Joshua Tree

Dec 5 1987
Tampa, FL, US / Tampa Stadium
with Buckwheat Zydeco, Los Lobos
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It rained that night
Not only my first U2 show, but my first live concert. Had to wait in line around the record shop all night to buy tickets. The show was powerful. I was gobsmacked as 60,000 people sang together, putting as much energy into receiving the show as the band was putting into sending it to us. As the show ended with 40, people were still singing as they spilled into the lots. On the walk back to our nearby hotel, the singing continued long after the stadium emptied out. I've been elevated since then and continue to sing this song. Thank you U2 - You've been the sound track to my life.
30 Years AgoToday!
Best birthday ever! I was turning 22 in a week, Dec 12, 1987, and went with one of best friends! Truly unforgettable!
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