Jun 6 2015
Denver, CO, US / Pepsi Center

'Thirty two years away...yesterday.'  
First night in Denver. Here's what went down. Post your own review and add your photos below.

First of two shows in Denver, Colorado as the U2ie Tour leaves the West Coast behind and heads into the heart of America.

It was 32 years ago - and a day -  that there was a little bit of  thunder and lighting in this part of the world and the band were here for another show. That was the night they played Red Rocks and recorded 'Under A Blood Red Sky' their 1983 live album. There's a snippet of John Denver's Rocky Mountain High at the end of Electric Co and Bono still has the memory in mind during Sunday Bloody Sunday, 'Thirty two years away... yesterday.'

There's more past in the present tonight. Adam has been wearing classic punk rock t-shirts on stage for the opening shows but tonights is different, bearing the date 'March 28, 1981'. At the end of the evening the mystery is solved, turns out it marks ‘the first time we came here, mere children’.

'This is the symbol of surrender,' says Bono, holding both arms high during I Will Follow. 'The symbol of the night. From us to you. It's funny how you can't surrender when you have a phone in your hand...'

Anyone catch some background reading to take home tonight? @timneufeld on twitter noticed that 'The Master and Margarita' By Mikhail Bulgakov was one of the books thrown from the stage during Raised By Wolves. There's lots of chat about those books. Tell us in the comments below if you caught some further reading... and what it was.

'Pride (In The Name of Love'), arriving after 'Hands' has taken us out of 'Bullet The Blue Sky' is proving one of the most dramatic moments of the show. Tonight, thanking the people who brought peace to Ireland ('No-one won, that's why everyone won...') there's a special mention for the support of America in the peace process and a shout-out to Gary Hart, one-time Senator and now US Special Envoy To Northern Ireland -  who's in the house tonight.

A new prop in 'Bullet' spots @LyaWodraska & @WTSHNN on twitter. '‘Bullhorn is painted up like an American flag’. Get the feeling this prop might be a keeper.

Were you at the first show in Denver? What was your highlight of the night? How did the show compare to others you've seen? Post your own review and add your photos below.

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Cathy with the Dandelion Tatoo
" There is a Kiss That I Stole From Your Mouth, There Is a Light, Don't Let It Go Out ! " Thank You for Seeing My Light And May We Meet Again....
Thank you U2
My first concert was Joshua Tree at BigMac! I enjoyed seeing U2 perform in Denver as always. I brought U2 a little painting and sent it thru an usher. Here is pic I took of The Edge. I have 14 more photos that are pretty good. please contact me
Great seats behind the main stage!
Thank you U2 for so many great seats! We sat in Section 134 row 4 which was actually the first row behind the main stage! We were so close they had security posted to keep us from stepping off our riser! Especially tickled when Adam and Edge took a few walks at the very back of our stage! So close! Bono never came that far back unfortunately. Music and show always awesome a little disappointed not to hear Troubles or 40 but still a treat! Loved their continued care for people and the world, loved Bono's, "Hands up don't shoot I'm an American" These are great people as well as great musicians. Love you guys!
When Bono's Collide
The most touching moment of the weekend for me was, perhaps, the moment when Bono met Bono. Or should I say Billy Bunting, who fills the role of Bono in Denver's U2 tribute band Under A Blood Red Sky, met Bono. Say what you will about tribute bands, but these guys put in the work and are a lot of fun. It can be a lot of years between tours, and when you just NEED that music, the spirituality of the U2 community, getting out and listening to these guys play helps fill that time between albums and tours. Billy has been my friend for years, and I know it's been a dream of his since high school to meet Bono. Bono could very well have blown him off, or given him a polite handshake, but no, he pulled him out of the crowd and had a very long, lovely and meaningful conversation with Billy. My heart swelled watching this larger than life rock star just talking to my friend like they were old pals. They parted with Billy gifting Bono with a print that Greg Wigler, the official photographer at Red Rocks in 1983, had given Billy the night before. And since Bono Instagrammed it later, I think he really liked it. The concert itself? Heavenly! Otherworldly! Transported to that true happy place that only U2 can do. Tears. Laughter. And some special interactions with Larry and Adam....icing on the cake.
Easy Johny...
I think you missed that the show and that the "new material" is the origin of all those old and classic ones that we love so much. It was where they were born. I'm sorry if you missed that. As a fan from the '80's, this is their best album since Achtung. Raw, stripped down, audacious, inspiring, hopeful... "the most beautiful sound I've ever heard!" Song for Someone, Iris, Every Breaking Wave, Cedarwood Road... Man. Didn't think at 40 (speaking of great classics!) I could be moved like when I was a confused kid. Looking forward to more new songs in NYC! Stay off your bike, Bono!
Denver, first night
Awesome night as always!
High in the Mile High City
Is it just me who cries in every single show of this band? Total surrender. Great to be reminded that there are still great people in the world sending everybody (and doing it) a good message. Also is it just me who goes back home looking for tickets for the next concert?? Way to go guys. Love you all.
Great Show!!
My sister Holli Slosser and I had a great time at the show. There was not a bad seat to see the band. It was worth the wait to see them again.
Emotional roller coaster
Amazing trip with music and memories from Northern Dublin to the streets of Harlem to the Red Rocks of Colorado. This performance felt stripped down to the emotion of the music that is U2, not over the top in showmanship like 360 so dangerously flirted with. If you haven't seen U2 perform in a long time, this will feel like you (or they?) never left. If you've been following them consistently for years, this is their heartfelt thanks. Absolutely loved it.
We want the classic and old material
I'm a big fan of U2, but last night setlist(07/06/15) was just not fair. 9 new songs in one show it's disrespect to your audiences. the new songs are not that good for sure compare to the classic old material.
Light Reading
San Jose, May 19, pages of Alice in Wonderland rained down on the crowd.
Denver 6.6..15
I have been following this band since seeing them at Red Rock in '83 . U2 continues to amaze me.Until next time. Thank you U2, Sheila
Thank you
I went with my daughter on May 26th to the concert at the Forum in Inglewood/CA. It was my fourth U2 concert. My daughter (23) wanted to join me, to understand what my love for U2 is all about and she loved every second of it. Super show and also so great how much thought the band and everyone around it brings into the organizing the tour. I loved the screen, the sound and every bit. My daughter became a new "U2er" that night and I can't wait to bring both of my kids (my son will be 14 in July) next time the band comes to LA. Stay strong and healthy Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry and Bono, be careful around bicycles! (you know you can get them also with 3 wheels ;-) !) Much love Kathrin
San Jose showd
I attended both shows in San Jose. I first saw U2 in 1984 and have not missed a tour since. They continue to amaze. They have set up a show where everyone has a great seat. A stage in each end of the arena and amazing production connecting the two leaves the stress of being at the front of the line a thing of the past. A great blend of old and new U2. As always these shows leave you feeling great about life. Enjoy everyone!
How early should I get in line for a goo
Any thoughts for concert goers of previous concerts what time in line I should plan on?
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