Jul 14 2015
Boston, MA, US / TD Garden

Crystal Ballroom in Boston

'Some things shouldn't change...' Third night of four.

'This can’t be a Tuesday night. Can it? Thank you for sticking with us Boston.. 25 shows over the years. You’re still here and we appreciate that'.
'When we first came to your city, we were too young to get into your bars, and in fact nothing much has changed because The Edge was not allowed into a bar last night.
The Edge gets thrown out of a bar in Boston because he’s no I.D.
'They said they weren’t sure if he was under 30… now the funny thing is, that Larry actually got into the bar, they didn’t ask him for I.D. … so now he’s really upset… bands break up over this kind of stuff.

Great vibe at the Garden for the first show of the new week in Boston, third of four and, unbelievable as it sounds, already three quarters through the first leg of this tour. This Boston run is proving another tour highlight.

'Anyway.. some things shouldn’t change, some things have to… we’re gonna take you on a journey… our journey… from innocence to experience… and hopefully, back again… this is a different show than anything we’ve done before.'

And it was, with more changes to the set list, notably with only the second airing on the tour of The Crystal Ballroom - one of the new songs of innocence that only appeared on the deluxe edition of the record. It was introduced with a tribute to Mike Love from The Beach Boys - in the house tonight -  Bono remembering carrying their albums to the first U2 rehearsals.

'Life begins with the first glance
The first kiss at the first dance
All of us are wondering why we’re here
In the crystal ballroom underneath the chandelier...

Chloe was the beautiful dancer who was up on the 'e' stage for Mysterious Ways and to capture Desire for the 'Meerkat Moment'.
As she stepped down, Gretchen stepped up, singer in a local band who the band met on arrival at the venue earlier - and now playing guitar with Edge for All I Want Is You. 

 'Love hearing Bono giving the music lessons when he pulls people up.' said @k_now_waite on twitter. 'Such a human moment.'

Some of our highlights there, what were yours? Were you at the show? What were your unforgettable moments? Post your own review and add your photos below.

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Song For Someone
Delighted that "Song For Someone," from this show in Boston (July 14, 2015), is officially being released, as it was a true highlight of the tour and one of this great band's most beautiful songs. I was there and took this fine photo of Bono singing it on the night...
Boston 3--Amazing
I have been to Joshua Tree tour in LA, 360 at FedEx Field and now Boston 3. I am long time U2 fan who loves the original albums. My son and daughter are big fans of the last three albums. IE is an incredible work of art. We all love it! As much as I wanted to hear Gloria in Boston, the song I am really wishing to see live is The Troubles. That would be incredible. You did Volcano on Meerkat tonight and it was awesome. Can I give a vote for The Troubles on Meerkat? I think it would become one of the top request live songs once you did it. Oh... I cannot get Crystal Ballroom out of my head... Just Wow. A misplaced Irishman in DC who drove his kids to Boston just to see U2! Mike
Wow! Loved it!
I've been seeing U2 since 1987, and this was my 11th show. What a fabulous band! So great, I had to bring my kids, Nicholas and Christopher, for their first concert experience. Gonna be hard to beat!
Thank U U2
Spectacular show last night!! Exceeded all expectations....
Being on floor Sat. night...I thought, oh boy this might be a let down being in the 300 level. It was not!!! It was fantastic!!! The Crystal Ballroom was in the house and it delivered!!! One of my daughters first show...unforgettable!!! Thank you!!!
please play Acrobat!
25th Anniversary!!
July 14 we will celebrate our 25th year together by attending our 11th and 12th U2 Concerts!!
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