Oct 14 2015
Antwerp, BE / Sportpaleis

Out of Control in Belgium
Second night in Antwerp and this audience is 'crazy'.

'I had the feeling it was out of control...'

And the feeling was true in Antwerp tonight, incredible atmosphere from a passionate Belgian audience. 

'Wow! That's an incredible noise - we don't expect people to go so crazy on a Wednesday night, but thank you.'

Out of control all night long...

Were you at the show tonight? Post your photos and add your memories of the show below.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Antwerp 2

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Antwerp 2

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Great , great gig
2 great gigs, but the athmosphere 2nd gig was much better. Thanks
Thank you guys
I just want to thank you for the two shows in Antwerp ! I love you since more than 25 years… First time i saw you, i was 16 years old (on the POP tour). On this album, « Iris » affect me every time i listen to this incredible song (also because i am a mother since 5 years). And wednesday, Bono, you sing this song (and you make me cry…) just IN FRONT OF ME <3… Unforgettable… No picture, no recording, i just take this moment in my heart… Thank you Larry, The Edge, Adam, and Bono to be a part of my life, since a was a child…until the end of the world.
Amazing evening
Went to the concert in Barcelona (5 oct). Back in Belgium looked for tickets for the show in Antwerp on the 14 oct. Bought my ticket wednesday on 17h00 grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the show. Amazing gig again !!! The band in great shape again and my seat was much better than in Barca. In Barca I sat in front of the podium and missed the view om the big side-screens. In Antwerp I sat in front of the side-screen and I didn't missed a thing of the great show. Perfect show and amazing audience. Already looking forward for the next tour. Keep on rocking guys.
Larry Mullen Jr.
Remember nearly 40 years ago, a man put a message on the school's notice board in Mount Temple Comprehensive school in Dublin, Ireland. This man was Mr Larry Mullen Jr, the heartbeat of U2
The Band
End of this amazing second night in Antwerp, see you in London guys...
FIRST U2 GIG - Hubert (Antwerp Belgium)
WOW this rocking ...just 7 years old but please stay performing Bono & co ....wanne beat my dad :-) "Woho hohohooooooo"
'You're the best crowd in the world'
Lovely atmosphere, no crowd does it better. Amazing show. My fifth this tour after Amsterdam and Stockholm. This one is without doubt number one. Belgians love U2, and we gave you all our love these two beautiful, cold October nights in the biggest venue U2 plays this tour. Great shame we only got 2 shows, but we made more noise in 2 nights other cities can make in 4. See you very very soon. A 19-year old fan.
I know you saw me, I was out of control. We were alone between thousands of people... It's only us, it's only us
Hélène on stage
26 shows and tonight my wife on stage with bono... Amazing expérience... Thanks for this unforgettable show very very very special for me ...
Thanks a million for the soundtrack to m
U2, you guys were fantastic as always! A true inspiration for Love, Kindness, Peace and ROCK! Been a fan since the age of 10, back in ’83. I adored the setlist, the quality of it all, the stage set-up and especially enjoyed your quotes like: "Europe is a thought that should become a feeling!" "I want a Europe with its heart open and its borders not closed to mercy" "I run into your arms...I am not dangerous... I am in danger" "There is NO them... there is ONLY US" "Aged 18 I wrote songs to impress Alison Stewart... I still try to impress Alison Stewart” Looking forward to more work from you guys, you are all true artists and great humans. PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER! KEEP ON INSPIRING THE WORLD AND BRINGING LOADS AND LOADS OF MAGNIFICENT MUSIC! I LOVE YOU ALL AND YOUR TEAM! Also a big thank you to your families, wifes, children!
amazing live U2!
thank you for the amazing night! U2 - still the greatest rockband on earth - the album "Songs of innocence" has a very special meaning to me and reminds me too of the songs of Boy, October... Keep on going like this!
Never so close ❤️
Mr. Clayton in Antwerp
33 years after Brielpoort, Deinze - welcome in Belgium!
antwerpen 13/10
best concert i ve ever seen
antwerpen 13/10/2015
le plus beau concert de ma vie,merci ,merci , the best band
Two generations
Loved the show with my 17 year old son. I bought my first U2 album when I was 15, and it is obvious that U2, with their music made in the past 35 years, can build bridges between generations. It is a big thing these days. Can't wait to see you in London in a couple of weeks' time.
Antwerp Bono
The screwtape letters
So Bono, why did you throw this book at me? "Letters from a senior to a junior devil" makes me think... Who are you and who am I? Got some reading to do... Great show!
bono on his knees
Best show ever, age means nothing! 15th concert i have seen since 84 and U2 rocked the house!
rock and roll is back!
15th show i attended..... great great great, 360 looked like the limit but the show in Antwerp was spot on keep it up.
Last night was great !!
Last nigth Antwerp was great !
Looking forward !!!!
Welcome to Belgium i look forward to see u in action !!!!
360 ° tour
Best live tour
Best live ever see
best live version
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