Sep 5 2015
Turin, IT / Pala Alpitour

Out Of Control in Turin

Night Two in Italy and here’s what went down.

Seven highlights from the band's second night in Turin. If you were at the show add your own photos and reviews here.

Introducing the band members to the people of Italy after an incendiary version of 'Out Of Control'. 
'On Bass, all the way from Ard na Mara - Adam Clayton
On drums, from Rosemount Avenue, Larry Mullen Jr
On guitar, all the way from St Margaret’s Park - The Edge
my brothers
miei fratelli.'

We don't mention 'Invisible' enough. What a song. Just as great in Europe as in North America.
'Invisible really is one of the highlights of the show. It's bringing tears to my eyes just to think how powerful it is.' @madfl3a
'Gotta love that the high point of concert, in which the band hide, is a song called "Invisible," which was also a hidden track!' @timneufeld

Never been a version of 'Desire' like this one. Elena from Naples jumped up on stage to boogie her way through Mysterious Ways but the Meerkat wasn’t behaving so Elena wasn’t needed to broadcast Desire around the world. Instead Bono started looking for additional players. First a drummer. Then another drummer. Then a guitarist. Then another guitarist… who turned out to be a singer.. and a very fine one. And then this spontaneous seven-piece - or was it eight? made their live debut. And it was pretty near genius...
'Lover, I'm off the streets
I'm gonna go where the bright lights
And the big city meet
With a red guitar, on fire

On the eve of the eighth anniversary of the death of Luciano Pavarotti, 'Every Breaking Wave' is dedicated to his wife Nicoletta and their daughter Alice - with a rendition in Italian of 'Torna A Surriento'. There’s another date marked in 'Angel of Harlem', which goes out to Van Morrison, in the week of his 70th birthday.

Can't not mention the new chapter in the show, 'October' through 'Streets/Pride',  which has arrived for Europe. Everyone talking about it.

'Feels October is the new heart of the show... the beginning of it at least. The open heart.. Strap in.'  @U2Community

'Bullet brings the anger. Zooropa brings the despair. Streets brings the hope. Pride brings the "we can do this".' @k_now_waite

'Re: Zooropa/Streets, not sure last time I felt this moved by live #U2. One Tree Hill in Auckland '06 probably.' @u2gigs

'Zooropa like this is just so haunting & absolutely perfect. What do YOU want?' @zaharadessert

'The new segue from Zooropa -> Streets has to be the most beautiful thing I've heard. Shimmer on Edge, shimmer on!' @hayitscarolina

'Most powerful "heart of darkness" portion of a U2 tour yet. Enormity of humanitarian crisis is staggering.' @atu2comSherry

'Dream of the world you want to live in. Emotion, anger, sadness. Hope.' @U2start

For ‘Streets’ we had 'AmplyRed' - an amazing flash mob set up by Italian fan site See our photos here  

Special surprise at the end of the night as Italian rock legend Zuccherro joins the band on stage for 'Still Haven't Found'.

Were you at the show on Saturday? Add your photos and reviews here.

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big boy
U2 rock better than ever
What a great 2 nights . God the Turin people love U2 . I came all the way from aus
My 7th the 1st one....
Bono on the "E" stage during the MIRACLE ... He is always young.... SEE YOU SOON IN DUBLIN!!!
i was there
only the best for us .l..............
another tour, another show .... i was there ... always
U2 Pala Alpitour 5 settembre 2015
unforgettable night
It was 8th U2'S concert in my life but maybe the best ( with the first at Lyon in 1992). What a night, what a show, what a band!
Unforgettable night
Great experience and lot of fun with my beloved rock band. Also took a great shot of Until the end of the world, really close to Bono and Edge. Won't ever forget that night. See you soon in Dublin!
a great show. italian people like a great singer and incredible players of Desire
Unforgettable Night!!!!
I'll never never forget this show! What a night! Wow.. Thanks for song for someone.. <3
Elena Arzani + Nino Saetti waiting for t
Elena Arzani + Nino Saetti waiting for the beginning of it all!! God bless U2, and the i-e tour \m/
U2 - i-e first date european tour - Live
This picture was taken by Nino Saetti © My name is Elena Arzani, and I was there with him, as a member of the Press. I've never experienced anything as perfect, and beautiful, touching, moving at this U2's concert. Not a mere blast, but a one-time-only experience in life. I'll never forget :) E
The dream come true
It is a dream come true with u2 I celebrated the first 10 years with my husband
Waiting for the beginning of the gig
With other U2 fans waiting for the show. As always and forever, the best rock band for the best gigs in the world!! We love you Adam Bono Edge Larry!!
Concerto grandioso. Certo, ogni tanto, potreste riproppore quel capolavoro che è EXIT!
until the end of the world
the best shot of the night
electric desire and touchable soul
I you ask anybody what does it mean Happiness & Love that was U2 on stage and people dancing all around.It was a night of giving and sharing love with everybody, it was a night of no borders and no thinking. I want to thank all the crew we met during our luckily backstage tour that works so invisibly hard to give the real dimension of this avant-guard show. U2 - Me too !
Back to the roots
Great show, great sound, perfect mix of old and new
TORINOOOOOO 05.09.2015
noi <3
Thank you, guys
Was in Turin for my 4th U2 concert (Vertigo and 360° the first three) and even if I had already looked at the shows on the net, it was over my imagination. In one previous post, after looking at what happened during the first leg, I was wondering about what kind of show I would see, what songs I would hear (the most beatiful song I have heard.....) and who was going to play the show... Now I'm satisfied; the show was amazing, finally I had Zooropa (it was a dream I was dreaming and I dreamed out loud, had a new enlarged U2 for Desire and for Still. I could ask for more? Yes I missed One; have to seqrch on the net for a good download of first Turin night. Time to start the search...THANK YOU AGAIN GUYS FOR THE WONDERFUL NIGHT, I had my part of Innocence and now looking forward for a lot of Experience. Have we to wait long for this?
LARRY MULLEN-Torino 04-09-2015
Best Drummer
was I dreaming?
No, it was not a dream
High tech
Could not get to Turin but decided to follow it through via the social stream. It was worth it and certainly cos of the version of Desire. It looked like planned it was so good, those drummers were stunning - a joy to see it in the real time. Thank you and pretty soon we'll get there... Stockholm!
Magica serata
Bellissimo. Indimenticabile. E per la prima volta con la mia fantastica moglie. Non lo scorderò mai.
On the road to Turin
Encore et toujours au TOP du Top merci pour ces moments Unforgettable
I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonigh
Approaching Turin! Please tomorrow sing I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight, please please please
Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own
Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own
My 40 birthday... with U2..
i was born on 6 sept. .. i will in turin, 5 sept. and so at 0.00 will be my 40 birthday!!!! .how a best way to celebrate it??!!! .... so..if the show will last till 0.00 u2 could play... 40 for me???? :)))
Eletrical storm
Please play eletrical storm!!! pleaseeeee! thank you
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