The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jun 28 2017
E. Rutherford, NJ, US / MetLife Stadium
with The Lumineers

When & Where
Wednesday, June 28th 2017, Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey. Night 19 of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Set List Not everyone was expecting the opening: @stuloeser (via twitter) ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday open, followed by New Year's Day. Don't remember either on my Joshua Tree cassette but still great!

‘Not sleeping… not in New Jersey tonight’ as the lights were lowered by WW, and the stars around the stadium shone through Bad, into Pride, felt big time by @eddiequinone586 (via twitter) and those around him: ‘upper deck of @MLStadium is fucking shaking during Pride’ Then came The Joshua Tree, eleven tracks, in sequence, works every night. Encore like this: 16. Miss Sarajevo 17. Beautiful Day 18. Elevation 19. Vertigo 20.Ultraviolet (Light My Way) 21.One 22.The Little Things That Give You Away

Social Post(s)
@tuneintogoonan (via twitter): ‘Had to literally put my phone away to witness the visual show U2 just put up for Bullet The Blue Sky. Awe inspiring”.

@chrissobel (via twitter): ‘Waited my whole life to hear Exit live. It was an out of body experience’

In The Press

Upon completion of The Joshua Tree, Wednesday night's long anticipated album of honour -- Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. joined at centerstage, as would a post-curtain theater troupe.

"Thank you, these songs are more yours than ours now," Bono said to the cheering crowd at Metlife Stadium. There may be some truth to that note; when U2’s fifth LP was released in March 1987, it was hailed almost immediately as the band's masterstroke -- a sharply penned project detailing the band's fascination with American culture -- and in its 30-year wake, very few rock albums have enjoyed the same triad of success: universal critical acclaim, commercial dominance, and adoration from diehard fans, who wouldn't dare say the band's sole Diamond-certified record was some sort of "sell-out." ... U2 reclaimed its most lauded album Wednesday, courtesy of an anniversary tour that reignited all 11 "Joshua Tree" tracks in sequence, and bolstered them with a level of grandiosity few other acts have the means to attempt. The historically visual-savvy four-piece was backed by an immense, 200-foot-wide LED screen, with a 45-foot-tall Joshua tree etched into its center. A mirror image of the plant jutted out from center stage, the trunk acting as a runway to the shrub-shaped second stage, where the two-plus-hour performance began. The band first ran easily through a few favorites, the most moving being 1984's "Bad," before the huge screen lit up desert red, summoning the start of the album-dedicated show in earnest. U2 returned to the main stage and off they went, into an album that begins with three enormous hits in "Streets," "Looking For" and "With or Without You."

The former was the night's most electrifying high. The Edge's chiming guitar delay whirled around the stadium while Bono's still-impressive vocal soared effortlessly through the chorus. An impossibly high-def video of a rolling desert road played on the screen behind. Per the album's original theming, uber-American imagery was often cued up: lassoing or painting stars and stripes on an old house. "Songs are mysterious things," Bono said before "God's Country." "You think you know them but not really. They surprise you."

If You Had To Pick One Song
@danastar78 (via twitter) : ‘I LOVE the vocal arrangement on @U2 Red Hill Mining Town for #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 @Sillywhite - it is PERFECT!

What (else) did Bono Say?
As the crowd sung the end of Pride and it faded into Streets: “…Maybe the dream was just telling us to wake up. Awaken, the America of community, compassion… of sanctuary and safety. Justice and joy… tolerance and protest”. Right after Red Hill Mining Town: “Welcome to Side 2 of the Joshua Tree… just flipping the cassette over.”

And if you were at the show tonight, tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos on our tour pages.


    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    Best Band Ever!
    A friend of mine treated me to the show. I was out of work and hadn’t missed a U2 show in decades. He was hell bent on making sure I didn’t break my streak! U2 did not disappoint. Musically they were as good as ever and the visual experience was the best ever! Since seeing them at The Ritz in NY, 1980 I’ve been hooked! A fan forever!
    Propaganda days
    Been a long time fan and member of the fan club since Propaganda!! This was my moment ! The best day of my U2 life! Larry smiled and gave me his magical stick!
    First ....The Little Things
    Great night to hear the AMAZING Joshua Tree in full. Thirty years later and the songs still resonate, and the band still touches the crowd.
    Great night, thanks for the journey. 6-2
    Not my first U2 experience, saw them at the Mudd Club in 1980, luckily for me I was the DJ that night.
    The Most Epic Nights EVER From My Favori
    Every time I see U2, I think it can't get any better. First I saw them on the U2360 Tour - How can they top that? Then i+e at MSG - okay now I have to separate stadium and arena shows. Back at MetLife - one of my favorite albums played live in full, it can't get any better. I had to get tickets for both nights to make sure I heard "Bad", and I heard it twice! Truly this was a magnificent show, and one epic night.
    U2 June 28
    Amazing show! I saw them on the Joshua Tree tour when I was in college. It came full circle!
    30 years later still fancy him
    Show was so awesome Wednesday had to get tickets for Thursday night
    Experiencing Joshua Tree with my three k
    I first heard Joshua Tree playing in my dorm hallways, on one of those fancy new CD players. It was my freshman year and everything was new, and awesome, and exciting, and fun. I already loved U2 because my local radio station based in Albany, NY had played a ton of their early stuff, and U2 had played some dates at a local club and college in the early 80's. So it was easy for me to love everything about Joshua Tree. And I sure did. Fast forward 30 years, and two tours (Achtung Baby and Elevation), and three kids. The five of us took the minivan south to NJ and ate sandwiches in the parking lot, then climbed up to the tippy-top of MetLife. Section 325, looking directly at the stage. We were three rows from the top. (After being front-row at two shows I'm not gonna lie - it's better to be up close.) But once the show began and we were singing and dancing and cheering, it was all worth it. My 20, 19 and 17 year-olds were singing, cheering and dancing along with me. During One, my son (the oldest) just put his head on my shoulder, and we had a moment. All of you out there who are parents know what I'm talking about...that gets tucked away into the "mommy file" where only the extra-special memories go. Best of all, the band played "New Year's Day", my absolute favorite song (and my ringtone). Thank you so much for all the great music, and all the great memories. I hope there's one more tour in this family's future but for now, this one night stands along as one of our greatest times together.
    Amazing show!
    Wow-Just incredible. Such amazing energy. The crowd was wonderful and the band was flawless. 2017 Bono is just as amazing and passionate as 1987 Bono. I want to relive every moment!
    Great show! :)
    An outstanding show - one that reveals that it's always worth it to catch them for more than one show on any given tour. I saw them ten days before in Philadelphia, and that show was incredible too. The only downside for that show was that it was very humid - otherwise, it was a very enjoyable time. Last night, though, we had about as close to perfect weather as one could hope for in late June in the Northeast - relatively cool and low humidity. When I went through the setlists for shows before Philly, I noticed that they seemed to be alternating "Bad" and ASOH, as well as "Vertigo" and "The Little Things That Give You Away". In Philly, they played "Bad" and "Vertigo" (which slightly disappointed me because I would have preferred to hear the other two), BUT we got "Mysterious Ways" instead of "Ultraviolet" - so that variation was unique. Now, I really like "Bad", but I have heard it countlessly many times live; I've never heard ASOH live - so I was hoping to hear it last night. Tragically, it wasn't to be (frankly, it seems that from Pittsburgh onward, they are just playing "Bad in that slot - which, of course, means they'll probably play ASOH tonight and/or Saturday just to spite me. :) Anyway, not hearing ASOH was only only (mild) disappointment of the whole show (as far as song selection anyway - more later...) HOWEVER, when in previous shows they have been playing "Vertigo" or "The Little Things That Give You Away", last night we got BOTH! :D From the DC show onwards, they seem to be playing longer encores. We also got "Ultraviolet", which I hadn't heard at the last show, so that was a bonus too. Of course, hearing JT all the way through was a special joy yet again. All in all, a blinder of a show! I did have a quibble with some later-arriving audience members on the floor. Now, I parked up at about 3:30, then went to wait in line for GA. We were promptly let loose at 5 p.m., and those who had arrived in a timely fashion got the spots they wanted in the GA area in a nice, calm way. Fast forward to when U2 hit the stage, those who didn't arrive early decided they wanted to defraud those who had gone out of their way to arrive as soon as possible to get as close to the stage so that these interlopers could be there instead. NO! That is not right, and those around me (I was about 10 feet from the edge of the b-stage) were NOT letting these cheaters closer. Why do people do this? Those up front have been there for literally hours, so we know who belongs there and who doesn't - no vague "oh-I'm-trying-to-find-my-friend(s)" BS will work - it's VERY easy to spot the liars. If you want to be closer, arrive earlier - it's that simple. End of rant. :) Again, it was a great show. I hope the last two show in the US go as well as this one. :)
    MetLife Stadium June 28
    Last night was incredible
    U2 Night 1 Full Review at MetLife
    A simply perfect summer night with a simply perfect band. Full Review -
    From Argentina to NYC
    Vision over visibility!!!
    M Wincek
    New Jersey 1st show
    Amazing Show......Thanku so so much, Mike .....!
    Part 1
    Excellent show! Can't wait to return tonight for part 2 of my birthday celebration :) Can't imagine a better way to spend my birthday tonight!
    Great show with the kids
    Kids and I had great time! Their first show. We were given setlist afterwards. That will in basement where their band practices!
    U2 JOSHUA TREE Gillette stadium
    Had a amazing night on the field right in front of the stage.the whole night they nailed every was one of the best concerts my bf and I have been to together
    U2 JOSHUA TREE Gillette stadium
    Had a amazing night with U2 and my baby!! Everything was perfect, I love you baby
    U2 JOSHUA TREE Gillette stadium
    Best time!
    Love, Love Love U2 ❤️
    The Joshua Tree Tour 1987 was my first U2 concert and has gone to every concert ever since. Can't wait to see them again!
    Its gonna be a Beautiful day!!
    This will be my 13th U2 concert second with my two sons. My youngest son will be graduating high school and his older brother whom is in the Navy will be coming home to surprise his brother. So I decided to surprise them both by getting U2 tickets. Would love to hear them play Acrobat. Just a thought!
    Hope it continues
    Every show has had A Sort of Homecoming and Bad. Hope the trend continues in NJ
    From The Beginning-My ONLY Love
    My Fella... My Soul Mate..My Best Friend..My 1st... U2 since '94. Every NYC concert since...
    i can wait..!
    Hello from Newburgh
    Peace and low stress..
    Can't wait
    A must see concert
    Good to see you again!!
    People Get Ready...
    There's a band a coming...
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