The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Sep 3 2017
Detroit, MI, US / Ford Field
with Beck


'Midnight, our sons and daughters…’

When & Where
Sunday, September 3rd 2017, Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan; the 33rd show and opening night of the 2nd North American leg of the #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 

While it's been just two months since U2 wrapped the first North American leg of the Joshua Tree tour on July 1 in Cleveland, it's been a tumultuous time in the U.S. while the band toured Europe. As they returned to the U.S. Sunday night, they brought a few changes to the set from the first two legs of the tour, and had a couple of surprises up their sleeves for the Motor City crowd. The show opened with the familiar quartet of Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Bad, and Pride (In the Name of Love) before launching into The Joshua Tree in its entirety.

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@danleach971 said: 'How poetic…It was 20 years ago this last April @U2 played their first ever stadium show at the Silverdome. Now brilliant at Ford Field…It's pretty amazing much of a perfect album Joshua Tree is…and played in its entirety is simply magical #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 

If You Had To Pick One Song 
'Mothers of the Disappeared' 

@donrumgayjr: 'U2 had Patti Smith join them onstage tonight in Detroit to sing Mothers of the [Disappeared]…I can die now.'

'In the trees our sons stand naked/Through the walls our daughter cry/See their tears in the rainfall.'

It was one of those 'epic' moments that U2 fans will be talking about for years—'Were you in Detroit the night Patti sang 'Mothers'?' Patti Smith, a longtime friend of the band who lived for more than a decade just outside Detroit with her late husband Fred 'Sonic' Smith and their son and daughter, joined them onstage for the final song on The Joshua Tree album. While Bono made his way back to the mainstage from the tree stage, Smith appeared center stage reciting lyrics from her iconic rock anthem 'People Have the Power' while Edge played the 'Mothers' distinctive opening riffs—'I was dreaming in my dreaming of an aspect bright and fair/and my sleeping it was broken by my dream it lingered near…' Then Bono and Patti they sang 'Mothers' together, trading lines, and the refrain. 
'I am a mother—my children were born in Detroit,' Smith said while the band played the second verse. 'All the mothers. Weep for the mothers….Hear their heartbeat.'  As the song drew to a close, Bono invited Smith, who is included among the 'luminous icons' of the HERSTORY multimedia montage that has accompanied 'Ultraviolet' throughout the tour, to sing acapella a few lines, which she interpreted in her inimitable style, singing: 'Hear their laughter in the wind, feel their tears in the rain. Hear their hearts beat. Hear their hearts beat.'

'Patti Smith!' Bono enthused. 'There is no one to compare with Patti Smith, our muse,' he said. 'We would not have written The Joshua Tree without her. What an honour to have her on stage.' 

What (else) did Bono Say?
During his introduction to 'One,' which closed the show, Bono had a message for the American audience: 'I would like to thank any of you here tonight who are making the world around you a bit better. Whatever organization you sign up to to … whatever you're doing, privately, whatever it is, I want to thank you tonight. That's what this country is. That's what this country is about, and I guess that's what we've learned from the last week,' he said, referring to the rescue and relief efforts around flood-ravaged Houston, Texas. 'For all the hate and all the bile and all the spleen and all the summoning of dark spirits in this country, with Hurricane Harvey we discover who America is. Who you are, what America is.

'And if I might say, America means everything to this band,' he continued. 'Second home—second home to us. Not just a country. An idea. A great idea. So we've so much at stake in seeing this idea of yours succeed. And we want to see you prosper here in Detroit, Michigan—extraordinary feeling in this city. So it's clear this country can do anything when it works together. You can put a man on the moon or rescue some people out of the flood water—it's America. Anything is possible when you work together as one.'

During the closing verses of 'One', a message appeared on the screen behind the band with the familiar Red Cross logo: Text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation 

Review from Billboard
'Bono spent plenty of time honoring Detroit and its resurgence from a 2013 bankruptcy years ago during the two-hour show. Calling it "the city of invention, the city of reinvention, the city of history, fast becoming the city of the future," during "Bad," he spoke of the "extraordinary feeling in this city." And during "Pride (In The Name Of Love)," as excerpts from Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech were show on the massive video screen, Bono noted that it was "a dream started in Detroit, on a march for freedom." (King first delivered the speech on June 23, 1963 during the Great March on Detroit -- two months before the more famous recitation during the March on Washington.)'
Review on 
dacol66  'Thank you U2. Magnificent evening at Ford Field (Detroit)! Got to share the experience with my 23 year old son who has grown up trying to understand dad's obsession with this band called U2. Now he understands. Bullet the Blue Sky and Exit were the highlights of the evening for me! I know Bono always thanks us for giving him and the boys a great life. I want to thank him, Larry, Adam and Edge for giving me so much and for being such a special part of my life.'

Other Noteworthy Stuff
Bono gave a shout out to Fred 'Sonic' Smith, the late guitarist and founding member of the legendary Detroit band MC5, who was married to Patti Smith until his death in 1994. Bono also dedicated 'One Tree Hill' to 'Rob'—the recently deceased father of three fans he'd met earlier in the day in Detroit. 'There's no end to grief, that's why we know there's now end to love.' 
Heather Heyer was added to the living pantheon of trailblazing women honored in the HERSTORY installation during 'Ultraviolet.' Heyer, 32, was killed when a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters during a far-right rally on August 12. 

As 'One' and the show drew to a close Bono, added: 'Sisters and brothers across the States, we hold you in our prayers this Sunday evening,' he said. 'Amen. Are you ready now? Hear us coming Lord, hear us call, hear us knocking, knocking at your door….'

Were at the show at the Ford Field in Detroit ? Tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos below.

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    U2 in Detroit
    It took many years for me to be able to afford a ticket to their concert due to life happening BUT it was well worth the wait. As a 30+ year die hard fan from afar it was a fabulous experience!! They are, have been and always will be my favorite band. Rock on.....I'm saving for the next tour.....maybe a bigger ticket this is fleeting....time does not stand still...... U24ever!!
    Great show in Detroit
    Many great pics to post in Detroit!
    5th time
    Great to see them in Detroit again. This was the 5th time (ZooTv, Pop, ATYCLB, 360) we have seen them. Highlight of show for us was God's Country & Streets. Arizona is where my wife and I met in 1990, so that adds to the richness of the songs. Low point was mocking of our President in video (700 miles of border wall as of November 2016. We are called to pray for our leaders, 1 Timothy 2:2) and praising of Hillary & Oprah in "Ultraviolet" as role models. Curiously, no conservative women highlighted as role models - Mother Theresa, Condoleezza Rice, Alveda King, etc. Thanks for a great show again Gentlemen.
    Epic U2 Joshua Tree concert in Detroit a
    Epic U2 Joshua Tree 30th anniversary concert! Beck was a surprise great opener and play some of his songs. Then the boys from Dublin came out pounding with Sunday Bloody Sunday Bloody, New Years Day, Bad, and Pride (in the name of love) which all could have been encores alone. But not enough words to describe the amazing performance of the Joshua Tree album in it's entirety. Amazing visial backdrops and the band sounding as great as ever. Me and my girlfriend were hit with waves of emotions that nearly brought us to tears of joy. If Joshua Tree wasn't enough the songs played afterwards justified the concert and the great surprise of having rock legend Patti Smith join onstage was an additional cherry on top. My girlfriend said it was the greatest show she ever seen.
    Great night in the D!
    Meeting Bono
    I was so fortunate to have a conversation with Bono that ended with a sweet kiss on the cheek. I'm looking for someone who was there and has video/ pictures.
    The Jazzman's smile
    Adam Clayton is one of the coolest cats in music. He is genuine, under-appreciated, full of passion and smiles at you as if you were his best mate!
    Again after a 15th time over 30 years I am left with the same non-definable speechlessness of the day after a U2 show. Cant believe what I saw, never wanted it to end, want to do it again, crushed that it is past. Thank you for a great show, thank you for sounding so good, thank you Edge for being an animal on your guitars, thank you Bono for shouting your heart out. It is incredible that we seemingly have travelled this journey together. And I know I am not alone. A couple of 'little things' that were great in the show...Bono's Fly leap at the start of Streets and then his "Put your hand against the screen" in Exit....Nothing left to say except Slainte!
    jim trevethan
    amazing show once more. hope on Song of Experience tour they do same way with cities spread out. Seen JT30 in Pittsburgh, month later in Cleveland, then 2 months later in Detroit. Was perfect to see them 3 times without a lot of traveling from Cleveland.
    No pizza this time? Bono - I left the show hungry! Thanks for a great show - wife & I enjoyed it tremendously. Almost tempting to see you again in Minneapolis.
    Hearing the Heartbeats
    'Mothers of the Disappeared' with Patti Smith was awesome and powerful. I am still adding memories and thoughts to my personal 'Joshua Tree' journal.
    Thank you, U2!
    This is my son, Gavin, at his first concert ever. Words fail to describe how much this meant to him and I to share this experience together. We're still glowing. Thank you for playing your hearts out, acknowledging my son and to the amazing crowd (and the man who held him up on his shoulders) for making this night what it was - magical.
    Great night out!!!
    Here's to celebrating our 25th anniversary with U2! We loved every second!
    Great Show!!!
    I was so excited for this concert and it was everything and more that I could of asked for. So glad they decided to include Detroit on their tour schedule. I was at the 1987 Joshua Tree tour and was not going to miss this one for anything. Thank You!!!
    Ford Field Spectacular!
    The last U2 show I went to was the U2 360 show that was in East Lansing, MI. Not sure why the boys only come to Michigan sometimes for all their tours. Anyway, going to the 360 show, I thought that was the best concert I've ever been to. Until Sunday, Sep. 3 at Ford Field. The Joshua Tree tour was so much better than the 360 tour, I was born in 1987, and the album has helped me through a lot of hard times in life. The three highlights for me were 'Bad', 'Bullet The Blue Sky' and 'Ultraviolet.' Hope the next tour will come back to Michigan. Peace and love.....
    Ford Field Goes RED
    Best concert and birthday evah!
    Thank You U2
    Magnificent evening at Ford Field (Detroit)! Got to share the experience with my 23 year old son who has grown up trying to understand dad's obsession with this band called U2. Now he understands. Bullet the Blue Sky and Exit were the highlights of the evening for me! I know Bono always thanks us for giving him and the boys a great life. I want to thank him, Larry, Adam and Edge for giving me so much and for being such a special part of my life.
    Thank You U2
    An absolutely amazing night at Ford Field (Detroit)! Got to share the evening with my 23 year old son who has grown up trying to understand dad's obsession with this band called U2. Now he understands. Bullet the Blue Sky and Exit were the highlights of the show for me! Incredible! I know Bono thanks us for giving he and the boys a great life. I want to thank him, Larry, Edge and Adam for giving me so much being such a special part of my life.
    Patti Smith
    What an awesome surprise, Nobel Prize and now this....
    Another awesome show!
    This was my 11th time seeing the best rock band around. Ford Field was rocking! Thanks guys for another terrific show!
    First time seeing them in 7 years
    I was as emotional then as I was tonight. What a fantastic show and I enjoyed every moment. Thank you, U2!
    Incredible. Just incredible. Exit was incredible. As always to hear Bad live gives me chills. First time taking my daughtera to a U2 show is priceless.
    No autograph but close to Bono ..thank you for coming to the D
    RED ZONE in Detroit after being at the Cleveland show on 7/1! CANNOT WAIT for my 16th U2 show. Detroit fans get ready because this show will blow you away! But please please guys play us a new song tonight and please please play "40!" Cleveland got short changed in July! Make it up to me tonight! PEACE! This is going to be the BEST way to end my summer! XO
    Looking forward to Sunday! Hoping to hear 40. :)
    Few things: 1) There is a lot of great gospel talent in Detroit. Any chance you can tap into that talent and get a gospel choir on stage for "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"? 2) Thanks for not doing the credit card entry for the GA/Floor for this show. I like having the old-fashioned ticket in-hand. 3) I know it's not all about me, but I'm really excited you all are playing in downtown Detroit. I know of 2 shows you all played in Detroit....Harpo's for the Boy Tour and Fox Theater for the War Tour. 4) Blessings upon blessings to U2. I'm blessed to have gotten the chance to grow up with U2's music. It's been by my side through some tough times.
    Just watched Blackout! Great bass line Adamski! If you are thinking of playing this song on Sunday, that would be OK but please either ADD as a longer show or maybe delete Pride. I know newbies need to hear that song, but so many of your audience is repeat, repeat, repeaters; it is getting long in the tooth. Where you guys shine so brightly is the older rockers like Out of Control, I will Follow and Electric Co. (Maybe shock the world and leave it out.) Hope the rest did you well and that you arrive ready to rock the shit out of the D! See you Sunday!! Yeah!
    Laura S Bommarito
    1987 to 2017
    FOXBORO STADIUM TO FORD FIELD - I was in college in Boston in 1987 sitting in the way, way back of Foxboro Stadium (which is no more). I barely knew of this Irish band of guys so I went along with friends to have a bit of fun. The lights went down, there was a sea of RED and then it began.... U2 pulled me in, I held on and have never let go since. After all these shows after all these years... they are still the best band in the world! Thanks guys for being such a huge (musical) part of my life!
    U2 Ford Field 2017
    My niece Kyra and myself are so thrilled to be coming to Ford Field in Detroit to see you guys the wait is going to be long over due for both of us to hear Joshua Tree live!
    U2 Ford Field 2017
    I can not wait to be there my niece Kyra and myself will be there! Have always loved Joshua Tree it is Kyra's all time favorite album! I would play the album in my van all the the Kyra would always say hey Uncle please turn it up!
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