Jun 12 2015
Montreal, QC, CA / Bell Centre

Opening Night In Montreal
Here's some of the highlights...

Well... that was loud. 

What a reception for the band on the opening night of four in Montreal. And what a show it turned out to be. Here's a few highlights. If you were there, add your own reviews in the comments below.

No better place to start than with The Montreal Gazette. 'The years melted together as the lead cut from last year’s Songs of Innocence segued effortlessly into The Electric Co.’s post-punk convulsion, the Edge’s shock-treatment guitar as unnerving as ever. Bono introduced his cohorts as if this were an opening set by unknowns, and if you closed your eyes, his distressed cries could have  come from 1980.
For a while, this looked like it would be the most unadorned production from U2 since they conquered the world with The Joshua Tree. Vertigo was mostly played under a single oversized lightbulb, sent swinging to the rafters with a hard push from Bono. Then  Iris (Hold Me Close) — for Bono’s mother, and “pour toutes les mamans” — ushered in a sequence of songs tied to youth in Ireland, and triggered eye-popping projections above the catwalk...'

'My god. I'm in tears. Thank you to all U2 fans across the world. I'm shaking. One love to all. Dreams do come true...'
Who said it? Has to be @U2BROTHR  - Mark Baker - who not only lit up the e-stage with his glitter ball hat, but also U2 social media land. It was Marks' life long dream to be pulled up onstage by Bono and for Mysterious Ways and Elevation - tonight's Meerkat moment - the dream came true, broadcast live online.
'There is no person on the planet that I'd rather have on the stage doing the Meerkat thing than @U2BROTHR! Go Mark! ' as @timneufeld put it. 
'I knew it would happen, never a doubt...good on ya Mark!' - James (@theeEdge)
'Mirrorball man on stage funkin it up! Love it!' (@amubalt)
'Watching @U2BROTHR live out his U2 dream on stage!” (@BonoJunkie)

'Un, deux, trois...quatorze!' From Vertigo on, Bono seemed to spend more time speaking French than English tonight. Talking of which, La Presse gave the show the thumbs up too - in French.

'High, higher than the sun
You shoot me from a gun
I need you to elevate me here,
At the corner of your lips
As the orbit of your hips
Eclipse, you elevate my soul...' 

Elevation was a surprise entry in the set tonight, only the second time on the tour to date. And Ordinary Love again, for only the third time.

One track that's been in the show every night is Every Breaking Wave, a stripped back and unplugged moment with Edge on a piano that rises mysteriously from the floor of the 'e-stage'. Is this going to be the song that's in every night on this tour? It's already finding a special place on #U2ie. As Jennifer (@TheGoalIsSoul) put it, 'Break my heart, Bono. Sing it. Beautiful. The Miss Sarajevo of i e. #everybreakingwave'

Were you at the opening night in Montreal? What were your highlights? How did the show compare to others you've seen? Post your own review and add your photos here

After the show, post your own reviews and your own comments below.


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U2 rocks Eastern Canada
We bought tickets for two Montreal shows (GA and Reds) to see the show from two different perspectives. GA is intense ... you don't want to move too much to lose your spot! We got to see them come into the out of the Bell Centre on the first night. The pictures we took were awesome. We could see all the details of the members - wrinkles on their face, studs on their shoes, expressions on their faces ... it was awesome. On the second night, we were in section 118. What a view. We did not realize how much of the AV we had missed (which is the only disadvantage of being on the floor - and that we did not see much of the I stage performances. We jumped up and down to the chants and anthems for over 2 hours. Truly the best live show I have seen of any numerous bands I have seen at the Bell Centre or elsewhere. Extraordinary! Obssessed! I liked the shows so much, I decided to buy a third ticket for the fourth show in section 118m row 3! OMG. The best. Chilling, exhilarating, jumping and jumping to the chants and anthems again! Felt like the first time! ... Sad I missed the live action on the end stage when Bono asked several dozen fans onto the stage - watch the video - he tells them, "sit down", over and over ... until he finally asks them, "Sit down. If you sit down, I am going to sit down, too!". Awesome. Check out the videos of this! ... I wanted to see them again ... in July I was debating going to Boston or NYC. Bad idea - exchange is so bad right now. Then on the screen popped up ... do you want to consider going to Toronto. Click, click, click, click ... July 6 - onto a plane to Billy Bishop, 5:30 p.m. flight, ferry to mainland, Shuttle bus to Fairmont, drop off my overnight bag with concierge, and walk one block to ACC. In my seat at 7:45 waiting for Patti Smith to start playing because I know that is when they will arrive. Again an extraordinary show ... most songs played on all the tour ... took some time to get the same level fo energy as the Montreal shows. What an experience ... would do it all again ... except buy more tickets for more shows! ... still trying to get tickets to one of the NYC shows ... don't think it will happen. U2 MAKE ME HAPPY. THANK YOU
Great moments
Lau and Cat lived their First Big concert ever. It was with the greatest band .... Thank you
Incredible night !!!!
Great moments with the best band !!!!!!!!
Aaron - Montreal
Fantastic, Superb, Stunning, Amazing, Extraordinary!!! What a show! A combination of music rock concert and part theatre. I have been into U2 for almost 35 years and the they just keep getting better. Like, MariaMontreal mentioned...if it could get any louder the roof would have blown away! A spiritual experience. The entire Bell Centre singing the entire song 'ONE' to close the show without much voice from Bono who took in it! Bono mentioned, once again as he has in the past 'The loudest crowd on tour'. Montreal is a rocking place when U2 come to town. If you get a chance to come to Montreal for one of the two remaining show, there are a few tickets available, then be there! Aaron
I was at both shows and in all honesty out of all the U2 shows I have seen these 2 nights were extraordinary beyond words. The setlist were fantastic and the new songs played were fabulous. Bond's voice sounded better than I have ever heard.Edge performed his magic as always and Larry and Adam were great. The energy in the arena if gotten any louder could have blown the four walls down totally electrifying. The brilliance put behind the screens really made me appreciate technology. Great great show left me wanting more. There are no words in my mind that describes U2 except pure love and joy. Thank you U2
amazing city
yes we rock we are the loudest and sexiest city Montreal la belle ville the concert was amazong and the crowd well im speechless thank you to play such amazing music
Amazing and energetic show
Wow! My 20th U2 show since 1987, and my first if 4 for this tour. I was BLOWN away. U2 outdid themselves yet again. Brilliant set design making themselves very accessible close up in three different areas on the floor. We were on the rail on the e-stage and it was just an electrifying experience! The sound was PERFECT, Bono's voice in optimum form. Loved hearing the songs from the new album. Highlights of the show: Iris, Cedarwood road, Mysterious Ways and Elevation with U2Brother (what a hoot!!! Amazing that he got to finally get on stage), Even Better than the real thing, ORDINARY LOVE, Streets as always, With or without you.....but all rocked...Looking forward to tonight.
Fountain of Love
What a night.
sound problem?
It is my first U2 live show. I was sitting at the circle part of the stage (E). I think the sound mix and quality was not normal. Have others noted the same thing?
From Buenos Aires, Argentina to Montréal
From Buenos Aires, Argentina to Montréal to see U2. Anxious for the countdown to see the show.
U2 - The Soundtrack of Our Lives
What a better way for my girl and I to close our 25th anniversary year of celebration with the band that has been the center piece of the soundtrack of our lives?!? The boys have been a part of our story, providing the music and the vibes to parties, celebrations, romantic soirées, making and welcoming new baby fans into the fold, easing the pain through the rough times and bringing solace when needed. They are a part of our story, our unforgettable fire. We will join them in communion for the first two shows in Montréal and shall thank them again and again for being and staying true to themselves and to us! Here's to 25 more years of good times and memories!!!
Let the U2 party start in Montreal! 4 U2 shows!!
no band opening for U2 :)))) be sure to be on time
Bonjour. We'll be there at your show in Montreal, next friday (June 12th) with our friends, Geneviève and Frédéric. "ONE" is very meaningful to them as it's the first song they danced on when they got married. From this time on, this song has become THE song of their wedding and they get very emotional each time they hear it. We would be so grateful if you would accept to sing during the show. It would certainly be the best gift and memories ever for them... I can't wait to see you on friday!
Can't wait!!!
I'll be there for the 1st and 2nd show!!! Can't wait!!! Does anyone know if there's an opening band and if yes who is it?
Looking Forward to Saturday!!
Making the trek in from Ottawa for the show. It's been awhile, gonna be a blast!
I will be there!!!!
Pour la xième fois, je serai encore au show de U2 au Centre Bell. La première fois, ce fût au Stade Olympique en 1986, je m'en rappelle comme si c'était hier et la dernière fût à Blue Bonnets lors du déluge juste après le show....wooowwww quel souvenir!! Trop hâte à vendredi! IN THE NAME OF LOVE!!!!!
Set List
Hey Boys, Hope to hear most of the new album, not a greatest hits show. "California" & "Raised By Wolves" please, please, please. Should be an awesome show just the same. Looking forward to it. See you soon.
I + E
Looking forward to shows 1 and 2 (#'s 12 and 13 for me) in Montreal with my 11 year old on night 1 her first) and 15 year old on night 2 (her second).I understand God has given me their hands and time won't take the boy out of this man. Hoping to hear "Bad".
U2 are Rock and Roll
Happy to see Volcano and the Troubles back on the set list. Hope to hear them in Montréal :) The whole new cd is just so awesome though but I also hope they play Raised By Wolves and of course Every Breaking Wave. Best of luck in the high mountain air in Denver boys! a bientot
U2 - The best band in the world. You A
One of the greatest live bands of all time. Those who have seen U2 before know this to be true, but for those who are about to see them for the first will not be disappointed, you will be awed, you will follow. I saw U2 first at the Big-O in 1987 for the Tree tour. Imagine 65,000 people singing along to Still Haven't Found, Streets and With Or WIthout You! I still remember people singing 40 (the last song of the show) out in the streets an hour after the show ended. Back to Montréal and the Big-O again in '93 for Zoo TV. Another show that blew my mind. Powerful words, images and the songs burned into my ears, eyes, brain and soul. Bullet the Blue Sky was chilling and One sent shivers up and down my spine like an electric shock. Could not get tickets to another show until 2001 at the Bell Ctr for the Elevation tour. Well worth the wait to hear such great new songs like Walk On, Kite and Beautiful Day. Plus some of the best older songs ever written. Saw them a twice again during the 360 tour at the Hippodrome and one more time for the last show of the tour in Moncton. They proved again to be in peak form and gave us so much energy and love. So many moments of surrender! Will be in Montreal for 3 of 4 shows. Can't wait!!! Love the new cd and really hope they play Volcano and the Troubles! See you there mes amis. RIP Dennis Sheehan (thank you for tour managing two great bands) and Larry Mullen Sr. (thank you for suggesting Jr. form a band)
U2 & Futbol!
U2 and the Women's World Cup! Should be a great weekend in Montreal! Headed up from Ohio.
4 nights with U2 in Montreal
I will be at the 4 nights, I will love to have 4 different set list... please play - All I want is of the 2 first show... 1st - Will be with my wife Floor Red Zone , wish to be the one to go back stage... 2nd - Will be with my wife good seat 3rd - Will be with my 17 years old girl, First U2 show for her, Floor ticket !! we will dance a lot 4th - Will be with my 11 years old girl, First U2 show for her also, Floor ticket !! she will love to go on the stage to film you with my Iphone, she will give a good show and she listen a lot off your new album, she know all songs... see all in Montreal
All I Want Is You
I'll be there all 4 shows! Can't WAIT! I'm so hoping they play All I Want Is You. My husband and I got married last year and it was the song for our 1st dance. He'll be with me the Friday night show. Would be amazing to hear it live with him by my side! We've got floor tickets the 1st night & I've got my "partially obstructed view" the next 3. ♡ U2 live, the energy they give is electric! Already seen them 5 times & looking forward to making it a total of 9.
First Time
My first time going to see U2 live. On my bl. Really looking forward to it. I've been listening since War was released. Got floor tickets. Any hints on where I should head to on the floor would be appreciated. Are there better spots than others?
Can't wait
Love u2
Show Montreal 2011
Wow , my best show ever :))))
Can't wait!
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