Jun 26 2018
New York City, NY, US / Madison Square Garden

'Staring At The Sun' at MSG

Second night in New York City. Post your reviews.

'To the ones 
Staring at the sun
Afraid of what you'll find
If you took a look inside.
Not just deaf and dumb, 
Staring at the sun
I'm not the only one 
Who'd rather go blind….'

When & Where
Tuesday June 26th 2018, second night at Madison Square Garden, NYC. Show number 25 of #U2eiTour.

Set List
Gloria returns for night 2 in NYC and we get a few teasing lines from 'Landlady' just ahead of YTBTAM. Here's the full set list

In The Press
Another great review highlighting the U2eiTour run in NYC via crypticrock.com.  

'It could take a lifetime to earn experience, but wouldn't it be something if you could recapture the innocence of your youth somewhere along the way? Such is the question raised with U2's latest album, 2017's Songs of Experience. An album that thematically follows up 2014's Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience is more or less not supposed to be the end of the tale, but the idea that after naturally shedding our innocence – due to missteps, life lessons, and heartbreak – we can hope at some point to rediscover it later on. Heavy and compelling, U2 have excelled through the years at bringing subject matter, even at its darkest, to the way of a brighter light. Many listeners have indulged in what the accomplished Irish rock band has offered through the years – from the times of 1980's Boy to 2000's All That You Can't Leave Behind and beyond. Through it all, and there has been plenty to take in over the course of the past 4 decades, one of the key factors to U2's standout success has always been the live performance… on Monday, June 25, 2018, the excitement arrived in New York City when U2 took over Madison Square Garden. Very generous to the New York City and its surrounding areas, the band first made a visit to Long Island on June 9th, then hosted a special show at the  famous Apollo Theater in Harlem on the 10th, before returning on the 25th, 26th, as well as July 1st to play The Garden.
...Yes, the production and layout was magnificent – no doubt taking hours of tedious preparation and preceded planning. The best way to describe it is to say that the gents in U2 are never in the same place throughout the show's entirety; they are often so spread out, it is a wonder how they keep the music sounding tight and crisp as if they were right next to one another. Even more impressive, U2 has been highly successful through the years at somehow shrinking massive arenas that hold 18,000-people-plus down to that of a much smaller space. Essentially, they bring the show to the you, exploring nearly every nook and cranny, leaving little empty space between themselves and the audience... Many bands of U2's fame, and there are few, often stick to a best-of list for their tours, but this band has the guts to perform new material with ease. A blessing because most fans would not be so patient enough nor have the attention span to sit through nearly 2 hours of mostly new material, but U2 fans are of a different breed.
With the luxury of artistic freedom, U2 very much put together a Songs of Experience themed performance, opening with the album's lead track "Love Is All We Have Left," going into others including "The Blackout," "Lights of Home," and later on, an acoustic rendition of "You're the Best Thing About Me," before "Get Out of Your Own Way," "American Soul," "City of Blinding Lights," "Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way," bookending the night with album closer, "13 (There Is a Light)." Marrying the concept of Songs of Experience with Songs of Innocence, tracks like "Iris (Hold Me Close)," a tribute to Bono's mom, and "Cedarwood Road," about the place he grew up, also found their way into the setlist, mixing in quiet well. 
...The bottom line is, after all these years, U2 still has something to say, and in terms of their live concerts, very much something to show. If you take away the lights, effects and inventive stage setups, you still have a band that is powerful but also vital in the modern entertainment world. That is why U2 remains at the forefront of Rock-n-Roll fame, and just glancing around the broad age gap of spectators in the audience, they also continue to reach all generations….'

On The Socials 
@BigRedDiver (via Twitter) 'I hope the smiles we saw on stage carried on after. @U2 absolutely CRUSHED their #U2NYC2 show. Lads, this fan is truly & deeply grateful for the joy I get to share & be a part of with you & 20,000 of our closest #U2community.'

@IreVertigo (via Twitter)'Irish lad, flying from Japan to New York for an unforgettable show tonight and my first U2 concert! Cheers @U2! Here's hoping you come to Tokyo soon!'

@peacewillfollow (via Twitter)'Pride has this newfound, deep relevance that blows me away on this tour. The footage of Charlottesville before the song begins angers me that we're not further ahead than this in 2018 America. Those images are NOT America. There is good and it's worth fighting for.'

u2_panama (via Instagram)'Our dear #Bono, So happy for this Experience. To be in a great city as New York City. With the best band in the world who has the best fans ever!! It was a #beautifulday and you saying hi to all of us.'

Experience(s) Of The Day
Encounters with the singer. celspipics (via Instagram) ''Bono stopped by and shook hands before #U2 #MSG2 #u2eitour on 6/26/18... He stopped for a little girl to sign her shirt so that's how I told him to please come back to Hawaii, and he said "I'd like that." My question got acknowledged by Bono so I'm a happy clam. The five and a half hour wait paid off. #fangirl #newyork'

@ilebowitz77 (via Twitter)  'today's my dads birthday and he loves @U2 literally more than anything (except me of course) and today, after waiting almost his entire life, he FINALLY met Bono. i'm so happy for him because after being a lifelong fan, he finally got to meet'

What did Bono Say?
"From the sides to the back - it's a Tuesday night, we're going up!" (intro to I Will Follow)

"See the world in green and blue… Patti Smith, right in front of you… take a look at you… New York in the sunshine… beautiful!" (during Beautiful Day)

"I was there in Charlottesville… with the Nazi flags and the KKK … it was I (who) spray-painted the first lady's coat… I told her it was all the rage… The name's Macphisto… It's a wonderful time to be me… pitting the left and the right against each other… liberals offended by… everything… ooh the sentimental snowflakes! Conservatives offended by… nothing… except perhaps the idea of giving up their assault weapons.. that would be awful! You cannot make this shit up… and, for the educated classes on the island of Manhattan… just remember… it's when you don't believe that I exist, that's when I do my best work" (intro to Acrobat, as 'Macphisto').

U2.com / Zootopia Review
Zootopian dmway was in the house. 

'I got home a little over 90 minutes ago - one of the two best "impulse-buys" I have ever had that involved a concert (I went to a Stevie Wonder concert in Philadelphia about 9-10 years ago at the last moment that also turned out to be a really great idea - yes, U2 deserves to be mentioned with Mr. Wonder). Gloria - enough said. Spoken version of "Landlady" during his "phone call home" - so convincing that I thought what turned into the customary YTBTAM would be the debut of "Landlady" - keep your ears open, Europe... …I rank planning 3 U2 shows in 6 days among my best ideas ever'. 

If you were at the show tonight, add your own photos and reviews here

And don’t forget -  #WomenoftheWorldTakeOver.  
Ahead of the show, why not... SING IT. RECORD IT. POST IT.
Sing the song, share it online. Join the movement.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    MSG 06.26
    Thank you Adam For signing me in the morning I went from Spain just to see you. U2 4EVER¡¡¡ https://los40.com/los40/2018/06/26/los40classic/1530009826_160695.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG-hUTVgdgk
    U2 MSG2
    This is my first U2 concert outside of Melbourne, Australia. Brought my son along, who was a great help in the GA line. His second U2 concert and my 7th. U2 were absolutely on fire all night. We stood (and jumped and danced with jubilation) on the rail, Edge's side. I came in the show relatively spoiler free and was so glad at the number of songs from SOE, an album which I rate extremely high in the U2 catalogue. Far too many highlights to mention, but will say that I Will Follow, Gloria, American Soul, and COBL were off the charts. When they played One, I had an unashamed release of emotion. Jerry from security handed me his folded set list for which I was extremely grateful and something I will cherish forever...along with all the memories of a truly wonderful night. Geremy aka @smili72
    The floor shook
    That's all. The energy was so amazing it was the first time I felt the floor shaking under my feet. Pretty awesome. I still think Chicago 2 was by far the most energized audience of the whole tour but this came pretty close and I loved it. Also, thank you to LMJ for the drumstick. The tour was like nothing else I've ever experienced and it was the first time I was able to follow a whole tour, at least the US leg. It's pretty awe inspiring .
    My birthday present
    From São Paulo to NYC only to be with U2 at my birthday. Best present ever!
    U2 crushes it!
    Something totally new and yet something totally familiar and classic.
    Blessing are not just for the ones who k
    I tell everyone that attending a U2 concert is like going to church. You are rejuvenated and believe again! Thank you guys for putting on two great nights in NY. XOXO Dena
    Red Flag at Newark???
    Please tell me you are going to play my favorite song on the album tonight...Red Flag Day
    BONO and ME
    It's not a dream ! It's true. Thanks Bono, thank U2, thanks America.
    Show was incredible, Bono was completely on tonight, They played GLORIA!!!! hell yea!!!, 1st time seeing them in New York, wonderful experience. Rock on boys !!!
    A wonderful night and performance
    Great night and very powerful show.
    Love is Bigger
    Met this young man, Paul, at MSG2. He was the highlight to kick off our show! Our energy, excitement and dancing inspired him! I hope he knows he inspired us too!!
    When my dream came true
    On June 26,I had one of the happiest days of my life! I came from Brazil exclusively to the concert at MSG. My dream was always to meet the band, due to they have been an inspiration in my life since I was a young teenager. I knew it would be hard to be face to face to my idols, especially Bono. But, I always had a hope deep inside my heart. And it was a very particular feeling. On the first night (June 25) I arrived earlier to the concert, waited for the band outside the arena, but unfortunately I didn’t see them. On the second day, in the afternoon, I had a very good feeling inside me saying to be positive and try one more time. So I did it. Then, fortunately, Adam came first and after that, I could meet Bono, face to face. I could look at his eyes (very quickly but it was possible), held his hand and take a picture! What I have inside me is a feeling of happiness and I can’t explain more! I would like to scream to everybody on the streets how happy and proud I am Thank God and thank you Bono for being so kind and blessed. Hope to see you again one day
    Great Birthday Show
    Tonight was my birthday and I celebrated for the second year in a row with The Band. Great night, met Bono and Adam Clayton before the show.
    Nice experience
    Waw what a concert. We flew all the from Aruba to see the concert. We were chasing U2 concert for 17 years. Finally we made it. Maybe one day U2 will perform in Aruba. The island with the best beaches in the world. You are invited.
    Amazing show!
    It was an amazing show! Looking for to see it again on Sunday!
    totems and talismans
    For those of us who have grown up with u2, who have witnessed with wonder the always challenging re-imaginings and innovations, last night in NYC was a rich feast. There was Macphisto, the Trabant, the light bulb, the ripped pages, the lone drummer, and so many other totems and talismans from incarnations gone by. And yet, and still, this was no nostalgia tour - there were new songs, old songs sung in new ways, and old lines with new meaning in our age of re-asserted hatreds and bigotry. As ever, the battle is yet begun and will likely not be won in our shared lifetimes. But tonight, maybe just tonight, we can indeed be as one. Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry for challenging our comfort and nagging us with the unremitting pull towards justice, as represented by your glorious sounds.
    Miriam Jonker
    MSG JUNE, 26: spectacular!!
    The band is as strong as ever. Great set list, a nice mix of the new album and older song. I loved seing Macphisto back. Great atmosphere. The stage works superb. The Edge is tremendous. My only grievance: the sound was not good, the voices kept being drowned out.
    John Quail
    Saw Innocence at MSG, now seen Experience both were out of this world
    Darren W
    Bucket List....TICK!!
    Flew into Boston for Night 1 to begin my family tour of the USA & U2. It was my 21st U2 show, but my first in the USA, for my 50th birthday my family & I celebrated in style with the greatest band in “God’s Country”, Thank you U2 for an Unforgettable evening....next stop New York City MADISON SQUARE GARDEN to fulfill one of my lifetime time “bucket list” events for a most “Beautiful Day”
    Thanks for this! See you in NYC Ciao da Roma
    Dream Out Loud
    In the bigger city for the bigger band.... Here she comes
    Bringing Jess to see U2
    I'm bringing two of my nieces and nephews to their first concert, U2 at Madison Square Garden. (Then to the M&M store of course). I've got the youngest, Jess, working on her U2 song of the day every morning. She's your newest youngest fan.
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