Jun 5 2018
Montreal, QC, CA / Bell Centre

Getting ready to leave the ground in Montreal.

'Neon heart dayglo eyes 
A city lit by fireflies
They're advertising in the skies
For people like us
And I miss you when you're not around
I'm getting ready to leave the ground…'
When & Where
Tuesday June 5th 2018, First night of two at the Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada. Show 14 and second half of first leg of U2eiTour underway. Breathe in…

Set List
Three shows in a row now for Gloria in fifth spot & stunning new graphics from Broken Fingaz were on screen for a blistering performance of ‘American Soul'.

On The Socials 
@pat_wand @U2 live in Montréal #U2eiTour So damn good. Merci beaucoup! 
@maxtsukino still in my little cloud of happiness... =) Montreal, you are a great and noisy audience... thanks from the whole of my heart… 

In The Press
Ian Mcgillis for Montreal Gazette
The first night of U2's eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENCE tour dates in Montreal largely succeeded in combining the band's tried-and-true hits with some of its newer songs. Intimacy is a word whose meaning alters when you're talking about U2. Remember, this is a band for which scaling down means forgoing 60,000-seat stadiums in favour of mere 20,000-plus seat arenas. We're hardly talking back to the clubs here, folks. Precisely, in the case of the Tuesday night's first of U2's two Montreal shows at the Bell Centre as part of their eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENCE tour, it meant the paradoxical spectacle of enormous production resources being deployed in the service of making 21,000 people feel as close to four musicians as reasonably possible...
Entering the arena last night, attendees were greeted by the sight of a huge translucent video screen/cage running most of the length of the floor, with the main stage at one end and smaller, circular ‘B' stage at the other. Inside the screen, an elevated catwalk connected the two stages. At any given time complementary images might be projected on the screen, and members of the band might be on the same stage, on different stages at the same time, or at various points between.
As for the music itself, 42 years into their life as a band U2 find themselves in a rare position. They could easily fill a three-hour setlist with guaranteed show-stoppers, but it just may be that they've asked themselves how many times a show needs to be stopped. What they're really looking to do now is tell a bigger story, one that goes right up to the present day, folding their Dublin beginnings into their standing as a rock institution. In practice, that means omitting some of the songs that got them into those stadiums in the first place and foregrounding the companion-piece works Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. The band has to know, going in, that nothing on either of their two most recent albums is going to instantly galvanize a big room in the way at least two dozen older songs at their disposal always have and always will, but they are admirably placing faith in their new songs and in their audience's willingness to get to know them...
Opening the show with the trifecta of Love Is All We Have Left, The Blackout, and Lights of Home before the reassuringly familiar I Will Follow was a statement in itself, while Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way has the potential to join the top echelon of U2 ballads as a surefire, goose-bump-raising, lighters-in-the-air experience. Hopefully they will stick with the song long enough for it to take on that weight.
A catalogue as extensive as U2's provides ample scope for a surprise deep dive or two, and U2 obliged: Gloria, the greatest hit that never was, from the spotty sophomore album October; Until the End of the World and Acrobat, hardly obvious choices from the hit-packed Achtung Baby; and Staring at the Sun, a neglected gem from the much-maligned Pop, performed stripped down on the smaller stage with Bono accompanied only by The Edge on acoustic guitar. This reviewer would have liked to hear Miss Sarajevo, a highlight of the 360 Tour, when Bono bravely handled the operatic Pavarotti part himself. But you can't have everything. Bono, who once chided himself in song for figuratively trying to throw his arms around the world, has clearly made peace with his gifts as a social justice advocate on the grand scale: lauding Justin Trudeau and Canada in general for “providing the world a light in a very dark time,” donning his alter-ego Macphisto mask to skewer Trumpism and giving prominent space to a film of Ivor Cutler's Women of the World Take Over, a song on behalf of ONE, an organization devoted to raising awareness of women's issues. Just as things might have got too warm and fuzzy, though, U2 followed with Bono's deeply conflicted love ballad One. Still their greatest song, it was picked up so smoothly and spontaneously as a singalong that Bono could easily have handed the whole vocal over to the crowd, national anthem style. It was a reminder that large-scale concerts at their best are about collective cathartic moments, and that nobody can provide those moments quite like U2…

Experience(s) Of The Day
Sticks and Picks… a home made sign that read ‘Hey Adam pick ME! won Emily (@Shaaakeitsalome on twitter) (https://twitter.com/Shaaakeitsalome/status/1004187369610727424) an Adam Clayton pick, carefully handed across to her by the man himself from his podium just after Pride. She tweeted out afterwards: ‘I get so many things I don't deserve. Like this. I'm speechless. Thank you, Adam!'
And Kim & Michelle were spotted by Larry down by the e-stage in their Larry Mullen Band t's, and he made 2 fans very happy indeed by carefully handing over a drumstick each : https://twitter.com/kimmyc73/status/1004203612644528128
(By pure coincidence Emily, Kim & Michelle bumped into each other after the show and swapped swag stories late into the night…) : https://twitter.com/U2Community/status/1004269230559318016

What did Bono Say?
"I would like to take this moment to talk about Canada ... a country, and it's not an overstatement to say this, that it is a light for the whole world to look into... these are dark days for democracy and Canada is a light."

"I feel not quite a grown-up. I stayed 11, just like the rest of the band. They got to 16, I only got to 13."

Shoutout to friends from Arcade Fire who were in the house tonight.

Review On U2.com / Zootopia
bigwave (who helps look after Zootopia and other odd jobs around the place…) : http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/39394-montreal-live-thread-u2eitour/?do=findComment&comment=1147731
First time for eXPERIENCE shows for me in Montreal. SO much to absorb it's hard to process just yet. It was a punk rock and roll extravaganza theatrical blockbuster chest busting bass and drum ball kicking feast of brilliance. Thats for kickoff. Deserves to be broken down song by song, moment by moment, re-savoured through photos taken and opinions and feelings shared here in town with other fans. Over beer. More to come...

If you were at the show, add your own photos and reviews below.

#WomenoftheWorldTakeOver.  SING IT. RECORD IT. POST IT.
Sing the song. Share it online. Join the movement.

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    U2 in a magnificent city!
    U2 concert #7 & first outside the US. When the tour dates were announced, no Texas, no problem. With its reputation as being the most European city in North America and a wife from Germany, we always wanted to visit Montreal. Perfect for a U2 show. Acrobat a major highlight being played on tour for the first time! Pride is the only song they have played at all 7 and always amazing. Overall fantastic night in a magnificent city. And great coffee at Leaves! Bono was right, Canada is a Light!
    A great experience
    Seeing U2 at the Bell Centre was a great experience. The Sound quality was perfect. This was my 4th U2 concert and this time I really felt part of the fan experience.
    Et de 11
    Mémorable encore une fois...Love U2 !
    How to Educate Your Children v 1.0
    I've been bringing my daughter to U2 concerts since she was 10!
    Phenomenal as always
    This was my 5th U2 concert and as always, it was great! I especially loved the fact that they played "Desire" and "Acrobat" as I had never heard them played live before. :D Thanks for a wonderful Experience (pun intended hahaha).
    U2 Lifting the roof Montreal
    Love the story told and was blessed to share the innocence experience with my daughter. I was only sad that they didn't play "Still haven't found what I am looking for." This is an anthem song in honor of a dear childhood friend of mine who lost her life in the PanAm flight over Lockerby, Scotland. Her Innocent life was taken away and her body never recovered. This song always reminds me of her. Besides that the show was a great mix of old and new with extremely high energy!!! So Blessed! Keep fighting for the causes you believe in and someday may there be peace on earth!
    Incredible night!
    U2 a never-ending love story...
    Great night thank you U2 the new album songs playedclive absolutely breathtaking .Bono I always cry whrn you sing Iris.I miss my mom.Edge i have never been that close to you in all these years during Pride .What a nice surprise.I get to do it all again in the RZ tommorow. Great great night .
    Ready for the show in Montreal
    So excited to be at the show again with U2 tomorrow! I can’t wait! I will wear my T-shirt « With or without you, I choose U2 » Claudine
    Rainy day for venue
    monday afternoon in Montréal, cold day and rain , if Bono hear Jesus can he tell him to come back the sun for tomorrow night, for thé first show of the band, i hope, Î’m here From France , hello to U2 family ^^
    This week will be awesome!
    2 more days and we will all be together celebrating great music with the greatest band in the world. Montreal is waiting with open arms .2 great great nights See you in the RZ...❤
    The miracle!!!
    Are you ready U2 for another appointment with me and my husband next tuesday... and can you believe me if I tell you that you will make me vibrate one more time with "the most beautiful sound I ever heard" !!!!
    Are you ready U2 for another appointment with me and my husband next tuesday... and can you believe me if I tell you that you will make me vibrate one more time with "the most beautiful sound I ever heard" !!!!
    Dans très peu de temps, 2 soirées inoubliables nous attendent! Bono nous remercie tout le temps pour la great life qu'on leur donne.... Merci à eux de la belle musique qu'ils nous ont donné et qui nous font rêver. :) Thank you U2
    Montreal U2
    Ive only seen U2 in Ottawa and Toronto, going back to the 1980's. Will there be a Queue in Montreal?
    Toronto needs a few dates too
    Please add some Toronto dates to the new tour as the Joshua tree was a trip down memory lane and I guarantee there are more fans out there who agree
    Western Canada
    Fellas! We need to see you in Western Canada! How about Calgary, Edmonton or a return to Vancouver please?
    29th wedding aniversary
    What a great way to spend a beautiful day!
    Can’t wait !!!
    This is gonna be my fourth show in Mtl...first sold out show in few minutes, the best fans of this side of atlantic ;)
    Got my tix, coming to Montreal next June
    Looking forward to spending some days in Montreal, and capping the weekend off with a show.
    Oh, please come back to Toronto! I know it's early... maybe this is only the first leg of the NA tour?
    We miss you !!!
    Very happy that you come back to Montreal, each show is extraordinary. I can not wait to see you
    Please come to Toronto!
    Why no Toronto date? That's like not playing New York City when going to the US!! Please add a Toronto date (hopefully before the presale on the 14th!).
    Dublin + Montreal = Quebec City?
    We went to beautiful Dublin to see the Joshua Tree Tour this past summer (what a night..) and we are looking forward to see you again in Montreal in June...but since you guys will be rehearsing in Quebec City for a while, why not a concert there? So we could finally get a chance to see you in our home town....
    Road Trip?
    I'm in on this for sure. TY
    Ottawa would be a great place to play
    Looking forward to your show in Montreal! Only wished you chose to come there or to Ottawa with the Joshua Tree anniversary tour. Hoping U2 will consider playing in our Nation's capital!!!
    Quebec city
    We are waiting for you!
    Please visit Québec City!!!!!
    Please come to visit Québec City. We have a brand new amphitheater!
    Loving the new material!
    Can’t wait to hear U2 play them at the Bell Centre! Will be awesome!
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