Jul 23 2015
New York City, NY, US / Madison Square Garden

Lucifer's Hands in New York City
'We've moved in...' Fourth night at Madison Square Garden.

'Punk rock party in a suburban home
Everybody’s famous here but nobody’s known
We got no music cos the speaker’s blown apart...

Lucifer's Hands on the 'e' stage tonight as the band continue to mix up the set list on the fourth of eight nights at Madison Square Garden. Here's some of our highlights - if you were at the show, add your own reviews and post your photos below.

This after I Will Follow:  'Hello. How are ya? Let's have a look at you. Hmmm! Wow. Let me see. Do we know you from somewhere? Thats right… we live here! This is Madison Square Garden. Adam Clayton has brought his own antique door knobs..
'Yes… we’ve moved in…'

'Here I am age 18 in the box room of Cedarwood Road writing a song to try to impress a girl called Alison Stewart. Our daughters are here tonight. Trying to impress them now.' Song for Someone tonight was a song for everyone.
'If there is a light you can’t always see
And there is a world we can’t always be
If there is a dark that we shouldn’t doubt
And there is a light, don’t let it go out...'

Marcella is up on stage for Mysterious Ways and Marcella has all the moves, along with her national flag that reads, 'We are waiting, U2 in Colombia.' We've never been to Colombia, Bono tells her, but that would be a 'special thing for us to do one day and perhaps you'll come back on stage and tell the good people of Colombia that we're at their service.'

Another surprise. The Sweetest Thing, with Bono on the piano. 'I went from a one  finger guitar player to a one  finger piano player and it feels really good...'

Before leaving the 'e' stage, a potential collaborator is spotted in the audience and after a quick Edge-Bono conflab, All I Want Is You is into the set list and Paulo from Brazil finds himself on guitar. Looking like he can't quite believe it. As Bono riffs from Van Morrison as the song closes, Paulo is also 'floating into the mystic'. Until Bono tells him he can keep the guitar at which he explodes with joy.
Lisa (@princess3730) was also happy that All I Want Is You turned up: '21 shows and U2 Has never played my favorite song and they play it tonight! THANK YOU '

Lots of shout-outs to lots of special guests in the house tonight. Among the ones we heard were: 'Jimmy Page right in front of you' during Beautiful Day which ended with a snatch of Led Zeps 'Good Times Bad Times'; Jimmy Iovine and Nancy Pelosi during the intro to Paul Simon's Mother and Child Reunion; Jay Z at the end of 'Streets' and a line from The Alarm's Blaze of Glory somewhere  in 'Bloody Sunday' - must mean Mike Peters in the house.

What were your highlights? Post your own review and add your photos below.

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Great night!
12th show since Dec 84
U2 at Madison Square Garden
Amazing concert! My 4th U2 show and I was beyond thrilled. LMJr, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Bono - you guys are incredible! I made a video of the concert that you can check out at:
Thanks for every single moment of these
I really love you guys!!! And this was an amazing day for me!! Thanks for dancing with a colombian girl!!
A Great Show
A great show, even with seats behind the stage. Hope they return in 2016.
Second show of the Canada and U.S. Leg
Was lucky enough to be in Montreal in June to see the boys, same applies to July and NYC. Got tickets last minute via a friend and MSG has always been on the bucket list....check! Boys were superb from start to finish. Great night, great company, great show. Roll on London in October.
This was my 21st U2 Show and this show had it all. From start to finish it was fantastic. Cant wait till they come back to the US.
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bono right in front of me! Best show I've ever experienced!
Continued a 30 year tradition seeing every U2 tour since "The Unforgettable Fire" in 1985. Every show at The Garden except for "Pop" and "360." Tonight, I brought my seven year old Sean for his first concert. I designed special shirts for us based on the tour name "Innocence and eXPERIENCE." A very special night for me and my boy.
Bucket list item checked off
Being able to bring my daughter to NYC to experience the band in MSG for her 2nd show and my 20th...mind blowing, heart swelling, life affirming. Thanks U2 and to my sweet baby girl(17-years-old) for ROCKING this memory with me. This middle aged Mama will cherish the U2 MSG experience forever! Much love from South Carolina
Another awesome night
Lexi' first show and what a night it was.
the best band ever
from a u2 fans,,im 36 years i see this band for the first time in lisbon portugal 15 may in alvalade stadiumin this time my age is 14 years and this band and this boys change my life ever,,i miss the old u2 but this is my life my boys my tatto in my boody..we love you boys and we wait for you next year in u2 from portugal
No Line / Love and Peace
No Line on the Horizon f_______ Rocks! You should play it live. Love and Peace still sexy as all hell.
Playing with U2
My name is Paulo Lilla and I was the one who played All I Want is You with U2 at the Madison Square Garden. It was amazing, a dream come true! I have no words to describe.
Cedarwood Road soothes my concert Withdr
9 Days since my last show :( Boston) I find I am always singing Cedarwood Road. I need to win tickets to a NYC show as I have depleted my funds on 3 Boston shows.
How to rock MSG???
I was wondering yesterday.. what do you need to rock a place like MSG? Answer was given to me minutes later: 4 irish guys, an amazing public and one of the best stages build amd of course the most important thing... the songs. There's not a single word i can think right now that describes in a good way how amazing shpw it was i think you have to live it for yourself but is 100% worth!! Thanks U2 for one of the most incredible nights of my life. Third time i saw you guys live and everytime is much better. Music groups like you makes so easier answer that famous question been ask these days... is rock dead?? Nop!! As long as songs like Every breaking wave and The Miracle been write. Love you guys and hope some day you can bring to Costa Rica your show.
bea2005 moments of my life...
My daughter's firts U2 concert... She loved it.... 28 years of U2 in my life and can't get enough...simply love them to death....
U2 Unites
You have to love a band that can cause a total stranger to wrap his arms around you and sing with you. United we stand, as Americans and children of God worldwide.
In a Little While
I would love them to play In a Little While. It's one of my favorites !! I'm going to Brazil to see the show in New Iork !! Loooooove this song !!
Jenny Winters
Fantastic show!!!
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