The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jul 26 2017
Paris, FR / Stade De France
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

When & Where
Wednesday, July 26th 2017, Stade De France, Night 2 in Paris, 30th show of the year, 30th year of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Change-ups from night 1. Slot 3 lit the internet social up as the the arpeggio triplets riff of A Sort of Homecoming echoed things Bono had touched on from the previous night - "Why do we feel so at home… home.. .home.. what is that feeling of ... home"? 
A kind of coming home, travelling pilgrims looking for one, making one in a once-strange and foreign land. The dream, the goal of a (safe) European home perhaps? Mysterious Ways was back with a fan dancing on stage, and a real lift to end the rain-touched night with banging version of I Will Follow.

Social Posts
@markwmerriman  aka 'U2Mooner' aka Mark from South OC, has been up front of GA for many shows this tour and tours past. He DM'd us right after the show : 'U2 is on fire for night 2 in Paris, falling into a Paris groove. Bono's vocals, the best so far this tour. Mysterious Ways moves in the set, with a voluptuous beauty gracing the stage, let her spirit move the crowd.
The French accent on 'singalong' portions during songs like "Found", etc. make it know that the U2 spirit beats deeply in the French hearts.The finale with "I Will Follow" ripped through the crowd like a ribbon of light headed for the cosmos. A fitting end to an epic show.'

French voices on social media (via twitter) : 
@Totoro_lucile 'C'est pour les soirs comme ça que j'aime U2' ((It's for nights like this one that I love U2…)'

@AKTARUS360 : 'Le concert du 26/07/17 qu il ne fallait pas louper @StadeFrance merci @U2 ((Show of 26/07/2017 that was not to be missed... Thanks U2…))'

In The Press
'"Exit" is without doubt the highlight of the show: after an anti-Trump speech the band launch into a hypnotic and furious trip with flashing lights and crackling images under the beat of Larry Mullen Jr's drums and Adam Clayton's bass. And the ultimate gift: Patti Smith comes on stage to sing a moving "Mothers Of The Disappeared" duet with Bono – the best song on "The Joshua Tree". Bono fell to his knees to thank her….' (Gala review by Jean-Christian Hay)

If You Had To Pick One Song 
A Sort Of Homecoming, another rare appearance especially in Europe, @amubalt listening in via twitter hopes it's not the last.. : 'Only caught last minute of ASOH. Still has me in tears. Please @u2 play ASOH in Brussels. Make my 100th show incredible'
@muziekmenneke agreed : 'So good to see A Sort Of Homecoming back! Please play 2nd night in Amsterdam!'

What (else) did Bono Say?
Before ASOH "Merci merci Paris. Merci d'être là ce soir au Stade de France. Merci merci to the High Flying Birds, Noel Gallagher." (Thank you Paris. Thanks for being here tonight at Stade de France. Thank you to NGHFB.)
He said "Merci pour cette vie que vous nous avez donnée" (thanks for giving us a great life), "Le meilleur son au monde" (The best sound in the world), "Vous êtes incroyables (You are incredible), "Paris la plus belle ville du monde" (Paris, the most beautiful city in the world) He also mentioned the famous French motto "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternit
"Quel public ! Ce soir on a l'impression que le monde entier est à Paris"
What an audience! Tonight it feels like the whole world is in Paris

Review On 
christophecumps728.  Paris July 26. ' Even more a delight than the Barcelona show. The drizzle stopped around 9:00 PM and with a few changes in the setlist (A Sort Of Homecoming, Mysterious Ways, I Will Follow - thank you for those) the show was nothing less than memorable. One love from Belgium. Christophe'

Other Noteworthy Stuff :
snippet of `Stand By Me in 'Found', harks back to original Joshua Tree Tour.
big thanks  to @Judith86 from @U2Achtung_ for assistance with our French translations for this piece

If you were at the second night in Paris, tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos below.

    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    Simply incredible and emotional even on
    I was in the RedZone and took my wife as a birthday present and it was simply so good. It's not a wonder that the crowd was so pleased with the show. Bono was superb and the whole band were simply one in full force and obviously having a great gig with the crowd. Great songs that had not been heard live in a while and from the first to last song....oh I WILL FOLLOW! Larry's smooth chillaxed walk to start the gig was so cool, he is trully cool and had a great walk on stage in middle of thousands of adoring fans! great job and keep it up!
    Beautidul day!!!
    Merci pour ce beautiful day...
    Fabuleux concert ce 26 juillet au stade de France.
    Magnificent !
    I was at The Stade de France, 24 years after ZOOROPA (my first concert) : WONDERFULL, BEAUTIFULL night, "Beautifull Day". Thank you Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam for this incredible evening. I saw you the 26th of june in 1993 and it's always the same pleasure to watch your show, to hear your music in live. You are wonderfull people...RESPECT !
    Thanks for another great show, boys!
    Another great night with the fans, my family and the band! Thanks for "I Will Follow" at the end! (not sure why it's not on your set list here?) The night brought tears to my eyes, heart to my soul. Thank the gods of Rock N' Roll!
    30 years an impossible dream...
    On July 4th, 1987, in Vincennes, on that sunny day I didn't know it was filmed and that I would be able to see the concert again one day. More than that, I couldn't imagine I'd see U2 on stage 30 years later. Last Wednesday 26th of July 2017 totally blown away again, still after all these years, I couldn't help but thank the band for all what I owe them. So much inspiration, so much elevation.
    Paris - Stade de France - Night 2 - 26.07.2017
    Paris July 26
    Even more a delight than the Barcelona show. The drizzle stopped around 9:00 PM and with a few changes in the setlist (A Sort Of Homecoming, Mysterious Ways, I Will Follow - thank you for those) the show was nothing less than memorable. One love from Belgium. Christophe
    It was a perfect concert they suprised me again.
    Thank you Bono The Edge Adam and Larry .
    Stade de France
    So fantastic !! U2 We love you!
    Great Show again! I was in Berlin and Paris. The view from my seat in Paris was not good. During the first 4 Songs I saw nothing. The band played on the Little stage, the "technic-tent" was in front of me and the screen started first with "Streets". Very sad!
    It's a beautiful day!!!
    Amazing show!! It's worth waiting outside!! U2 the best band ever!!
    A dream concert Just splendid, gorgeous, great, marvelous... Thank You so Much
    Unforgetable night
    One more unforgetable night in Paris for us ! Thanks for the great show !
    Beautiful night
    What a wonderful show!Thank you guys !Please come back soon...
    merveilleuse soirée
    Merci U2 je vous adore revenez vite en France
    Merci U2
    Merveilleuse soirée ,je vous adore revenez vite en France
    Once upon à tome ...U2 and me
    So cute
    Birthday 30/40
    I'm happy. I go to Paris to listen a beautiful music group the next day of my 40
    Thank you for a wonderful concert with my family in Berlin. Now, for my 50th birthday, coming back to see you in Paris - Stade de France, July 26. Thank you for being part of my life since so many years! What a gift - U2 - what a great band!
    DEAR BONO We come to see you in Paris! The dream becomes reality! See U2 and then die! My daughter ' ANAELLE ' will be 20 years old on July 27th a small word for her would be nice ! Thank you
    My dream is be with you on stage when yo
    The 26th I will be on the Stade de France to see you guys, my dream come true! and also my dream is be with you on stage when you play "Mysterious Ways". I will travel from Paraguay to France only to see you guys. Please play "Mysterious Ways" and invite me on stage please please! I will be in Sector Sud Porte Z Pelouse Debout.
    U2 for my 40.
    A new concert, with the best band, the day of my 40 years. God bless U2.
    Finalle I got my tickets!
    I am from Paraguay and I gonna spend my vacations on Paris and I gonna see my favorite band!!! That`s all I need in my life!
    happy joshuatree...
    U2 for my birthday in redzone <3
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