Jun 29 2015
Chicago, IL, US / United Center

'Life begins...'

'The first kiss at the first dance...' Much anticipated debut on night four in Chicago.

Fourth night in five at the United Center in Chicago  and starting to wonder if the band have any more surprises up their sleeves. They do.

'Life begins with the first glance
The first kiss at the first dance...'

'Right now though we’re gonna do something we’ve never done before,' explained Bono, with the band congregated on the 'e' stage after Mysterious Ways. 'There’s a bunch of people who've been on the road since we’ve started this tour, I don’t know how they’re paying for it, I have no idea how they’ve skipped school, work, husbands, wives, but they’ve been on the road and they’ve been asking for one song, and so, we kinda nearly figured it out..'
That one song is a serious rarity, only released as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Songs of Innocence but already a serious fan favourite.
'I'll tell you about it before we play it. The Crystal Ballroom was a club, a kinda punk club we used to play, it was called McGonagles in Dublin, but historically had been called The Crystal Ballroom, that’s when my mother and father used to go there. And I thought it was a bit weird that we ended up at the punk club where my mother and father would have been making out. Something just a little funky about a good way! 
'So this is about how these decisions, these incredible decisions, that begin our existence are so seemingly random… or not.' 

'All of us are wondering why we’re here
In the crystal ballroom underneath the chandelier...'

U2 social media world went into meltdown with people following the show around the world. 'OMG I'm going to combust. Crystal Ballroom!' as @Nanners222 put it. 'The most beautiful sound I ever heard,' added @bethandbono 'Crystal Ballroom. Never take it out of the set.'

Also tonight.... a jubilant version of 'Sweetest Thing' with a couple in the audience spotted wearing matching shirts. 'Blue-eyed boy meets...' (his) '...brown-eyed girl.' (hers). Very cool, as was the way Bono conducted the house, with the southside singing 'Oh, oh, oh...' and the northside responding, 'The sweetest thing..' That'll probably be back. 
As ever the song went out to Ali Hewson, in the house tonight, for whom the song was written - and who went to the rest of the band at the time and asked them if she could hand it over to the Chernobyl Childrens Fund. And they did.
'So this is for the missus... can I have the lyrics?'

'Baby's got blue skies up ahead
But in this, I'm a rain-cloud,
Ours is a stormy kind of love.
Oh, the sweetest thing....'

Were you at the fourth night in Chicago? What were your highlights? Post your own review and add your photos below.

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Larry stops to say Hi to Henry
Upon leaving the stage at the end of the show, Larry Mullen was kind enough to stop and say Hi and shake my son's hand. You see the day before Henry wrote a letter to Larry saying how he was so excited to see him drum. The night before Larry even gave Henry his drumsticks he used to play the set the on the E Stage! What an awesome rock'n'roll road trip!
Thanks from an American taxpayer!
My son was at the 1st show and said it was off the charts great and I was at the last show and fully agreed. The boys looked great, sounded even better and the screen/walkway in the middle of the UC was very cool. I've seen U2 many times over the last 30+ years and they're always great. The show had some really good creepy/dark moments along with all the upbeat songs. Lastly, for the 1st and only time in my lifetime of paying taxes and typically being held in contempt for doing so, I was thanked as an American taxpayer by Bono on behalf of himself and the band. I appreciated that moment very much. Great luck with the rest of the tour and see you in NY!
July 2 2015
Awesome show
Adam Rocks!
Thank you to the boys for the amazing show!
First Concert!
First ever concert for these two. Loved it!
First Concert!
First ever concert for these two.
A Night I"ll Never Forget!!
Love You Guys!!
One of the Sweetest Nights
Despite Bono not feeling so well, he pulled out all the stops as usual. This band! They never cease to amaze with how much they give Every. Single. Night. Thank you!! Below, a picture of Bono playing piano, taken from the Northside rail at the "e" stage during The Sweetest Thing.
Brilliant show
This was my 5th show since 1987 (Joshua Tree Tour) and they only get better. The sound quality is as good as if listening to a studio recording. Drove from Kentucky to attend the Chicago show and left loving them more (if that's possible). Simply brilliant!
Family in Tow
Brought my family from Pittsburgh to see U2 in Chicago. It was the first U2 experience for the younger two of the tribe. Were able to see two shows, 6.28 and 6.29. I have seen multiple shows since ZOO TV (~15 in all) and this tour continues to entertain. Each tour has its own memory, ZOO with Trabants and the first multimedia explosion, POP with the lemon and the huge screen, Elevation with the heart, Vertigo with the streaming lights, 360 the Claw, and now i&e. This show was among the best because the audience feels a part of it. The screen, the stages, the catwalk, all bring the audience into the show. My kids loved it, my wife loved it, I loved it. And oh yes, the band. Without all of the fluff, the band would still carry the performance. Bravo, U2 and Chicago. It was great to meet Edge, Larry and Adam: memorable moments for me and my eldest.
I am complete
Came from Fort Worth Texas to see my boys! I have seen them live many times, and they are always stellar, but last night left me speechless. So intimate and personal. I left the show with an emotion I had never felt before. It was more than worth the trip...but I do hope to see them in Texas. :)
Thanks Adam!
And the rest of the guys! What a show!
Amazing night!
The shows just get better!
U2 Chicago Sunday Night June 28 GA 1st p
In 33 years of fandom and over 80 concerts both here and all over the world, I can easily say, without reservation, that tonights' concert , was the best I have EVER seen! The fans were perfect and the band was perfect and rocking! Their timing was impeccable and they literally and consistently blew the roof off the place....Lucifers Hands and all else! The people that came onstage were awesome.... The vibe was outstanding! Special effects phenominal! Again, u2 has not lost 1 step, the music spot on, and the crowd was very very strong and loud throughout....this was the best concert U2 or otherwise that I have ever seen in my life. Jim Naughton/Chicago
beautiful (mon)day
Still can't believe I made it!!! Got last minute ticket,landed from London after 6pm and 2h later was in United Centre ,10 min before guys came on stage! That's what I call "good timing":-))) Amazing show can't wait to see it again in London!
Amazing show!
I drove 600 miles one way to see the show in Chicago. It was absolutely worth it!!! I can mark this off my bucket list now.
Song Requests !
U2, please play California (There Is no End To Love) more often !! And please play a live debut of ONE STEP CLOSER !! I got moved when I heard it on the Vancouver rehearsals and would like a dream come true if you guys play it !
Two Hearts Beat As One
Texas fan going to second Chicago show. Loyal fan since 1982. Would love to hear Two Hearts Beat as One. Pretty please!! ❤️❤️=1 ❤️
Tick tock..
....gotta rock. Get me to the United Center - NOW!!!
All i want...
is for u2 to play all i want is you again tonight!!!!
All I Want Is For U2 to Play "All I Want
One of my favorite songs ... I used to sing it to my girls (now 12 and 10) as a lullaby before bed when they were younger (they refer to the song as "You Say"). My 12 year-old (Sophia) will be attending with me tonight (her 1st U2 show ever). It would be extraordinary if it were on the set list again -- even though the band played it last night. Have been a fan for 35 years and cannot wait to attend with my daughter tonight.
10 days..
Cannot wait! I've seen the boys many places before but this is my first time seeing them in Chicago. So excited!
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