May 31 2015
Los Angeles, CA, US / Forum

Fourth of Five in LA

'Break on through to the other side' went the clarion cry added to the end of second song The Electric Co. and the 4th capacity crowd of U2's Forum run responded in kind. 'The last time Electric Co was played at consecutive shows was in 2005 - October 29th in Dallas and November 1, Los Angeles.' That's according to @U2gigs.

'Any Spanish speakers in the house? Maybe you can help us count this in...' If the reception for Electric Co was loud, it went up a few decibels for Vertigo, with 20,000 voices responding in unison, 'Uno! Dos! Tres! Catorce!' And from a 2005 hit seamlessly back to 1980 and the opening notes of their first American hit in the city where they had that hit.
'I was on the outside when you said
You needed me
I was looking at myself
I was blind, I could not see....'

From one end of the show to another and no-one saw this coming - a transcendent All I Want Is You played live for the first time since Montreal in July of 2011 and the final song in a triptych of Rattle'n'Hum tracks tonight, after Angel of Harlem and When Love Comes To Town. Dedicated at its close to Dennis Sheehan and his partner Pam, those final lines soaring out across the city.

Snatch of California in Beautiful Day and a hint of Coldplay's Yellow in the outro. Is that Chris Martin in the house again tonight?

The encore began with City of Blinding Lights and concluded, like night two here, with '40' - and a poignant dedication to family members of Dennis Sheehan, in the audience tonight: Tess, Luke, Zoe, Rikki, Tim, Coralie... and to Pam.
'I will sing, sing a new song.
I will sing, sing a new song.
How long to sing this song?
How long to sing this song...'

Were you at the fourth show at The Forum ? Add your own review and photos here.

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The Boy In The Well
An American Prayer
The Spirit of an American Poet; the Spirit of New York's Punk Rock Heart.... There's always been a special kind of magic, of chemistry, when these four guys from the North side of Dublin connect with their fans.....tonight was no different; the Doors were opened, stardust filled the forum and the biggest celebrity in the house was unconditional love..... Thank you U2. The most beautiful sound in the world? I heard it tonight. Amen Brother.
No longer a U2 virgin!
I was a U2 virgin until show #4 in LA. Larry & I had a pow wow about drumming. Bono told me that it was a special nite having me there - which immediately filled my skull with helium. THEN he sang a few lines from Break on Thru in the 2nd song!! John Densmore
Amazing Night
THE BEST EVER concert with amazing sound and songs!!! My wife and I were in shock into the RED Zone area. Simplelly the best birthday night of my wife!!!
Thanks for awesome memories!
Dear "The Band" I have been a fan since you started in the 80's; followed you from LA to AZ for the Unforgettable Fire tour, and remember when Bono's hair would only be held back by his hands...I was there for night 2 in LA. I am SO glad you chose to play the Forum!! Please continue to play smaller venues, the stadiums SUCK and are ridiculously overcrowded!! So sorry you lost Dennis. I'm sure we have him to thank for the small venues. Hope your next tour manager gives you more time in our city on the next trip. We miss you already. PS, anyway I can be a photographer on your next LA tour?? CAN'T GET MY PHOTO UP DUE TO SIZE RESTRICTION!!!
Beautiful night¡¡¡¡
Once again in a U2 concert and always new surprises, in fron row on the second stage i saw Larry smile, bono singing , Edge play guitar and piano and Adam ....being Adam.
awesome like always !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved the show!
Always a pleasure to hear U2! Spirit and quality in everything!
Amazing Show
I feel really fortunate to see them again I can't believe the performance after Bono major accident and the dead of Dennis Sheehan, thanks U2 this truly shows why you are the best band in the world...
Melissa Hannant
Mr. Cool Having A Little Fun...
Adam was having a great time last night. He cracks me up!
Thank You for the LA Shows
U2 are geniuses at making a large, lavish, and extravagant arena show feel like an intimate club appearance; I felt like I was being directly sung to numerous times during the performance, with a cumulating moment during WOWY. What an amazing, natural high. I was fortunate to be able to see three performances at The Forum, with each night exceeding the previous night's near musical perfection. I can only guess at the evolution the tour will take, but I can say for sure that I am envious of those who get to see it!
LF fest with the LFology crew
Good times with U2
back to the basics
Amazing show at the forum
My son with Bono
Wow.... still in awe and shock from opening night in LA on 5/26 when my 16 year-old son was pulled up on stage to share a moment of a lifetime with Bono. I am forever grateful to Bono for giving us both this memory... Blessing are not just for the ones who kneel!
LAForum 2015
Thanks U2- your Vibrations & Messages were load and clear!!
True artists.
U2i=innocenece 4 me: u2e=experience 4 e
Reading all the reviews on previous shows, I am so excited to see them this Sunday Night @ The Fourm. Being a U2 fan since 1979 and not missing any of the tours since. It will be incredible! I have tickets for the floor and my sole purpose is to get my beautiful girlfriend on stage with The Man "Bono"! Also to hear my favorite song of all time "BAD".! All in all whatever is on the set list will be a pleasure, as every and any show I have attended has been exceptional. UBAD2
LFology in the house!
See you sunday May 31 Bono and gang!
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