Eno. Footage from the astronauts and the space station on the screens. 'It's time to go again/ To your blue room/Got some questions to ask of you/In your blue room...'

This joint was jumping for Elevation, while Until The End of the World and Stay, another couple of songs which have been played sparingly to date, also had 65,000 people lost in the music. 'Green light, Seven Eleven/ You stop in for a pack of cigarettes/ You don't smoke, don't even want to/ Hey now, check your change....'

And if the suit of lights for Ultraviolet is making a name for itself, welcome to the steering wheel microphone swinging low from high up in space station - now with added LED's. What will they think of next ?

Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle
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1st time...
WOW, huge fan since 80's -- and so for Father's day, my son got me 2 tickets for my 1st U2 concert -- he'll have to work hard to top this gift! We had a great time -- blown away by all that was done to make this a fantastic night -- thanks U2 and crew (I can't imagine the hours and people who made this happen)! I'm a bigger fan than ever!
1st time...
WOW, huge fan since 80's -- and so for Father's day, my son got me 2 tickets for my 1st U2 concert -- he'll have to work hard to top this gift! We had a great time -- blown away by all that was done to make this a fantastic night -- thanks U2 and crew (I can't imagine the hours and people who made this happen)! I'm a bigger fan than ever!
Amazing..thank you
One of those life-altering live shows...we had field tickets, and miraculously got moved up into the inner circle. Side of the stage, just between Bono and Adam, 5 rows back. Amazing. Loved the mix of the old and the new, especially since I adore the new album. I was so proud to be able to be in the audience to help you guys kick off the new tour. The visuals are unbelievable. Soldier Field never looked so great. Thank you for one of the best nights of my life!
Ridiculous Awesome
There are not too many occasions when my feet separate from the ground in sheer happiness - this show provided repeated occasions. The remix absolutely rocked everybody in the joint -(Hint - we love the Pop album as much as anything so don't be shy about dropping a cut from it on us now and again!!!) Absolutely spectacular in every way. Thank You guys and You're Welcome .........
One to Remember
If you saw a girl pushing her car in bumper to bumper traffice on I90 before the show that was me! I made the show after abandoning my car and hoping on the L train...Nothing was going to stand between me and seeing U2. I made it before the guys hit the stage and I quickly forgot about my ordeal to get to the show. The show wasy AMAZING.. I loved every last minute of it!!! Thank You for a Night to Remember!!
U2 was Magnificent in Chicago, Sunday, S
U2 has always been the masters of being relevant, fresh and innovative when it comes to their records, sound and live show. Their latest tour delivers a one two punch that keeps you up in your seat hoping the stadium lights do not signal the end of the show. From the opening notes of Bowie’s Space Oddity, to the submarine like countdown clock, you just knew your were going to be in for a great show. Enter Larry Mullen Jr. with the opening drum riff to breathe and we lifted off. Bono joked about the space station as the latest line of U2’s accessories. This claw was no lemon, pardon the pun courtesy of the POPMART tour, but it was a spectacle of sight and sound. (See U2.com for pictures from the Chicago show. I do not want to paste any on this page due to copyright issues). Being a die hard U2 fan and seeing every U2 tour stop to Chicago since the Joshua Tree tour, I have to say this show was on par with, or a close second to the best live show in the history of stadium tours, ZOO TV. U2 has raised the bar once again like they did with the ZOO TV tour. The song selection was dead on. They played seven songs from their brilliant new album, No Line On The Horizon. Songs from the new album that translated well live were No Line On The Horizon, Moment of Surrender, Unknown Caller (with a Karaoke like sing along on video screens) and a revamped Dance/Techno version of You Know I’ll Go Crazy. Bono said, “we've got new songs, we've got old songs, and we’ve got songs we've never played before. You with us tonight?” and they delivered. Highlight of the show was the never played before, Your Blue Room. Just seeing that song performed live was worth the price of admission. Other highlights included the best versions I have heard live of Stay, Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and Ultraviolet (Light My Way). U2 always puts on a great show, but one thing was apparently different with the band this time around. In my opinion, U2 really showed the crowd a sense of humor and how much fun they were having performing for the sold out Chicago crowd. There were moments of seriousness during One and Sunday Bloody Sunday, but they breezed thru their set with a swagger and style that was fresh and well received. If you missed U2’s stop to Chicago this time around, I definitely recommend catching them if they return for a second leg of the tour. Thanks U2 for giving Chicago the opportunity to be the launching pad for their North American Tour.
Amazing show even in the 400 sections. Even had my 62 year old dad rockin'. Can't wait to be down in the GA at Giant's Stadium. Place looked absolutely amazing when all the cell phones came out for Moment of Surrender.
Great music!!!Great Stage!!! Awesome night. I could go on and on, but the best moment was the smile on my son's face when the band played Elevation. It is his favorite song. We were not expecting it based on how the set lists were mixed up on the European leg of the tour, so it was a suprise-awesome.
The concert last night was AMAZING!! I waited in line since 2:00 for GA and got within 5 feet of the catwalk!!! It was THE BEST night of my life. I'm sore as heck from standing all day, but it was WELL worth it! I LOVE U2!! It was so wonderful being surrounded by all U2 fans, old and new (fans). Adam was ALL SMILES, Bono was laying on the ground again and trying to reach fans from over the bridge (on the ground again!), Edge was deep in concentration, and Larry came out on the catwalk (SO CLOSE TO ME!!) playing his bongos. Bono looked at me as I waived my (tiny) Irish flag. The guys simply love what they are doing, and each one shows it in a different way. They love their fans, they love Chicago!! Bono told us the reason for the 360 set up was to be closer to their fans, after stating that it is so cheesy! But he had to "kiss some Chicago ass"! Their love of their music, their fans, each other, and where they came from shined throughout the entire concert. Bono took an Irish flag from a fan in the circle and forgot to give it back!! LOL! I am sooo happy that I finally saw U2, and now feeling blue that it is over. Thank you, U2 for your music, for your love for your fans, and for the greatest night of my life. (I know, it's cheesy, Bono!)
U2 Delivers Again
Both Chicago show were fantastic. Set-lists were great! Much better than the European set-lists. I loved the shows. Maybe a little more loose on the second show, but not even worth mentioning. These guys bring it! They are the best live band I have ever seen and this show was right near the top of all the shows I have seen. My buddy said it was the best show of his life, and he isn't a die-hard U2 fan.
Howling in Soldier Field
I have been going to U2 shows since Joshua Tree and I have to say that this was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Saturday I was up on the railing on Adams side, and I thought that there was no way that I could feel the same kind of energy when I was sitting up in the nosebleeds Sunday night, but I was wrong. The stage makes a huge stadium feel intimate. And to play YOUR BLUE ROOM?! Fantastic. I went to the show with my best friend and fellow U2 fan and we could not believe what we were hearing. Totally in shock. Tears flowing with Amazing Grace moving into Streets... hearts pumping for Ultraviolet..there is just so much I could write about these past 2 days of them playing in my hometown, but I will just stop by saying thank you to the greatest band EVER. I have been a fan for 25 years and I have never been prouder. BTW... I was so glad that they didnt play Pride! Thanks, lads, for mixing it up and playing for your followers and not just for the casual fan tonight.
WOW WOW WOW At both shows over the weekend and each one was excellent. The EDGE changed guitars on every song! How cool is that. Can't wait for the VEGAS show
U2 2nd Show in Chicago...Magnificent!!!
Perfect weather, beautiful skyline and a spaceship inside of a spaceship! U2 rocked Chicago for a second show with great new songs and many classics. Snow Patrol was a great opening act and got the crowd pumped before Bono and the Boys won over the hearts and minds of everyone in attendance. This was my 2 daughters' first concert and what an amazing show it was! Where the Streets Have No Name was a great set closer and had everyone out of their seats. It was great to hear the Achtung tunes like Until the End of the World but more specifically, Ultraviolet, which was the best encore. Bono sang his heart out and his voice was on!
Seriously feel I got Liftoff
To quote a lyric of Bono's Feel like trah you make me feel clean, I am wiped out today from a two show weekend where I do not feel cheated from my hard earned money. Very striking and energentic performances with its twists and much pleasant welcome suprises as well. I can only say that after almsot 30 years doing it they sound and can perform this well at a high level. Thanks for it and contiuing to do it I wish I could just Thank you in person. Keep it up and remember despite the riches there is someone out there (many) who feel this uplifted and someone new who is now a new U2 Fan. Great shows and Blue Room was worth waiting for. Peace and Love and have a great tour and enjoy the states and Canada.
By far the best concert I have been to in years!!! Have waited 23 years to see U2 again and they did not disappoint! Thank you, U2, for making it a "Magnificent" night!!
Great, with a hint of disappointment
The show was terrific - I loved the stage, loved the band's interaction with the audience. I think the writers of the site are stretching it to say the audience was captivated by Blue Room, though. Most people sat down in confusion and remained sitting through a slow stretch of songs like Unforgettable Fire and Stay. I don't think they were worth the deletion of Pride, Bad, 40 and Stuck in a Moment.
Ground Control to Major Tom. Liftoff!
Great show tonight! Great beginning, great middle, UNBELIEVABLE end! You could tell from the get go that the band likes to play Chicago, and the band really put themselve into playing and singing tonight. I may hvae been the only person in my whole section that actually knew Your Blue Room from the opening Chords. I felt priviledge, knowing that no one else has ever heard that live before. Very moving piece of work. And Amazing Grace for our "Sunday voices" to sing along to was a great touch as well.
I think this was the show everyone really wanted to see. I wanted the lads to play Your Blue Room for the longest....and they did...WOW!!!! I guess having so many songs to chose from is hard and to quote the band 'you can't sell the same old stuff to the same old people'.......this was a very good show!!!!!!!!!!!
Chicago 2
Really, no Pride?? A great show, but all the junk could have been put to the side to play Pride. Wow. My friend for the show now refuses to go another U2 show. Thanks U2!
too cool
That is seriously the best concert ever!!! From new to old - ridiculously amazing! Thanks for an awesome night!
An unbelievable night...an unbelievable show!! The rumor can now cease...they did it...U2 played "Your Blue Room" from The Passengers album! It was great to hear, even if we didn't get to hear Adam at the mic for the ending of the song! The remix was awesome...we'll just end it with that! The night was awesome, unbelievable, and other similar adjectives!! Thanks to everyone in the U2 Crew for a memorable experience!!
Bono and the guys rock - what a great show as usual !! Maggie and Lil Maggie
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