Sep 16 2015
Stockholm, SE / The Globe

'Your eyes were like landing lights
They used to be the clearest blue
Now you don’t see so well
The future’s gonna land on you..’

Volcano erupting in Stockholm for the opening night in Sweden. They don’t play it that often but it’s always a blast. 'Volcano sounding better every time they play it!’ tweeted @tegod 'Do U live here or is this a vacation... #U2ieTour #U2Stockholm’

'It is a thrill to be here,’ said Bono, catching his breath before introducing Iris. 'I don't know why but this band always feels like we're on our holidays when we're in Stockholm.
Seriously …The Edge wants to go fishing in the archipelago visiting the arctic circle to measure things ...he does love measuring things ...don't you The Edge?
Adam wants to go shopping on Library Street - bibleeoteksgothan - is that how you say it? - for girl’s underwear. I mean not for himself - but for his wife... and sometimes mine!
Larry wants to trace his family history. Yes Larry Mullen is convinced that his blond hair is a Viking throw back. I'm not convinced he's Swedish but I am convinced he's a Viking alright…’

And then the band took us back to the northside of Dublin for Iris and Cedarwood Road and Song For Someone.

'I love it when Bono asks if one of his friends is coming out to play in Cedarwood Road,’ tweeted Sherry, @atu2. It was The Edge that got @U2gigs. 'This guitar in Cedarwood Road.... it gets me every single night. One of the tour highlights for sure..’ And @trojanchick99: 'I really love Edge's backing vocals on Cedarwood Road. But then again, I love his backing vocals on most every song.’

The folks at @atU2 also spotted that 'Adam's Act 1 #U2ieTour shirt tonight is referencing the last time U2 played Globe Arena - MTV EMAs, Nov. 16, 2000’

Lucy from the Czech Republic was up on stage for Mysterious Ways and to broadcast Elevation around the world. ‘What’s next the Edge?’ Next, said The Edge, was Volcano…for only it’s eighth outing of the tour. Then came Every Breaking Wave ( ‘Theres no them.. there’s only us… and our enemies became more difficult to figure out as we realised that some of the biggest obstacles in our way were actually inside us… in us… and even love got complicated…’) before October, Bullet, Zooropa, Streets and Pride… this new European sequence rapidly finding legendary status among the audience.

@u2gigs picked up on the lyrics in Bullet tonight, ‘In the howling wind the bullets rake the blue sky, as refugees flee so that they might not die’

'Bullet keeps getting more & more angst filled and rage driven.’ added @ClaytonsKitten. 'This band is playing like they have something to prove.'

'Crazy guitar riff, loud bass, mad drumming,’ posted @madfl3a. 'Only Bullet The Blue Sky! COME ON MEGAPHONE BONO!'

'What do you want?’ asked Bono, 'A Europe with its heart open and its borders closed to mercy? A Europe with its heart open! What do you want?'

And then ‘Streets’ which, as @maxtsukino captured it, ‘is like opening a can of hope…’

If you were there, add your own review and post your photos below.


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4 nights in heaven!
Since the early 80's you guys have been such a big part of my life. Thank's for everything, especially The Edge for constant goosebumps and inspiration. On sunday/monday please play Bad, When I look at the world & Another time, another place. Bringing my daugther, the new fanbase is secured ☺
good first stockholm show
Great show, but tonights gonna be even better ! promise.
every breaking wave
So beautiful, tears just flowed! We played that song at our son´s funeral in January
No show in Oslo just means we're coming
A new U2 album (or two), and a new tour; it's like 2000, 2004, and 2009 all over again! Exciting times! Where will tickets to the Stockholm shows be available to purchase when they go on public sale? My brother and I are going to the European opening night in Turin, Italy, September 4th! We got tickets in the eXPERIENCE pre-sale, and we're travelling from Norway just for the concert.
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