The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jul 16 2017
Rome, IT / Olympic Stadium
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

'In The Eternal City...'
'…feeling so strangely at home.'  Second night in Rome.

When & Where
Sunday, July 16th 2017, Olympic Stadium, Rome, Night 2 in Italy - 26th show of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Set List 
SBS, NYD, then European leg debut for A Sort Of Homecoming as makes its return to the show. A counted in - Pride! is then followed by the eleven tracks from The Joshua Tree, in this gladiatorial setting for the second and final time.  
Encore: 16. Miss Sarajevo 17. Beautiful Day 18. Elevation 19. Vertigo  20th was another change up from last night, Mysterious Ways appears 20th on the list, with UltraViolet (Light My Way) 21st, and One taking the final tally to 22.

"Here we are again in the eternal city feeling so strangely at home" (Bono before ASOH). That set the internet alight... fans delighted to hear the return of a much beloved anthem.

Social Posts
@godgrrl (via twitter) :
'FOUND! In Rome. Tonight. Safe and well. A Sort Of Homecoming questa sera e tornata a…' (came back tonight)
@atu2comSherry (via twitter):
'The whoa-oh-oh-oh's are so freakin loud at the end of Pride in Rome tonight'
@U2Songs (via twitter):
'If I had a band and wanted a crowd to sing for me I would go to Rome'

In The Press 
'U2 set Rome on fire: Joshua Tree is 30 years old, but doesn't show it. The concert was produced to celebrate the landmark album, still sounding relevant and powerful today. It also regenerates its value as a complete work that keeps enthusing the audience….'

If You Had To Pick One Song 
ASOH... so rare in Europe since the 80's

@valterhalyson (via twitter):
@U2start (via twitter):
'The sweet sounds of ASOH return in Rome! 'No spoken words, just a screaaam!' Let the whole world sing it!'
@georgemccauley (via twitter):
'So refreshing to hear A Sort Of Homecoming again! Please make it stay this time around!'

What (else) did Bono Say?
After Red Hill Mining Town: "This is where we turn over the vinyl over to side 2, and such a beautiful thing, vinyl… the needle and groove.. makes a scratch… something physical about that."
"How come we haven't played songs like Red Hill Mining Town for 30 years, can you answer me The Edge?"
"It took us 30 years to learn how to play that." replies the guitarist.
After In God's Country:  "I felt that I knew Italy even before I knew there WAS an Italy… I fell in love with Italy even before I KNEW there was an Italy 'Cos I grew up listening to my father's music.. and he listened to… and he loved, the opera. Its part of me. And U2 is not a rock and roll band… we're an Opera band…"

Review On 
uddue2000. Roma 16 Giugno 2017. 'After 35 years I was able to be present at my first mythical concert, I still have the adrenaline in circles even though the concert is over for 3 days, with the first song I do not hide I cried as a child (I'm 50 years old ) I soon realized the great dream I had been waiting for for years, I've been involved with my wife Mary and my daughter Oriana of 21 years, they also enjoyed it so much, such a thrill for me was the greatest gift I did, You are the two most intense hours I have ever lived in your life thanks to all the thanks for being there. Peppe has always been a fan of you...'

Also Noteworthy :
Adam spotted watching some of the Noel Gallagher HFB set from the back of the GA. Guggi in town.  The jumping photo of Bono reminded many of the Achtung Baby days, same leap, and with the 'Hallelujah's' at the end of Running To Stand Still tonight, comparisons were doubled down.

If you were at the show at the Olympic Stadium, tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos on our tour pages.


    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    what a beautiful night!!!!!
    In 1987 I was too young for the concert but seeing this they paid me back!
    La più bella notte di sempre
    All my life, I worshipped them...From mother to son: 30 years ago in Modena, last Saturday in Rome, with my beloved 16-year-old son, huge fan...what more in the name of love? Thank you guys, love forever #u2thejoshuatree2017 #u2 #u2fans #u2roma2017 #lapiubellanottedisempre
    Most Beautiful Night
    They played the setlist that every early fan wanna listen
    A big family in Rome!
    We are the others two brother of U2's band! Love! Love! Love!
    a magic night in Rome
    amore,pace, compassione, speranza...... i sentimenti evocati da questa serata fantastica.
    15/07/2017 This night will be unforgettable!!
    Great experience and a wonderfull night spent with you at the olimpic stadium in Rome! We celebrate with you our 11 years of marriage! Thanks a lot!
    #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #Roma Emozioni
    U2 Rome 15 July
    ...i 4 Leoni di Dublino..U2 ..una grande famiglia!
    even the shoes of love....
    even the shoes of love....
    Amazing concert!!! Thank U(2)!!!
    Great night, I can't wait to see you again!!
    What a show !!! I met you when I was 10 and I have not left anymore. This year I'm 30 years old with you, I have spent every moment of my life with you, those beautiful and very ugly ones. Thanks guys, sooner or later I can meet you, I know. I love you, always and forever
    Me and my Irish cousin
    Beautiful day in Rome
    Good concert but...
    Band was great, very good sound, Amazing crowd but.. Part of the people seated in Curvature Nord saw nothing when the performance started (first 3/4 songs) then the view was partly blocked. For a concert of this scale you should not sell tickets where people can't see. I drove 2500km to see this concert....... Pretty disappointed
    I will follow !!!! :-)
    U2 late?
    I will be with my family in Florence (a 90-minute train ride to Rome) for the concert dates! Looked into bringing our daughters (we live in the U.S.). Alas, the concerts are sold out! Ci manchera di vedere U2! Spero che ognuno goda del concerto! Spero che tutti rimangano al sicuro!
    slight bookend tour
    First and only time I saw U2 was a rainy-snowy early Nov, 1987 tour with their #1 album, The Joshua Tree. An incredible, edgy show in McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado. Also the first time I saw the BoDeans. Didn't know it at the time, but they were filming 'Rattle & Hum' in B&W. Now, all these years later, coming from Lusaka, Zambia, going to see my good musical friends U2 in Roma, Italia touring The Joshua Tree! Peace, Michael Shannon Ryan
    u2 in rome again!!!
    After 30 years see you again with my teenager son is a....dream!!!!!!!
    Rome concerts
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