The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jul 18 2017
Barcelona, ES / Olympic Stadium
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds


'Spanish Eyes'
In Barcelona with The Joshua Tree Tour 2017.

When & Where
Tuesday, July 18th 2017, Olympic Stadium, Barcelona, 27th show of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Lluis from @U2Barcelona sent us this : 'U2 returned yesterday to Barcelona less than 2 years after their 4 sold out shows at The Palau Sant Jordi, a record by any band in this city. This time it was at the Olympic Stadium, a wide and open stadium that sometimes feels cold, but it wasn't yesterday, with an audience that was as hot as the day in Barcelona.
The show started with four classic songs from the pre-Joshua Tree era, Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Bad and Pride. Before Bad, Bono told us that he had visited the David Bowie exhibition that morning in Barcelona, and talked about him: "David Bowie was a friend of ours. We were lucky, he called us friends, really we were fans. ... We feel him very close". And then he sang a part of Bowie's song Heroes during a long and moving version of Bad.
And after that came the The Joshua Tree, full and in sequence. Having the opportunity to hear U2 play the whole album live is just a gift, a privilege. The beginning of 'Streets' put many of us in tears, Bullet the Blue Sky is a blast, Running To Stand Still sounded beautiful as always. And then the B-side, “Bienvenidos a la cara B”, told Bono in Spanish. Trip Through Your Wires, One Tree Hill, Exit… Bono even snippeted a few words from Spanish Eyes.
The encore started with Miss Sarajevo, renamed by the band 'Miss Syria' for this Tour. Then a trio of stadium favourites, Beautiful Day, Elevation and Vertigo, to continue with a little of Achtung Baby, with Ultra Violet, that Bono dedicated to the women around the band, and One, with the audience singing part of it.
And to end the show, the new song The Little Things That Give You Away that Bono introduced as a song from the new album Songs of Experience, telling that it would be out before the end of the year. Hope this time he is right.'

Social Posts
@crna6pk (via IG) : 'I love that I can spend my lunch break with my favorite Irish lads. Thank you #periscope and all the #u2 fans around the world that bring the concert right into my home!'
@febottini (via twitter): 'I've never heard 'Uno, dos, tres, catorce' sound so loud like tonight!'
@olgaparera (via twitter): 'Amazing U2 honouring women with Ultraviolet. Also included Emma Watson, Lena Dunham, Malala.'

In The Press 
'U2 made Barcelona soar, cry and vibrate at a concert filled with meaningful messages…'

If You Had To Pick One Song 

Trip Through Your Wires - as fan site @U2Songs noted, 'Trip was one of the first songs heard from The Joshua Tree, debuting January 1986 in a television performance...'

What (else) did Bono Say?
“For our mate Reggie The Dog, who is here tonight, Reggie (Manuel) is the reason we're all here tonight. is the reason that I'm here tonight. (He) believed, when I was a boy, that I should go to Larry''s house for the very first rehearsal of the U2 group… Muchos gracias! And not only did he think I should go - he took me, to make sure that I went…'

Review On 
chusplus.  'Only one night! Barcelona deserved a second night! Great performance tonight! Love the Bowie's Heroes snippet. Thanks for did it! Fab Setlist but I missed great songs such Until the end of the world. Waiting for the new album and, of course, new shows in Barcelona next tour!'

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    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    Another beautiful and wonderful night enjoying U2. A spectacular video screen and, as always, a pleasure to enjoy the best rock band of all time .... U2. I had the privilege of seeing them in the year 1987 in the mythical concert of Madrid and now, 30 years later, here I am again ...
    Hello Bono!!!!
    The Joshua Tree Barcelona
    Amazing!!! The best setlist!!
    Since 1987 in concert with U2
    Otra noche maravillosa mas en mi amada ciudad Barcelona @u2therefugee
    The Joshua Tree.
    Our dear tree.
    Here we are...
    Best concert of my life
    I had a dream becoming true last Tuesday. After eleven hours waiting under the sun I got to be near the stage and see U2 so close for the first time. Couldn't hold the tears back. Thank you guys for a moment I'll never forget!
    U2 Barcelona
    The best U2 show I´ve ever see.. Thank you!!!
    Once in a life time opportunity
    Speechless...a lot of many emotions
    U2 are The Best.....
    An incredible concert.... thnak you again....
    Ready to float
    The best u can see in the world from the music outlook
    Thanks U2 for the great concert last night . Really nice concert , I saw U2 already 3 times but this one was the best !!!! U2 FOREVER !!!! Rui
    So amazing how they play "Exit", everything, music and images!!
    Awesome as usual flag. Subliminal messages. Ireland &a Spain. All as ONE Thanks!!! I love U2
    Only one night!
    Barcelona deserved a second night! Great performance tonight! Love the Bowie's Heores snippet. Thanks for did it! Fab Setlist but I missed great songs such Until the end of the world. Waiting for the new album and, of course, new shows in Barcelona next tour!
    Barcelona 2017
    Insuperables U2!!!!
    U2 forever
    Cap a treballar
    Happy bday Manon!! (aka Mrs MacPhisto)
    Happy bday to the fan number one of the best band ever!
    Incredible night
    It's 30 years since I began to be a U2's fan . The more time you play music ...the more you make me enjoy a lot. Thanks a lot for the great moments I feel with you..!
    Beautiful night!!!
    Growing up since childhood to 2017 being U2's fans. Forever. Thanks for giving us great songs!! What a incredible performance,sound...!!
    Fantastic Show
    Simply unforgettable
    Thanks U2 for this fantastic night in Barcelona . I spend amazing night with my daughter Sara and my brother . Thanks a lot Rui
    Once in a life time opportunity!
    Ready in Barcelona
    Early in the morning, everything ready there! Can't wait!
    U2 Barcelona
    Tonight it's going to be magic guys and don't forget to play (Please) It's Mikael and wife and my son his first with you U2 ,my was 1987 in Gothenburg,Sweden see you Mikael Stockholm Sweden
    Tonight Barca,with my wife and son I hope they play (Please)it's gone be magic like the first time 1987 in Gotenburg,Sweden see you guys tonight Mikael Stockholm
    2 Generations of U2 Fans
    30 years ago, in Modena, I was 18 and that was the first concert in my life (I still wear the 1987 tee). In Rome, she is 15 and this is the first concert in her life. A stunning performance! No words to express what we felt.
    Bono, please sing these words at the end
    "it doesnt matter where you are, it doesnt matter where you've gone, all that matters is when we'll be to-geth-er yeah!! we'll shine like stars in the summer night, we'll shine like stars yeah we'll be all right!! one heart, one heart, one heart" for my late mother Siew Hwee, your late mother Iris, your late father Bob and for all that have passed too early I cant wait for the show. when I was only 12 years old my sister took me my first ever rock concert in 1989 Sydney performed by a band called U2. I was 9 rows from the front and have been hooked on U2 every since. Now I am taking my sister to U2 in Barcelona thanks, Ed Ho
    Saturday 11 July 1987 what a party
    Only Date I can go. I am sure it will be another great party 30 years after de Kuip Rotterdam!
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