Nov 3 2015
London, GB / O2 Arena

Wide Awake in London
Final night at the O2 closes with 'Bad' and '40. 'If you twist and turn away...'

'If you twist and turn away
If you tear yourself in two again.
If I could, you know I would 
If I could
I would
Let it go...'

No finer way to close a run of six great nights at the O2 in London than with 'Bad' and '40'.  Opened with 'The Miracle' and went straight into 'Gloria', it was, said Bono, 'Great to be the house band here over the last ten days, we don't want it to be the last night...' 

'A gig with GLORIA is perfection-bound! In Te Domine, Exultate!' (@MariangelaVcc)

'OMG A Killer Slide solo from THE EDGE!!! It must be GLORIA !' (@KevinS2U)

With October now firmly established in the European set, it's not often you get two songs from the band's second album in the show... but there was more. On the e-stage we had a champagne-drenched performance of 'Party Girl' and to top it all, as Bono sang in Beautiful Day, 'Steve Lillywhite right in front of you.'

According to @U2gigs, Party Girl's appearance was it's 190th, soon to become the first b-side to top 200 live performances - and it was followed with Edge and Bono performing 'Every Breaking Wave', one of seven songs from the latest album, an ever present on the tour to date and as good a bet as any to hit the 200-mark sooner than most. Special mention to Declan Gaffney - 'DeckChair' - for bringing this song into being - and what a song.

'Every Breaking Wave and October, with just Edge&Bono on stage... Most intimate moment at a rock show ever?' (@U2start)

If you were at the show tonight tell us what it was like - and add your photos below.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream London 6

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream London 6

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Two hearts beat as one - Me (44) and my
What a night to remember - we came from Poland on trip to London - due to fog - airports were closed the days before so instead 3 hours flight we spend 2 days on constant rebooking :) but at the end we have reached O2 turned into U2 Party Girl and Bad - great, marvelous , love. Great view from seating rows (we were standing all the time and singing all the songs) What can I add - great show , wonderful night , cannot wait for next tour. ..... and the guy at tube station playing ONE and all people singing How long How long ..... this leaves a mark in the brain forever ..... and people smiling to each other ..... and everyone so happy ... sharing the same feelings for music
'... hold me close hold me close and don't let me go...' Thank you, the best band in the world!
O2 arena 02 November 2015
worth the queue
U2 at The O2 Arena, London, 3 November 2
It was worth coming down from Liverpool for.
Worth the Trip from the US
Best concert ever!
3 November 2015 at the O2
Here's a pic I tried to attach to my previous comment but it didn't work. Thanks so much for posting the comments yesterday :) My smile says it all.... what a night on Tuesday at the O2
U2 in O2
great life moment... great concert. Gloria was incredible ...
You have done all my requests... Thank YOU!! I have cried for BAD!! HOW LONG you sing this soooooonggggggg!!!
Last night U2 at the O2
Stripped down version of Sunday Bloody Sunday.
I still haven't come back down to earth yet - thank you boys. I love U2 - you are the best xx
Last Night @ the 02
Thank you Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam - another stunning show, so very lucky to see you four nights out of the six in London, wish it could be more - roll on the dvd!!! U2 forever xxx
last night in london
I have to say it was fantastic night at the o2 mix of sound and light. brilliant finish by bono with the light to show Larry the way out. loved every minute!!!
U2 last night at the O2
Adam on the e-stage.
U2 at the O2
After watching the first night from the seats, got close up for the last night.
U2 at the O2
U2 - Monday night 2nd November 2015 - Ka
Brilliant concert myself and my partner were right by 2nd stage 1st row seating - I have a brilliant video if Kathy reads this but I'm sure others have to of her being pulled out of the crowd by Bono. Anyone know where or how I can upload this as it's on my camera not phone. Altogether outstanding performance from U2
3 November 2015
Thank you so much for the show. ..Bad brought tears to my eyes. ..loved every second of it. Only U2 and we got only U2. Yay! Love ya xxx
what a night
What a great night. Desire, Party Girl, Bad and 40 were highlights for me. I love U2. See you in Glasgow
Sms with 40
I've seen with mt girl the first 2 incredible concerts al O2 Arena and tonight we're gonna see sixth and last night in London! I've seen U2 20 times by the years (the first was in 1993) and my last dream is listening "40" for the end of the show! Please, U2, perform "40" full-band tonigh and let us singing "how looooooong to sing this soooooooog..."
8th time
Since Reggio Emilia in 1997 to Torino on last September 5th, and now in London, for my first show out of Italy... U2 are in the story of my life. Thanks guys!
I´ll be there...
I will travel from Madrid to sing "Uno, dos tres...catorce" with a perfect spanish accent. Really excited.
From Venice to London!!!
From Venice to London to celebrate the birthday of my wife Marta with you !! this is incredible!! Please sing THE TROUBLES, WALK ON, and many other for her!! You are great!! Thanks!!!
e after Turin... LONDON!!
After 2 shows in Turin, I'll come from Italy alone!! I hope to listen PARTY GIRL BAD and 40.. Or other not to listen in Turin.. I love U2.. My LIFE!
DAD & SON 45 years & 7 years !
Hubert Age 7 - son of iNNOCENCE Hubert Age 45 - Dad of eXPERIENCE Following the tour in Europe again, but never heard "ACROBAT" live wich is one of my personal favourites ; PLEASE play ACROBAT please please !! OR my kid loves "ORDINARY LOVE" : please please please Next stops Paris 11/11 & Dublin 28/11 VIP TRAVEL THE BIGGEST BEST BAND in the world and once you've saw U2're infected and get addicted in a good sence : a miracle drug :-)
Young Aussie Can't Wait!
My son and I saw your concert in Chicago (29 June) - it was amazing! Since I have purchased him flights to attend this concert in London. The London concert will be his 9th U2 concert, the 4th outside of Australia, I unfortunately cannot go. He has been raised a U2 fan, his name is Jesse Saunders and he will be sitting directly in front of the stage in the stands. He has a request if possible please! Miracle Drug, October or New Years Day. You guys have been amazing over your career and are still amazing. Thank you for your music etc! Please visit us in Australia soon! :)
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