Jul 19 2015
New York City, NY, US / Madison Square Garden

October in July
Second of eight in NYC.'Boooom!'

Gloria was back in the set tonight and led to a special mention for Steve Lillywhite, who produced the band's first three albums and has worked with them on many since.

With October getting another surprise turn on the 'e' stage before Every Breaking Wave, that's the first time in 25 years (noted by @U2gigs) that two songs from October (the album) have been performed on the same night.

And their original producer (@sillywhite)  was straight out on twitter: 'Namecheck from Bono at the end of Gloria! BOOOOOOOOM!'

Another sweltering day but the AC at MSG, as Bono pointed out, is a little more effective these days.
'New York City look at you. We're going to turn up the temperature. Irish people don't complain about the heat. The only heat we don't like is humidity. This is definitely the 2nd greatest city in the world....'

October itself was dedicated to 'two heroes of ours - Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords' and there were lots of other shout outs, notably before Paul Simon's  'Mother and Child Reunion' putting  the spotlight on the global fight against HIV/AIDS.
Special thanks to artists, activists and politicians in the house including Chris Martin, Ronald Perelman, Lindsey Graham and Chris Coons. 'Democrats and Republicans working together...'

The night closed with I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For,  a song containing its own answer. 
'To answer the question why this band is refusing to give it a rest, we offer you this song...'

There's a few of our highlights, what were yours? Were you at the show? What were your unforgettable moments? Post your own review of the second night in New York City and add your photos below.


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a beautiful gift
Only a Mexican making a great trip to NY to see U2, from the VIP party, thanks to my beautiful wife in Argentina that made it possible, my children and U2 for the spectacular show and for the special edition gift too.
An awesome production
U2 continues to reinvent the concert experience, giving everyone a close-up
It was a car drive from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada all the way to New York to see these four Irish Boys on my B-Day...The Show and The Boys were Priceless! The new and old Tracks Sound better now then they did when they were released...You guys are like Wine you get better with AGE! I agree "you still haven't found what your looking for" Keep the new Music coming...Can't wait to see you in Torino, Italia (I'll be flying on September 4th 2015 on opening Euro Tour! Forza U2!
Flew from Paris just for them. It was the best indood show I have ever seen !
I dreamed, U2 made it happen.
A trip to NYC that began with the purchase of the ticket without my visa to USA, or plane ticket, only the desire to see them again in concert, this time outside Argentina. Meet a U2-friend (Jim) going from virtual to real in Boston, sharing time and meeting new people in the line of GA in an overwhelming and sunny day, and sharing from a chair to a little shade (Libby eternal thanks!) and living the concert with another Argentine world-citizen as Tomas and the generous Dee. It was undoubtedly my way from innocence to the most beautiful experience. Definitely as my flag says: U2 TAKES ME HIGHER. Thanks Bono, Adam, Edge & Larry!!
Thanks from NJ
I took this shot from the floor during City of Blinding Lights on July 19, 2015 at Madison Square Garden. Just like cgpublic in the post below, I also saw U2 at the Ritz 35 years ago. Check out my YouTube channel 'ninmaven' to see a 22-minute-long compilation of clips I filmed from the July 19 show.
The best!
Susanna 13...from Italy just to see U...Susanna, Dora, Roby & Giovy.
We finally made it!
After made hours waiting in line during a hot summer Sunday.
Antwerp October 13, 2015
I am from Los Angeles and the forum concert was great. Hope you do either One (my son who passed away) favorite song or BAD my late husbands favorite song. I will travel to Antwerp to see you in October
From Sydney, With Love...
My husband and I have traveled from Sydney to NYC to see 7 out of the 8 of U2 concerts. An unforgettable experience. Both shows have been amazing!!!
Thank you
Thank you for sharing with us these greatest gifts: your music, your heart. I was AMAZED by this show....Edge you're a legend. My 10 year-old daughter is learning "October" on piano now, and when you played it on Sunday, realized that I, too, I am living the Innocence + Experience. Maybe someday you will hear her play it, too. For over 30 years, your music has helped me get though this crazy world. You ROCK! Love & Peace.
July 19th Show
Just amazing, this marked my 15th U2 show going back to Joshua Tree. Bummed the Ticketmaster debacle made it hard to go to more than one show right now but this band never disappoints (yes I saw Popmart). Madison Square Garden is not the best sounding arena for sure but the band was on fire. I loved hearing Gloria, October and Bad - been too long boys! The new songs were amazing with the video work displayed. This was also my 3rd time in NYC for a U2 show. Almost as good as seeing them in Dublin :)
One of the best I have seen!
I am a native New Yorker and have seen U2 at MSG, Giants Stadium, Metlife Stadium and the IZOD Center through the years. This show has to be #1 on my list before the second show in 2009 where they set the record attendance at the old Giants Stadium of 84,000 people. From beginning to end this show had everyone up and pumped! I want to go to the next 6 shows!! Hope to see them back in NYC when Songs of Experience is released!!!!
Bullet The New York Skyline
First bore witness to U2 35 years ago at The Ritz. Very pleased to welcome the band back to NYC.
Nothing better than the real thing
Awesome show
U2 on Wed. U2NYC !
I ll fly from Europe tonite to New York, to see U2 on WED at MSG. New York and U2 great mixture. They just the Reason for my Job that i have... Anybody interested to follow me to the show, i have 2nd ticket ... ?
The Luckiest Woman in the World Last Nig
Bono asked me to join him on stage last night! My friends and family know that that was my absolute wildest dream--since I was 13 years old--come true. (Wish I'd worn a cooler outfit!) What a phenomenal experience. I'm not sure anything can top it. Ever. Thank you, Bono!
Simply awesome show
What a great night so many songs we haven't seen performed in years! What great memories. Every breaking wave was simply amazing. Cant wait for thursday.
I heard the first notes of GLORIA and I was done!!! Best show ever at the Garden last night. Hoping to catch another before they move on!
best show ever
I flew in from Melbourne, Australia (24 hours flying time) to see 18, 19, 22, 23, 26 and 27 at MSG. The first 2 shows have been amazing. I have been going mad with the other hard core GA U2 fans. Met some great people on the floor. To my new friend Christian who flew over from Austria. We lost our voices singing the words to every song. Best set list played by the best band in the world at one of the best venues in the world. Ires is pure gold live, song for someone and every breaking wave were are brilliant. Volcano tonight was a gem, as was my all time favourite Gloria. 10 out of 10 to my 4 mates from Dublin. That is why I will always fly around the world to come to your parties - every U2 show is a party you never ever forget.
1st Show...
Susanna 13...from Italy just ti see U...Susanna, Dora, Roby & Giovy.
M Wincek
madison square garden sat nite show
thanku......greatest show .....!!!!!
Great show last night and looking forward to another. I've been to 7 shows and never saw Bad. Hope the boys will play it tonight
From Dublin with Love
arrived from Dublin on Friday, can't wait to see the local beat combo take on NYC. Saw them first in The Point, Dec 30th, 1989 and it changed everything. Love the new stage with its NIN influences. Looking forward to some great music tonight...
Can't Wait
Taking my goddaughter to her 1st U2 show for her birthday. My like 25th show! Can't wait to see her reaction!
Can't Wait MSG
This will be one of the best shows I am sure, my husband and I's 29th anniversary night spent in NYC and attending The Best Show on Earth!!! Who could ask for more....
best track
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