Dec 6 2015
Paris, FR / AccorHotels Arena

'We Stand Together…'

'We stand together with the families who have lost lives here in Paris,
'We stand together with the families who have lost lives San Bernardino, in Damascus and Beirut
We stand together with the families whose children have been taken hostage by an ideology that shows none of the mercy or compassion of the god they deem to serve….

An emotional night in Paris as the band returned to France, three weeks after the devastating terrorist attacks.
'Oh, you look so beautiful… in this city of lights…'   and never more so than at the end of City of Blinding Lights, as images of Paris on the huge screens gave way to the names of those who lost their lives.
The huge cheering in solidarity was one more sign of an extraordinary atmosphere of celebration and defiance tonight. 
It felt like the whole world was in the city, as Bono had said, introducing Iris.
'Tonight we are all Parisiens. 
'Ce soir nous somme tous Parisien...
If you love liberty – Paris is your hometown.

What a show, all the way from The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) to One and the surprise arrival on stage of Patti Smith and 'People Have The Power' to close a remarkable evening.

More on the show coming up but if you were in the house tonight tell us what it was like and add your photos below.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Paris 3

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Paris 3

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"No words"
When Bono says "no words", and not just once, you know this was a very special night, a night overwhelmed with emotion. Of course there was my first U2 show that means a lot to me, and Zoo TV was amazing, and I never thought it would get any better than being lucky enough to be at the front at the pre-Elevation gig at the Astoria in 2001, but Paris 6/12/15....! This was, without doubt, the best U2 show I have ever been to. I think I have seen them enough to know when the band also think it was a special evening. Aside from the clear emotions felt by all, there were some very personal highlights that transcended anything I had ever witnessed. Despite having been a little obsessed for over 30 years, this was the first time I had seen them play Out of Control, think that would have been enough! But it just carried on, and on. Didn't want Ne Me Quitte Pas to end, and it nearly didn't! Tears streaming, as ever, with Bad, and then Patti Smith. Could live a thousand years and never feel like I did with Patti Smith and Bono stood a few feet away singing Gloria. Oh yes, and the love of my life left me just a few weeks later, despite holding her as close as I could during Iris. All a bit too much really. Wayany...
Oh Holy night, Oh what a night it was on the december the 6th in Paris. I've been waiting for 26 years to see them in Paris. I wanted this gig to be the first big one to take my kids to. And what emotionnal this night was after what we lived here a month ago, thanks to the 4 boys for mourning at le Bataclan, thanks for playing asap after the tragedy, thanks for all you said during the show. There are not too many occasions to weep during such a gig, but U2 is the only one to cause this... Long live to U
Thanks U2 for giving US a great life !
We live in Paris and had friends who died the 13th of november. Thank you for your thoughts from Belfast and Dublin and your words during the gigs of the 6th and 7th of december.
What a great night! Driving from the Netherlands to Paris where we had been three weeks before as well (at the 10th of november gig and on that black fridaynight) we knew it would be a special night. And special it was! An impressive tribute to freedom, love and respect! After travelling to Chicago, Amsterdam, Cologne, Paris and Dublin is was amazing to end our tour in Paris for this unforgettable show . Berry van Welzen
Paris united us tonight we have the power. An emotional show strengthening the power of love.One more night then it's over. U2 this has been an amazing and challenging journey with ups and downs. Thank you for giving us a reason to love and never give up. Tomorrow night will be magical and the world will be watching the truth that together we will prevail.Until we meet again. Thank you for who you are. Maria Diorio Montreal
Music and free speech for ever, especially today and tomorrow!
Shine Like Stars
Sunday night , we'll shine like stars in the summer night, we'll shine like stars in the winter light , because we're a life cult, and Rock and Roll is our life force, One heart ... one hope ... one love
Love and peace
Heaven on Earth We need it now And we can dream, so dream out loud And we'll not let the bastards grind us down.
December 6th
Back for celebrate LIFE !!!!!!!
Music takes it's first hit... Love will
Bono, The Edge, Adam, Larry, and the U2 Family. Thanks to Brian Murphy, and thank-you to GOD for keeping you all safe in Paris. So gracious of you four to turn up at the memorial for the Paris concert goers. Really enjoyed seeing you back on your boots in Belfast today (thank-you Periscope and fellow U2 fans). It has been a tough tour for all of us... ups and downs; here is hoping 2016 is a great year full of "Songs Of Experience" and more touring from the best rock group that has ever been.
Roy T
Friday Bloody Friday
I can't believe the news today Oh, I can't close my eyes And make it go away How long How long, must we sing this song How long How long?
I came to Paris with my husband from Tenerife to see the concert tonight. Flying back to Tenerife tomorrow ... No concert, no freedom, no peace.
November 14th
Tonight I expected a fun evening with you and the horror happened. For families and victims Peace. see you in Dublin for a better day
Concert U2 14 november
I understand totally this decision. Cancelled the concert is essential. It would even be better for you U2 to return in Ireland and to keep safe over there
Concert U2 14 november
I understand totally this decision. Cancelled the concert is essential. It would even be better for you U2 to return in Ireland and to keep safe over there. Love U2 and peace for Paris.
Be Safe
Thinking of you guys in Paris. Wishes for a safe time there!
Sweetest Thing For 14th
Bonjour U2, Unlike fabien_the_fly where Ultra Violet was played September 18th during the 360°Tour, I wish you will play the song Sweetest Thing for my father Marc <3 And I know you have played this song during your travel in the USA !!! See you tomorrow ;) Vincent
Miracle Drug
Please play Miracle Drug
With Or Without You / Shine Like Stars (
I dream to hear, for the first time in France, With Or Without You / Shine Like Stars (snippet), this version is the most beautiful that you have played and it would be very appropriate to this great and unique evening that you prepare. Thanks in advance
Mystery Girl (Roy Orbison song). We will come specially from Lithuania (Vilnius) to see U2, one the dreams of my wife... Thanks to U2 to sowing love and hope around the world.
Ultra violet le 10/11
Can you sing Ultra violet for me, I pay you a beer after the show
2 shows Barcelona, 2 shows Antwerp : Next stop for me : Paris 14th omg the last for me , I hope the next album will be for 2016 and the next tour for 2017
Paris 14/11
Noticed that Bad seems to be on the setlist for the last night in each city but am praying that they play it in Paris on the 14th. Do the right thing chaps and make an old boy happy !!!
New Year's Day.
New Year's Day, please
HBO Special
Came across a small article in the NY Times announcing a U2 special of the Nov 14 Paris show to be aired in the States that same night - so dear Paris, we look forward to see how you party!
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