The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jun 23 2017
Toronto, ON, CA / Rogers Centre
with The Lumineers

When & Where
Friday, June 23rd 2017. Rogers Centre, Toronto, Canada. Night 17 of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Set List
Roof was (literally) lifted off even before the opening of the show. Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Bad, and Pride gave us another lift off. People were delayed getting here, Bono acknowledged. 'Thank you for taking on the traffic to come out here and see us play after all of these years.'  We're in Canada & remembering Leonard Cohen. Hallelujah. Seventeen shows in and you never quite know how what songs will appear in Act III. Tonight: Miss Sarajevo/ Beautiful Day/ Elevation/ Vertigo/ Ultraviolet (Light My Way)/ One and, finally,  - ‘Alright, bring out that Explorer guitar.. still can't tune it.' -  I Will Follow.

Social Post
@Greengrrrl (Instagram): 'When Bono says, "Welcome to side two," and you're old enough to remember.'

If You Had To Pick One Song
Bad. @randois (Twitter): 'Bono sang a verse of Cohen's "Suzanne" during "Bad". It was one of the most beautiful things I've heard this band do.'

What (else) did Bono Say?
Coming out of Beautiful Day and into Elevation: 'It's a beautiful day when human rights drown out human wrongs. When sisters around the world are in school like their brothers. When everyone's identity is what they want it to be, beautiful day. When women of the world unite to rewrite history as her story. Womankind….educate my mind…Explain all those controls...I can't sing but I've got soul…'

Top Review on
u2nadias: 'Phenomenal Show. The crowd was so into it. No one sitting. Bono's voice was amazing. They just get better and better. We have see all the tours since early 80's. I never want it to end….'

If you were at the Rogers Centre, Toronto, tell us what it was like. Add your own review and photosbelow.

    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    I call it SkyDome
    I loved hearing New Year's Day live!
    What a great experience, Thank you U2.
    Always a great concert and this time two great bands. Love The Lumineers. Also so very happy the Rogers Centre was open.
    My Son & Daughter Experience First U2 Co
    "I was holding my daughter Savannah when the first notes of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” rang out, and as Bono began to sing “I have climbed the highest mountains, I have run through the fields, only to be with you, only to be with you,” I must admit that my eyes filled with tears ..." I wrote about about the experience of seeing U2 with my children here:
    I Loved Every Moment
    This was a beautiful concert, set against a gorgeous Toronto evening and a sparkling city skyline. The band's performance was extraordinary, and the song selection impeccable. I loved the Leonard Cohen tribute inserted into "Bad", and the glistening guitars of the Joshua Tree songs. The video montages were gripping and so exciting. There is no band like U2.
    Just as great as 30 years ago!
    My husband and I were there 30 years ago for the first Joshua Tree tour and we were there again on June 23 - married 35 years we still share our love - for U2 lol - I wore the shirt I bought in Toronto 30 years ago !!! Thank you creating another memory for us. See you in Buffalo!
    U2 needs more Canada!
    I can't remember how many U2 concerts I have seen; i wish so much I would have seen the band in the early days, but I was a poor university student. But i think I have come to the conclusion that I have been so amazed by the concerts i have seen. But I have taken non U2 fans to a concert and they came away amazed. This band touched me as soon as I heard I Will Follow. Been following ever since, thanks so much because I think you understand confused souls like myself. That's the theory anyway. PS thanks for opening the stadium.
    Joshua tree 30 years later
    I went to the Joshua tree concert in 1987 at Exhibition stadium. Now 30 years later, I'm seeing them at the Rogers Centre. My friends and I had a great time at the concert. The video screen was nice.
    This was her first concert!
    We travelled from Montreal to take our 13 year old niece Jordan and her dad, who are both musicians, to see this show! This was her first ever concert - and what a concert it was! The expression on her face says it all! Looks like you’ve got a new fan. I’m 46 years old, and I've seen every concert tour since the 1987 Joshua Tree tour and every show has been magical in its own way. (I fell in love with my singing teacher during the Elevation Tour concert!) But this show had some serious “mojo” going on! The bar is set too high now for her; no other concert will ever top this! Thank you U2 for the incredible “Rock ’n’ Roll Church” experience!
    Father to Son @ U2 Toronto 2017
    blood runs deep, so does the message of U2
    From Father To Son...
    What an amazing concert. Had the pleasure of bringing my seven year old son Joshua (yes named after The Joshua Tree) to his first concert. From the opening drumbeat of Sunday Bloody Sunday to the last guitar chord of I Will Follow this was one of the most memorable U2 concerts that I gave been to over the past 20 years. Fans were singing In God's Country and Trip Through Your Wires as loud as Pride and One. Loved the setlist. My son made it up to Vertigo until he passed out in his seat. Over the past couple of the days he has not stopped talking about the concert. So lucky to have been able to share this experience with him. When we got home he told me that when he gets older and has a son that U2 will be the first concert he takes him to. So cute. Next up... Cleveland this weekend with my wife!
    What an amazing show! And an amazing audience too! We were so close, all the trouble was worth it. It was my sister who first introduced me to u2 with the Joshua tree and 30 years later we made it to a show together and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
    ONE moment in Toronto - thanks for acknowledging Canada, Bono! People got the Power!
    Meeting Kate and Emma was better than the band ;-)
    Thank you, U2!!!!!!
    GA fan for life
    After every tour I say the same thing.............this might be my last U2 show. I've been following this band since the early 80's and no matter what I keep coming back and continue to do the GA line up with so many other loyal and life long U2 fans. I'm 52 and as I'm waiting in line outside the stadium I wonder how long I can keep doing this. That feeling disappears pretty quickly when the intro starts and my boys come on stage. Keep on Rockin' the free world.
    That's Show #2 so far...
    Thanks #toronto was a great show, next stop #SanDiego in 13 weeks!!! @U2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
    Sweet Seventeen
    Friday's spectacular show at Rogers Centre was not only the 17th show of this tour, but also the 17th time I've seen this incredible band! Lifelong fan. LOVED every minute. Thank you U2!
    Experience of a Lifetime!
    Over the course of the day leading up to the show, I met with so many wonderful people. This was my first time attending a show solo in a long time, and I was worried I might be bored standing in line waiting all day, but the folks I met were absolutely fantastic. From the moment I scored a general admission ticket, I knew I wanted to start lining up as soon as I could in order to secure a good spot by the tree stage, and was rewarded with one of the greatest concert experiences of my life! The Joshua Tree was the album that finally introduced me to U2, and it meant a lot to be able to see the album performed from front to back.
    Thank you!
    Thank you U2! THANK YOU U2! I had to start with that. Have been a fan since the early 80s, and seen U2 many, many times, and never---not once---have I ever been disappointed. Last night they ROCKED! And what a thrill that they started with the old songs, too! Only U2 can make such a huge venue (Roger's Centre not the greatest for sound - unfortunately, Air Canada Centre booked) seem intimate. I loved Bad (always has been one of my favourites), loved Light My Way, too - and a tribute to us! Women! Loved the whole set, the way you separated J. Tree, the way you went from one hit into the next into the next. YAY!!! It was awesome, awesome, AWESOME! Last night, and many other times as well, Bono has thanked us for having U2 back and for giving U2 their lives. Well, as a fan, I just wanted to say a huge, huge, Thank You back. Thank you, Bono, Edge, Adam & Larry, for always being there for me, since the first time I heard Sunday Bloody Sunday in the 80s, to now, when I listen to The Troubles or Every Breaking Wave, or anything from Songs Of Innocence --- and I find I love those longs equally as much as any of the others. That’s the thing with U2: it never get’s old --– the music is just as powerful, and just as compelling. Thank you, U2, for giving me hope when I thought everything was lost, during the downs of my life, and for making me so damned happy when my favourite U2 song came on and I got to dance my heart out, during the highs. Thanks, guys, for being such great human beings, and for being the kind and caring people that you are --- people who really do give a damn about others less fortunate, and for making such a difference in this world. For using your celebrity to help others. You don't know how wonderful it is to find out that your heroes are actually really great people, too. And thanks for having the talent, the determination, and dedication to your craft to not just rest on your laurels, rehashing the same old same old at concerts, (which you could easily do) but for giving us different music, great music and unbelievable shows, time and time and time again. The spell of magic that you cast is like Christmas morning when you’re six years old, and there is nothing better. I’m so proud to have been a fan for so many years, to have been there for the original Joshua Tree Tour (and before) and to still love this band just as much. You guys have given me and so many people so much happiness and joy in their lives. I don’t know what else to say, but thank you, thank you, thank you! Xoxo Michele – A longtime fan from Toronto.
    Worst Fan Ever
    I think I’m the worst fan ever. Sure, I’ve been to see U2 about 6 or 7 times but as I stand on the floor in the stadium I often find myself asking why. What compels me to keep coming back? I don’t want the concert T shirt or even a backstage pass. Would Bono really care about meeting me? And, what would I say in 5 seconds that he’s never heard from a fan before? I don’t know about you, but usually when I’m with someone, I generally like to think that they are interested in talking to me too. And then, the drum beat of Sunday Bloody Sunday begins. The music, I realize is not just sound that my brain interprets as music. It has become a physical force that literally interrupts the regular beatings of my heart-usurped by the drums of an Irish band of four. My chest jumps; my insides beat against my ribs. There they are stripped down on a smaller stage in the middle of the crowd, just four guys playing their instruments and enjoying the music. But when they retreat to the larger stage and the Joshua Tree backdrop becomes alive with U2 silouetted against an enormous red sky I’m hooked, again-and I know why I’m here. A video taking us through the roads and sights of Joshua Tree Park that stretches hundreds of feet across and high makes me feel like I’m driving that car, where the streets have no name. That song reminds me of our walk-a-thons in high school-it was our theme song, played every day in assembly to get us roused up and collecting pledges. We would eventually get to the big day, walk a bit, and then sneak onto the bus to finish our route. Teenagers are brutal-what can I say? Certainly not very Bono-like. But experiencing the drive through Joshua Tree I see the song differently. The band is dwarfed in front of this scenery and I get it; Even our gods of rock that we idolize, that we adore, that we spend hundreds of dollars on for concert tickets are insignificant in the grand scheme of what is our planet-its natural beauty, its vast landscapes, powerful forces, its war, its beauty, its wretched sadness-are ginormously insignificant. Perhaps the fact that the four ( and I) are getting visibly older helps too, send the message of our mortality and the truthful reality that we are guests on this planet and we had best use our lives the best way we can. Maybe this is what I’d mean, if I ever did shake Bono’s hand and say: I’m a big fan.
    Amazing Toronto night, dome open
    Amazing night with U2! It was better than the 360 tour 6 years earlier and thought that show was the best. Amazing screen with the video in the background while playing. Can't wait to see you in Dublin July 22!
    U2 Skydome 06/23/2017
    What an amazing night, surpassed all my expectations!
    Phenomenal Show
    The crowd was so into it. No one sitting. BONO's voice was amazing. They just get better and better. We have see all the tours since early 80's. I never want it to end. THEY ARE THE BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE. ❤️
    Phenomenal Show
    The crowd was so into it. No one sitting. BONO's voice was amazing. They just get better and better. We have see all the tours since early 80's. I never want it to end. THEY ARE THE BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE. ❤️
    See you lovelies!
    I do hope for an open dome tonight. But come what may, I came for the music. I came for the band. xo
    JUN 23 2017 - The day is finally here!!!
    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE U2. This will be my first U2 concert EVER! Tickets in the Red Zone with my best gal pals. I woke up this morning smiling from ear to ear, rain and all. Whoot! Bless up U2!!!
    Getting there eventually!!!
    Stuck in the San Francisco Airport waiting to get to Toronto, it will be after 1am but so stoked to see U2 for the second time this tour, first was Seattle, less than 24 hours to show-time of the greatest band on Earth! #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
    Not sure if anyone at my workplace is gonna miss me tomorrow as I head west on the 401 to see the concert as it's absolutely all I've been talking about for the last year since the last concert! Mad our reservations for a wonderful dinner first and then the hotel after but pretty sure if the weather holds out we'll continue the U2 party all the way back along the streets of Toronto!! Please, Please let the credit card entry go smoothly as I've heard some horror stories from other venues, and fingers crossed that the weather cooperates to allow the dome to open and we can enjoy again the spectacular CN tower as it lights up to the tunes!! :)
    Been there!!!
    6-1 From Newfoundland
    Epic fan, I have seen U2 in 4 countries and this will be my 6th time, most importantly for my 14 year old daughter this will be her first ever concert. We are both pumped and excited for the the 4 day U2 weekend in Toronto to being!! Let's shout out for some BAD!!
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