The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Sep 16 2017
St. Louis, MO, US / Dome At America’s Center
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Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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I didn't get to share why you are so spe
Upset at what is happening in this country, and what is going on in St. Louis. I am a longtime fan, who thankfully already got to see you this summer in Vancouver and Chicago, but this time I was taking two friends who have never seen you. Yes I'm upset at the plane ticket and hotel expense, but more importantly, because you are more important and relevant than ever right now, and you need to be heard. We need your unique voice. I don't know if I can ever talk them in to taking a trip to see you again. I hope so! Maybe if you come to Omaha next time - short drive. :) But this was the tour that touches us more than any other.
Is it 1968 or 2017?
I am sad that this show was cancelled due to the riots and protests happening in StL, but not necessarily because I missed my 23rd show. At first the selfish part of me thinks why? I've had the week from hell, my sister came in all the way from Phoenix to see out favorite band of 20+ years with me and now we can't. But then I take a step back, and see what is going on and I become sad for a whole slew of reasons. There are so many things happening in the world that make me wonder the end we need to stop, and remember to not become a monster in order to defeat a monster (to steal a line from Bono). We need more U2 now more than ever in these times. I commend Live Nation and U2 for doing what is right for their fans. Those affected...and those not should take tonight hug your loved ones and celebrate all that is good even though so much bad is happening. We will be stronger some day. I hope U2 would someday consider stopping again in St Louis to play this show. This city needs U2 more than ever.
I totally understand the lack of security for our concert. But why can't this be rescheduled? I've been to both Chicago shows, a Toronto show and hoped to end with this. The last tour I saw Chicago shows, Toronto and ended with great shows in Dublin. PLEASE reschedule.. PLEASE!
Another Missed Show
Sorry to hear that U2 is having to cancel the St Louis show, but I do agree with Bono in that, "is this 1968 or 2017". There is so much messed up in our world and country right now. I hope we don't have to wait to long for another tour to our state of MO. Maybe next time they will place the Heart of America on the first stop in the US.
The terrorists have won
These people are cowards who will continue to become emboldened while we keep condoning this behavior. It's the ol' inmates running the asylum trick again. Please stop.
If ever a desert rose needed new dreams
I totally understand the concern for safety and the need to cancel tonight's show. Still I would hope that U2 finds a way to reschedule this concert rather than simply cancelling the show outright. St. Louis needs new dreams tonight, and I hope I get to see those new dreams in more than one way... both in the streets and on the stage!
U2 St. Louis
As a Missourian and longtime fan, I am sorry U2 had to cancel due the hate a racism in Missouri. I know Mark Twain would be rolling over in his grave. Missouri has changed so much I don't recognize my home state. I was looking forward this concert; it would have been my fifth. I feel like crying for the human race.
I am so sad about the cancellation of tonight's show in St. Louis. Our city is in need of all of your prayers. So much turmoil and unrest. I understand peaceful protest but do not understand all of the violence.
I am so sorry that U2 had to cancel the St. Louis show. I have been a U2 fan for 30 years. Please include St. Louis on your next tour
Please reschedule!
We understand your reasons, safety is important. But this concert was a dream of ours! It would have been my first U2 concert to attend. This matters a lot to your St. Louis fans. Please, please reschedule!
STL We are Coming!
My girlfriend and I saw the show in Dallas (I was at the show in Ft. Worth in 1987). We are heading to STL Friday night and leaving Sunday. We will be in the RedZone! Looking forward to the weekend.
The U2 Show - Me State
Thanks for the tips Eric !! My buddies are down with you on the German biers so that's great. If you see someone sporting a crazy blue J-T 2017 polo that be me. Have a great show, Bob !!!
First St. Louis!
We saw U2 for the first time in 2005 (Vertigo) in St. Louis and it was one of my favorite concerts! We saw them in Cleveland in July and I still get goosebumps thinking about it! We loved it so much we are going to the St. Louis show and bringing a friend along who's never been to one of their shows. Super excited!! We love you U2!!!
RE: THE U2 Show - Me State
If you're looking for blues music, head down to BB'S Jazz & Blues downtown. For wandering around, I'd head to The Central West End, Delmar Loop, and maybe Washington Avenue downtown. Plenty of great breweries in town. I'm partial to the German biers at Urban Chestnut. They have two facilities. The original with a biergarten on Washington and the much larger bierhall on Manchester in The Grove. I'm in seats. No sure where you line up. Enjoy STL!!!
2nd show of the tour/RED Zone
Saw the show in Houston and heading to St. Louis from Iowa City on Friday for the Saturday show. We'll be in the RED Zone!!
The U2 Show - Me State
Hello St. Louis! coming in from Beantown Friday - where do we wet the whistle and hear some good tunes... thru the night till sometime Saturday?? and who knows where the queue is for us..... Gen Admin'ers. We'll be Rockin at the Gateway to America, I hear a Cry for The Blackout !!!!
2005 1st show.....many since
Great show.....many memories from the last 30 years, carried thru many a time with lyrics and music from U2. Keep bringing it on...... last show we saw in St. Louis was our first, in 2005. Waited too many years, making up now. Many shows since then, several each tour, what we can get to. Would love to hear Hawkmoon 269 in concert........and Moment of Surrender again and again........ Looking forward to concert.
2nd Show of the Tour, maybe not the last
We saw the show in Cleveland in July and loved it so much that we bought tickets to St. Louis...We are flying in Friday and leaving Sunday morning. This show is spectacular! I can't wait to see it inside.
14th Show
So stoked U2 gave STL a little love. Looking forward to seeing this show in inside the dome. Should be amazing! If any of the band needs a tour around the city, let me know! :)
3rd Show on this tour! Yay!
My daughter just surprised me with tickets to the St. Louis show - what a treat! Did the VIP Party Package on the Chicago #2 Sunday show on 6/4/17 and then visited family in Tampa and went to that show on 6/14/17. Great time at both so I'm really looking forward to this one! They are still sounding as great now as they did way back then!!! And I'm actually liking the simplicity of the stage. (IMHO, 360 was over the top - like, literally LOL) . After I+E, I wondered what the stage would be like since I truly thought the way they could walk through the screens was soooo cool!! But for this tour, the images on that massive screen appear so clear and crisp. It's amazing. And, as one of the infamous "deplorables", I did find the intro to 'Exit' to be quite funny (not sure it was meant to be funny, though) - but the clip shown during 'Ultraviolet' was unimpressive to me - that will be my beer run song in St. Louis. LOL
Can't wait!
Saw the 2nd Chicago show. Going to St. Louis. First time seeing them twice on one tour. Denver 1987 was my first concert of theirs.
23rd Show!
Looking forward to seeing U2 again, this time in St. Louis. Saw them at the Chicago shows in June, and loved both of the them. Can't wait!
Went to the incredible concert in Tampa June 14th- can't stop thinking about it! Just booked my trip to see them again in St. Louis! And I hate to fly but it is so worth it!!! I LOVE U2
Thank you! Thank you!
So excited that U2 is coming to St. Louis again! We love you guys and can't wait to see you!
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