Jul 31 2015
New York City, NY, US / Madison Square Garden

Party in New York City
Springsteen in the house, and 'Party Girl', final night in North America.

'You don't want to photograph the moment,' said Bono during Out of Control, 'You want to be in the moment.' Tonight that moment lasted  for two and a half hours and we were all in it and we were all grateful. Check out the hundreds of signs fans were holding high as the band arrived on stage.' 'Thank you...'
Someone had calculated that this was the 100th time the band had performed in the city. 'To play here so many times and still be so young and handsome....'

Up on the 'e'stage 'Party Girl' made it's tour debut. 'It's a special night. Here's a special treat...'

With a group of fans apparently paying homage to The Village People up on stage, Bono popped open the champagne and raised them a toast. 'It's a party, last show of the tour.'

'So many people realising lifelong dreams to get up on stage with @U2 this #U2ieTour  We are all so happy for @SilRigote & @u2br crew tonight' (@U2Community)

Moment for another shout-out to marriage equality -  Ireland passed it before the US in case you missed it - but anyway, 'It's just nice when people dress up...'

Huge reception in 'Pride'  for special guest President Bill Clinton - and all his work in helping Ireland find peace, while Beautiful Day featured snippets of Springsteen's Hungry Heart and Sinatra's New York New York, and  'Helena Christensen right in front of you...'

During 'Still Haven't Found' the MSG roof nearly came off when everyone realised that that was the actual Bruce Springsteen walking out to join the band on stage. 'Give it up for our Boss' said Bono and everyone did. That sequed seamlessly into Stand By Me with the whole house singing along.
'The kid's a star,' said Bono as Bruce departed the stage .'That kid's a star! That's the greatest gift ever.'
There was only one way to follow that and with thanks to the everyone who has helped put on these shows in North America over the last three months, Bono remembered Dennis Sheehan, who passed away two months ago.
'The leader of this crew. Well, we lost him after 33 years working with us. He drove the van, he drove us up and down the streets and towns and cities of this country. His name is Dennis Sheehan. The love of his life, Pam, is here tonight. We feel very much that he is here tonight. And so, we are going to sing a song he made famous called 40.'

'How long to sing this song? 
How long to sing this song...

And as people have done for thirty three years, we sang it all the way home. There might have been the odd photograph, but mainly we were in the moment.

'We're on the sidewalk and 'HOW LONG TO SING THIS SONG' is still belting out from everyone. Surreal.' (@CBarcaSTJ)

'Walking out of MSG, everyone singing Hoooow Loooong..  Most of us  crying.' (@U2_ultraviolet)

Were you at the final night in New York City? Add your own reviews and post your photos below.

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One of the greats
Sitting here in my living room blasting ‘Joshua Tree’ I recall a few live events I attended that really stand out. Sports…2001 WS Game 4. Derek Jeter aka Mr. November. Rangers winning the Cup in 1994. Concerts. Many. But this one is a top 5 of all time. Not only one of the great bands of all time. But THE BOSS making his appearance. I’ll be telling my grandchildren about this one…
Exquisite and Impactful – What a Night t
Having been a U2 fan since early mid '80s and been to every concert since Zooropa it is always a pure privilege to be at a U2 ~ and to then be at this last night in NY @ Madison SG listing to a life long flood of deep impacting songs was priceless! WHAT A CONCERT for sure in my top3 of all times .... btw - Photo was after the concert when we ran into another long time U2 fan [Helena Christensen] from our country Denmark.
The best show ... the moments ... living
It was a beautiful day! July 31 MSG! Best band, best arena, last night of North American tour 2015. Thank you. Waiting for Dublin announcement!
Was There
The last night at MSG felt like there was peace in the world, I left feeling totally fulfilled, uplifted, and beautifully serene yet totally pumped at the same time. Every moment was perfection, Party Girl was a great treat, Even Better Than the Real Thing, Mysterious Ways - AWESOME! Bullet the Blue Sky extended version.........I can go on and on. Also saw them on 7/26/15, totally different show but perfection non the less. Bruce was sugar on the cake. 40 to exit MSG was amazing and left us singing into the streets and subways. Thank you U2! My 5th time seeing you but hopefully NOT my last......I'm 50, please come back soon :).
U2 in NYC July 31st.
Was in attendance at the Friday, July 31st show. Was hands down the very best experience in my entire life! Thank you U2 for the very best night of my life!
U2 is by far the best band in the world and I could talk about them for hours, but all I can say after this show is thank you. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!! I just realised a life long dream (not too long though, cause I'm only 19) of seeing them perform live, and I got to see it in my favorite city in the world. New York & U2 make the perfect pair and I'm glad I could be a part of such a surreal experience. Once again, thank you guys and hope to see you soon!!
The Craic
I used to pine to be the girl pulled up on stage, (for 20 something shows running) but now I would like to sit and chat, mostly about music, but everything. It's number one (thru 10) on my bucket list.
U2 @ MSG
Last night's show was the ultimate party and the ONLY place to be!! The three shows I attended at MSG were unbelievable. Thank you U2 for all that you do!!!
Great Shows!
Saw you guys twice in the city! Was there last night and yeah Bono you're absolutely right being in the moment is best! The new album is fantastic and hearing the songs live just gives them that second life that only a U2 tour can produce, their all grown up now and taking there place among there brothers and sisters! Hope to see you again soon!
This was the best North American tour I seen by U2. Looking forward to seeing you back in Montreal in 2016 Thank you U2 you mean so much for your fans you have no clue. I will be counting down to the months to see you again. We love you so much here in Montreal. Enjoy your well deserved vacation. Bye for now. Xoxo
Wanna hear tonight!
Please play Trip Through Your Wires. Saw you in 1983 in Rochester, NY- never forget my first U2 concert at the RIT Ice Rink... I Will Follow!!!
We are here and enjoying the geometric beauty of the view from our hotel room. "Oh, you look so beautiful..."Blue sky, puffy clouds and U2 songs in our minds. We are here on the pilgrimage like so many who are coming together for truth and beauty. We love you guys -- U2 and your families and supporters. Sending out love to all the fellow pilgrims. Tonight will be sacred.
Headed to last MSG show tn and so excited!! Attending with my hubby, together we saw you in 2005 and now again, can't get enough U2! I've been a fan since early 80's probably attended at least 20 shows!!! Sooo many great songs but favorites are With or Without and Still Havent Found! LOVE YOU GUYS and the greatest fans in the world!!! Hope the Boss might stop by tn? If he does, I can die and go to heaven! God Bless U2!!!
Re-living our first date!
My husband and I attended the Popmart show on May 24, 1997 at Ohio Stadium Columbus, OH for our first date. We are back today celebrating 16 years of marriage! Please play Where the Streets Have No Name for us! We met in 1993, but lost touch until that fateful night! Look for us in Sec 119 Row 5 tonight! PS We are missing the planet's largest 3 day Irish Festival for this - from Dublin, OH! Please come there next year!
Special Show
Going to the show w/ a good friend of mine who just put his father in Hospice. What a better elixir of the pain and sadness than a U2 Show. Can't Wait!
Just arrived for last night....
Just off flight from Dublin, and ready for the grande finale on Friday.....what surprises have they got in store for us ?.....invite to the end of tour leg party maybe .......
Oceans Apart
My brother and I hail from Killiney, Co Dublin. He lives in NYC. I live in London Town. The Atlantic Ocean separates us. Our love of U2 brings us together. A massive shout out to my big brother David Savage who will be at MSG on 31st July. Thank you for introducing me to the best band in the world! #U2ieTour
Coming in from Dublin for this nite
Counting the seconds...tick stop Turin.......cant wait to see MSG with the best band in the world finishing its NY stop Europe and it all starts again.....come on the Dublin boys :)
I'm thrilled that my husband and I are able to make it to this show! We are flying in from the Homeland of Dylan. You all have been on our hearts and in our prayers this whole tour, and now we get to be part of it on the last night in the US-- and in NY, no less! There are so many U2 songs and moments that grip my heart, and I know your show will astound us. With it being NY, City of Blinding Lights and New York of course would be superb. Vertigo too. A moment that I love is in Sometimes you can't make it... when the lyrics soar with the perfect climax note on "can you hear me when I sing?" I am always transported by that moment. Thanks for all the truth and heart. Fight on, Guys!
Please bring The Fly elevation style, some Crumbs and New Years Day! Just posting my thoughts I doubt any of these will be played but man those songs have some juice.
New york concert 2015
I´m traveling from Colombia South America just to see you guys, please play One and Whith or withouth you, are my favorites songs ever in my entire life.
daughter's first rock show
Bringing my 9 y/o daughter to this show its her first-ever rock concert. I always told her if U2 toured again I would make it happen for her as I wanted her to see a REAL rock concert before they're all gone and a thing of the past. Her name is Zoe she'll be sitting in sec 210, row 10, seat 3. If you're reading this U2 and would like to give the youngest fan in the crowd a spotlight she'll be ready! Gotta keep passing this great music onto the next generation my older brothers did it for me now I'm doing it for her all the best to U2 thanks for all the years of great music and memories!
I don't know how else to reach you guys so here goes! I'm from Dallas, TX and you toured here for the U2 360 tour which I attended in 09! I know you guys usually do over 100 concerts for every tour and I see about 60-something posted here. Please consider coming back to the AT&T Stadium for the next set of concerts you post up!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I'm only 21 so I started listening to you guys in middle school but you have inspired me in every way since then. It would mean the world to me and many others in this city to hear you guys again. See you soon!
With or Without You
I'm coming all the way up to New York from Brazil only to see the best band of all times playing live, please play With or Without You, It's my favorite song and I'm really excited to feel the energy of it in a sold out Madison Square Garden. See you guys soon!! ;)
Red Hill Town
Would love to hear this beautiful song! I get chills every time I play it!
Please play this song for my mother it's her favorite U2 and has never seen it live, she has been seeing you guys since the 80's and I grew up listening. You are the best!!!
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