Oct 5 2015
Barcelona, ES / Palau Sant Jordi

'October' in October
'Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall...' Opening night in Spain.

'October and the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear.
What do I care...

First of four shows in Barcelona, and the atmosphere was rocking by showtime. Here's some of our highlights. If you were at the show tell us yours.

Three songs in and no language barrier here: was that the loudest ever opening to Vertigo? 'Uno, Dos, Trez…Catorze!' High praise from @peterostreicher: 'Absolutely the best crowd of the tour so far!' He had a point - they can turn up the volume in this city.

The energy in the house moved from floor to stage and the band were delighted to be back in Barcelona, as Bono noted before introducing Iris.
'Look at you! You look great - haven't changed a bit!
'Even as we circled over your great city today, got this feeling that this is a city that serves beauty and loves artists.
'That's why artists love Barcelona because Barcelona loves artists. 
Painters, architects, rock stars... we are here in your city  for the next week and at the end of the week we'll give it back to you.
'And now we want to take you to our hometown, to the northside of Dublin where myself and my bandmates are from…'

On opening night in a city, always plenty of people noticing Adam's choice of T-Shirt. It was @wolfgang_willms who read the clues tonight: '#U2ieTour Adam wearing a shirt with the date 13th Sept 1997, #U2 played in Barcelona Popmart' Find out more about these shirts here - own one yourself, come along to a show

The whole house singing 'Ole'  after 'Elevation' and then the whole house singing 'The Sweetest Thing', making only it's third appearance on this European leg. 'Not being able to play the guitar has given me a great opportunity to play the piano…' joked Bono, before Edge took over the keyboard for 'Every Breaking Wave'.

Did we mention 'October' in October? The first time this evergreen track has been played during the month of October since 1989 and Memorial Drive Park in Adelaide, Australia. (Thanks @U2gigs). No-one could have predicted how this song could find a new meaning all these years later?

Shoutouts tonight for Paul McGuinness and also for Shakira, who told her huge social media audience just where she was at: 'At U2's awesome concert! Shak.'

Was the opening night in Barcelona awesome for you? Post your photos and tell us what it was like here.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Barcelona 1

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Barcelona 1

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I love U2 i home sete you un bcn
All the moments were memorable and fantastic.
Great concert
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