The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Oct 7 2017
Bogota, CO / Estadio El Campin
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

When & Where
Friday, October 7th, 2017, Estadio El Campin, Bogotá, Columbia. Night 44 of #U2TheJoshuaTreeTour. 

Set List 
Colombian fans had to wait for 41 years for U2 to come to their beautiful land and by all accounts it was worth it.  "Colombia, we're finally here. Why did it take us so long?" Bono told the roiling crowd of more than 40,000 at Bogota's Estadio El Campin Satuday night. 'You are beautiful!' And they were. Standing on the tips of their toes, singing at the tops of their lungs as the band thundered through the opening quartet (Sunday Bloody Sunday, NYD, Bad, and Pride) before heading into 'The Joshua Tree.' The joy trinity—'Beautiful Day (with a snippet from 'Whenever, Wherever' by Colombia's own Shakira), Elevation, and Vertigo'—opened the encore followed by the new single from the upcoming 'Songs of Experience' album 'You're the Best Thing About Me,' and 'Ultraviolet.' And a very special rendition of 'One' ended this historic night. Colombia is the only stop on the #U2TheJoshuaTreeTour that the band is playing for the first time. 

Social Posts
@AdrianaMRico: Hoy me levanté sintiéndome feliz. Anoche, fue algo maravilloso: Luna llena, cielo despejado, @U2 en Bogotá y yo cantando a grito herido 

@JHoyosJr: Ver a @U2 en Bogotá, 30 años después de la primera vez en Miami 1987, y ellos todavía “blow my fucking mind away" Que privilegio. The best!

If You Had To Pick One Song 
'One' - 'We're one, but we're not the same/We get to carry each other…'

@Felipe_Castro: This is for Colombia... We got to carry each other, carry each other... ONE #U2 #Bogota #joshuatreetour2017

'Change comes slowly, but it comes,' Bono began his introduction to 'One', which closed the show. 'Now growing up in our country, a country in the north Atlantic in Europe, called Ireland. Growing up in this little country, we didn't dare to dream of peace. People told us it was impossible. Until we realized that peace is not a dream, it's an action. 

'It's not soft. It's hard. It takes time. Ya know, this word, this beautiful word we spoke of earlier—compromise—it's a beautiful word. And we know that peace can never remedy the pain of the past, we know that. But it can prevent such pain in the future. Anyway, we stand with you in these fragile times. We have to carry each other. Tenemos que apoyamos el uno al otro!

What (else) did Bono Say?
'Sing for the peacemakers in Bogota, in Cali, in Medellin,' he said during Pride, listing Colombia's major cities. 'All across Colombia. Sing for the peacemakers. Let them hear you! Sing for the peacemakers in Ireland. In our country, we have peace because people had the courage to compromise. The most beautiful word in the English language is 'compromise'… No one won. That's why everybody one.'

Shout Outs
Bono lauded the late Colombian author and poet Gabriel García Márquez, considered the father of literary genre known as magical realism, with novels such as One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in a Time of Cholera. During 'Bad' Bono called for Willie to turn the house lights down so he could see 'the butterflies … Gabo's butterflies'—as butterflies were emblematic of the magical creatures that populated the worlds García Márquez created. The author affectionately known as 'Gabo' spent many years in Mexico City, where he died in 2014, but his ashes are interred in Cartagena, Colombia, where he attended college and got his start as a journalist.  'He was a hero to us,' Bono said, 'a hero since our teenage years. Sing for him!' 
During 'Pride' Bono gave a shout out to former Pink Floyd front man David Gilmour. Also mentioned during the two-hour concert were Colombian footballer James Rodríguez (Bayern, Real Madrid, captain of the Colombian national team), artist Fernando Botero, and architect Simon Velez.

In The Press
Review from El Colobiano
'After nine o'clock at night, the turn was finally for Bono and his court, with his new show 'The Joshua Tree' tribute to the 30 years of the publication of this, one of his great albums.
…A show full of legendary songs in the middle of which Bono launched all kinds of messages, where he did not stop naming Gabriel García Márquez, Fernando Vallejo and even James Rodriguez.
But in addition to thanking the patience of the Colombians for so many years waiting for U2 to arrive in the country, throughout the concert were constant messages on reconciliation and the search for a country to stay away from war.
After Sunday Bloody Sunday, the concert was filled with the best of the repertoire of these Irishmen, with a good dose of what Bono called Side B, with good songs that were never released on the world's radio stations….The evening concluded with 'One', at which time the giant screen presented a huge flag of Colombia with the famous dove of peace, which moved many of the audience to El Campin.

Other Noteworthy Stuff
Among the 'luminous icons' of the HERSTORY installation that accompanied 'Ultraviolet' Saturday night were severa local Colombian sheroes including Policarpa Salavarrieta—otherwise known as 'La Pola' she was a spy for the Revolutionary Forces during the Spanish Recoquista of the Viceroyalty of New Granada and eventually executed for high treason; she is considered Colombia's heroine of independence and even appears on Colombian currency. Totó la Momposina (aka Sonia Bazanta Vides) the beloved Afro-Colombian singer, and Olympic jumper Caterine Ibargüen, who won a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics for the triple jump. 'Incredible women,' Bono said. 'Women of courage and conviction who changed the world around them. We love these women.'

Reviews via Facebook and
Marcela González is perhaps Colombia's most devoted U2 fan. Several years ago, with the help of other fans, she started a campaign 'from the ground up' to bring the band to Colombia for the first time. On Saturday night. Marcela's wish came true when the band took to the stage at Bogota's Estadio El Campin just after 9 p.m. local time. Here are a few of Marcela's thoughts after the two hour show concluded:  

'Yesterday was a really great experience, to be with my friends, knowing how many times we spoke about that, see us in our country so many times,'said Marcela, who, through her U2 Colombia Facebook Group compiled more than 3,000 'flash mob packs' distributed on the day of the concert that contained balloons (meant to represent the colors of the Colombian flag at the beginning of the show), glow sticks (for 'Beautiful Day'), and white handkerchiefs (to be waived during 'Bullet the Blue Sky').

'I was happy when I saw the balloons and the handkerchiefs, having a great performance, people was happy, I hope the band like it… because I really wanted to see them happy,' she said. 'They did a lot of beautiful things for us, 'Ultraviolet', was great, amazing to see those beautiful Colombian women in the screen, that beautiful flag at the, and, PAZ, PAZ for Colombia.'

Were you at the show in Bogota? Tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos below.


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    Que "chimba!!" de concierto
    Supero las expectativas, valió la pena esperarlos tanto tiempo
    Great Night with #U2
    The best NItgh ever
    A dream come true
    When you finally see the band you love playing in your city, that´s amazing and undescribable. I also can say that the people who went to this concert last night did it great. I'm sure this won't be the last time. See you soon Friends.
    Espectacular concierto
    Compartiendo con mi esposa nuestro segundo concierto de U2
    Unforgettable Night
    Is the most stunning show i have ever saw. As a Colombian, i felt every word, every song. PEACE FOR COLOMBIA. thank you guys for everything.
    Lloré de la emoción.....!!!
    Casi 30 años escuchándolos y esperándolos....Gracias. Los esperaré pacientemente otra vez .
    Noche inolvidable
    Valió la pena esperar, una noche mágica adornada por la luna, entre amigos y un mensaje de rock, paz y unión por encima de todo. Un recital maravilloso, interpretaciones impecables, entregados al 100% a sus fans, gracias U2 !! Vuelvan siempre !!!
    Just amazing!!!!!!
    A dream come true
    I I love you U2 You Give me the best Night of my life forever with you. #U2 en Colombia #Peace withU2
    A dream come true
    Finally after here waiting for you guys You Give me the Night of my life I love you forever U2
    Latin Lovers
    After seeing U2 over 50 some times all over the USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Holand, dream of finally seeing them in South America came true tonight here in Colombia...and what I thought is true. Latin Americans are just more passionate about everything, including a band that is visited these shores for the first time. We gringos are missing out on so much, rarely in the moment, always running to stand still. Thanks U2 for visiting Colombia for the first time, I hope it's not the last.
    u2 con CJ
    esperando a u2 en Colombia
    Is this real or i´m still dreaming about
    I have butterflies in my stomach. I have been waiting this moment all my life. I can´t believe this will be real. Tomorrow in Bogotá, Colombia. My city, my country. You guys and us. Your inconditional fans, always and forever. Thanks guys. I´m happy
    two nights more...
    already waiting for the opening of the queue
    I Challenge Bono
    I challenge Bono to sing a version of Zooropa with lyrics having the word Bogota in them. So instead of singing "Zooropa vorsprung durch technik, Zooropa be all that you can be..." would be "Bogota vorsprung durch technik, Bogota be all that you can be..." Is because my beloved Bogota is around those lyrics specially the part of "Don't worry baby, it'll be alright You got the right shoes To get you through the night It's cold outside, but brightly lit" Good luck in the concert boys!
    This concert will be a great experience
    U2 has got a new lover: Bogotá is waiting for u2
    My first U2 memory is of Bono holding a white flag and yelling “no more war!”, an outcry for peace in Ireland. Ireland is in peace now. Colombia, after more than 50 years of war, is trying to get out of it, with some voices still sounding against the peace process. We could use a little help from our friends this Saturday, hearing the same outcry from Bono, and why not hearing “Give peace a chance” too? Lot of white flags in El Campin!
    A dream come true
    The time has come . I'm happy as a child . Welcome to this beautiful country !!!. The waiting is over . A a dream for Colombia has come true!!!!!. The best show ever is arriving to our city . And it'gonna to be awesome
    we can be as one, tonight
    we are ready, for you, U2.... for the first time ever. It will be a epic, marvelous night for us in Bogotá. Thank u, Thank u for comining, It will be great enjoy your music....
    only 4 days more..
    I'll show you a place, high on a desert plane... called Bogota... the waiting is over...
    U2U2 U
    Fellow Colombians get ready for the best show on earth, sound and image to the highest level, beautiful night is awaiting Bogota, all you need is to concentrate!
    4 days and counting!!!
    OMG, finally the moment has come!, Can't wait to see you guys on stage, See you soon!
    Our peace is for you and us, welcome and
    Welcome and thanks for making us participate in such spectacular songs for 30 years
    Ready for my Dream!!!
    The time has come , I´m ready to enjoy this wonderfull concert.
    U2 @Colombia
    Just 7 days to be in heaven on earth with U2 music @Bogota COLOMBIA. I had the privilege to see live great bands and singers, and now I get to see U2 THE BEST..... now I can leave this live with the greatest memories...... It's a beautiful day, the sky falls And you feel like it's a beautiful day It's a beautiful day Don't let it get away It's gonna be a beautiful day @COLOMBIA PEACE LOVE FREEDOM .....
    Like a song...
    I saw you for the first time in 2011 in Nashville -360 tour- now is time to see you in my hometown. I've been listening to you guys and with every passing day increase the joy to see you
    U2 Colombia
    Finally we're gonna see U2 on October 7. We have been waiting 30 years to see Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam in Colombia. Colombia at the moment is the peace process, The Colombian peace process refers to the peace process between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People's Army (FARC–EP) to bring an end to the Colombian conflict. It would be a good idea when U2 sings PRIDE to include the words AMOR ( Love ), PAZ ( peace ), LIBERTAD ( Freedom ) COLOMBIA..... Right after Bono says LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and show the Colombian flag... people will go Nuts.......\
    This concert will be fantastic!
    Thirty more days
    Thirty Years ago saw them in Denver, Colorado during the filming of Rattle & Hum. Eighteen years ago took a trip with my wife to see you guys in Anaheim California for the vertigoTour. This year God willing, I will take my Daughter and wife in my home country. Thank you guys!!
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