Jun 21 2005
Glasgow, Scotland, GB / Hampden Park
with Interpol, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
'Hope that went okay for the people of Glasgow.' (Yes. It did.)

Snapshots from another great night on the road with U2 - this time in Glasgow.

At the beginning of the show, as the band sauntered on stage waving to the audience, you could have been mistaken for thinking it  was Dublin -  the number of Irish flags swaying in the night air. That said there was no shortage of flags bearing the Cross of St Andrew - also flying high on a night of flags.

Wild Horses was in again tonight, suggesting it is  going to become a staple of the tour ? Only its third outing so far, but now twice in two shows. 'Well you stole it 'cos I needed the cash/ And you killed it 'cos I needed revenge/Well you lied to me 'cos I asked you to/ Baby, can we still be friends?' Another classic from Achtung Baby.

'Hope that went okay for the people of Glasgow...' remarked Bono at the close. It certainly did. Glasgow was up for it tonight, as excited about the present as Bono is about the future.

'Three notes, four notes... I hear those four notes and I'm excited about the future, excited about being in this  band, excited about what we might do in the future. You need a bus load of faith in the future. Who said that ? Lou Reed. Faith in the idea that God can inspire doctors and nurses...
This is Miracle Drug.'

During Love and Peace or Else, the rhythm and soul of the show, a shuddering, shaking dynamo driven along by Larry and Adam, the band spread to four corners of the stage - Adam even moved from one side to the other.
Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bullet The Blue Sky were as powerful as ever  and with the daylight fading the visuals started to take off: everyone was seeing red as Bullet climaxed - dazzling blood red pouring from out of the stage.

'I could say Edge played a blinder, or Larry never missed a beat,' reports one of our <a href="">fan reviewers</a>, 'But in truth, the band were amazing - quality - they do improve with age. And to top it off my Mrs got one of the sticks Larry and Bono had used. One and With or Without You were especially great.'

And it wasn't just the people of Africa coming centre-stage during the Pride/Streets/One segment of the show - another heroine of the band also had her  moment tonight. 'This  week is the birthday of an extraordinary woman, <a href="" target="_blank">Aung San Suu Kyi</a>.
Spent her birthday again behind bars. Beautiful woman, beautiful spirit. I dedicate this song to her.. 'Running to Stand Still'.' At the end of the song, Bono again sang Happy Birthday to Aung San Suu Kyi, and with perfect timing the United Nations <a href="" target="_blank">Declaration of Human Rights</a> began scrolling up the screens behind.

'Could run through every song individually,' says another of our <a href="">reviewers</a> (our thoughts precisely), 'But special mention must go to two contrasting live pieces - The Fly and Yahweh - simply stunning performances all round. All in all a remarkable experience, complemented by a spectacular light show. The best band in the world? Oh yeah....'

All Because Of You
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