Sep 9 2018
Paris, FR / AccorHotels Arena

'I was lost, I am found…'

Second night in Paris. Tell us what it was like.

'I was lost, I am found…'

'I was on the inside
When they pulled the four walls down
I was looking through the window
I was lost, I am found.
If you walk away, walk away
I walk away, walk away
I will follow...'

When & Where
Second night of four, AccordHotels Arena, Paris, Sunday, September 9th, 2018.

Set List
European tour debut for All Because Of You and its first live performance on European shores since the last show of the Vertigo Tour in 2005. Here's tonight's full set list.

In The Press - Stéphane Davet for 'La Monde' (via google translate)

'...At half-time, the group disappears behind the scenes, replaced by boxes of comics projected to the sound of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me , composed in 1995 for the soundtrack of the movie Batman Forever . In the chronology proposed by Bono, formation to the nascent success is then intoxicated by the starification. No title of their first international triumph - The Joshua Tree - is played tonight, but the quartet returns to the small stage in the shape of a circus track, to chain a succession of electric hymns evoking the vertigo of rock climbing. - Elevation , Vertigo , Even Better The Real Thing ... -, without this time holding back his shots. As much narrator as singer, Bono, in top hat of Monsieur Loyal (or Crazy Hatter, Alice in Wonderland ) remembers their excesses, their excess alcohol and artificial paradise. At the time, one of their records - Achtung Baby (1991) - had put these problems in abyss and allowed the group to beautifully reinvent itself . On stage, Bono had created a double evil MacPhisto, mocking the misguidance of the group as the society of the show. In a rare rendition of Acrobat , one of Achtung Baby 's songs (played only once on stage before this tour), the singer makes MacPhisto reappear through a video trick applied to his face. The evil clown then addresses those who, in the afternoon, participated in the march for the climate. In his sarcasm and his apology for "fake news," it's easy to recognize an incarnation of Donald Trump.  Bono then describes the path of redemption, saved by the love of his wife, Ali - You're the Best Thing About Me -, family life, the Côte d'Azur and, of course, the charitable commitment . During Summer of Love - inspired by the story of an Aleppo gardener who continued to cultivate his flowers by challenge, before being killed by an air raid - the contemplation of a Mediterranean paradise, reveals a liner of cruise, before one can see an overcrowded Zodiac of refugees on the verge of drowning. Then there are images of far-right demonstrations shouting in Europe and the United States, their hatred from abroad, then films from those organized in solidarity with migrants. Bono appeals to Martin Luther King in a heroic version of Pride (in the Name of Love) , then to the values of the European Union whose blue flag with gold stars is set in the background during Get out of Your Own Way, as a bulwark of nationalisms. As often with U2, no cause should be forgotten. That of women, that of LGBT ( Love is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way ). In conclusion, the fragile lullaby 13 (There Is a Light) sees Bono take out a big light bulb from a model of his childhood home, responding with an ultimate symbol - hope and light can come from the most unexpected - to the ominous darkness of the beginning of the concert...'

Experience Of The Day
Also for the first time in Europe this tour, a young fan was pulled up on stage by Bono during City Of Blinding Lights. @U2Valencia captured the moment via Instagram of him sporting the singer's hat, and looking pretty chuffed.  

On The Socials 
@parwacha (via Instagram) A sparkling inspiring night, full of love, humility and engagement for Change - Thanks #u2 

@philtri (via Twitter) quel show hier à @AccorH_Arena !! Bravo @U2 et #Bono pour ce très important discours politique basé sur le respect des uns et des autres en ces moments de tension dans tous les pays. Continuez à porter ce discours de liberté 
(translation :  what a show yesterday at @AccorH_Arena !! Bravo U2 and #Bono for this very important political speech based on respect for each other during these moments of tension in all countries. Keep carrying this freedom speech

@Cat3376 (via Twitter) What a fantastic and crazy night in Paris last night - it feels we traveled with them from innocence to experience in just one night. 

What Did Bono Say? (As Mr MacPhisto) 
'Je suis Monsieur MacPhisto, à votre service, madame et monsieur. I'm just back from Sweden. I didn't know how much I liked the Swedish. Tall, blond, blue-eyed… boring. But now it appears the Swedes are beginning to discover their Aryan potential!… Ak-Ak-Akesson… Jimmie Ak-Ak-Akesson! I like him… he's done so well in the election today… I love elections… I love balloons… I LOVE parties that get out of hand...'

Fan Reviews
Remy & the @U2Start team have been running post-show interviews with European fans right outside the venues as they leave - check out their latest Periscope broadcast from Paris discussing Macphisto, Sweden, setlist changes, fans on stage and plenty more.  

If you were at the second show in Paris, post your reviews and add your photos here.

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    Paris 090918
    It’s been a month since our amazing night in Paris. A night that’s been haunting me since then but in a good way, nothing spooky..No no MacPhisto didn’t traumatized me.
    Un concert de folie depuis la red zone !!!
    Wonderful evening!
    I have only one word to say: thank you! thank you for giving us such a moment of happiness and unity. We took full ears and eyes! Amandine. 09/09/2018
    Looking Forward to the Show Tonight
    Thanks for organising the show on mine and my girlfriend's birthday. Best present we can have coming to see you guys live for the third time in Paris. See you all tonight 12th Sept
    Love Wins over The fear, back in Paris!
    Me and my wife return to Paris after those days of mid-November marked by the terrible terroristic attack that has decreed the end of the lives of so many innocent people and the end of the sense of security typical of the European society of that Paris has always been a bright and positive beacon . The evening of November 13, 2015 we were in the city of lights with our Italian friends who now live in Paris, we were in a bar in the 17th arrondissement, celebrating a birthday, the main reason for our third return to the Ville Lumiere in a few years, was the gig of U2 iEtour on Sunday evening. In a few minutes everything changed, we perceived the fear, the darkness, the sense of death creeping that chases you in that km of silent road, without light, without human presence to return to our apartment. And then TV, internet to try to understand what had happened, the gravity of the thing, the fear of the unknown, the information transmitted to create terror rather than to inform and then the gig of U2 canceled, rightly ... Fear and disappointment are intertwined, and then the city reaction, the Parisians who respond with an enormous sense of civilization, the city is reborn in 48 hours, repopulates under the chorus #whitoutfear, the normality overcomes the absurdity fruit of the stupidity of the 'man, Paris won, we won and they lost forever, but all those victims remain, even these forever! Today, 9 September 2018, almost three years after those terrible days, we are here in Paris to recover the U2 concert that the evil had taken from us, to reconcile with this magnificent city that we have learned to love in these years and to remember the victims, we strongly wanted it, we had to do it! Now we are here in Paris with so much love and without fear, because darkness gathers around the lights, hold on hold on! The show was amazing! Thank U2 Silvio and Rita from Turin, Italy
    The 4th concert in a row .....again for me soooooo fantastic to follow the shows ....... KEEP ON ROCKING please guys : YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!! In Amsterdam my 10-year old son will come for his 3th concert and hopefully AMERICAN SOUL can fit in : he sings it all the time in the car :-) Miss the changes in the setlist (only 1 song) but siempre in heaven when I see you performing ; and after 26 years ACROBAT ...... my favourite on achtung baby After 68 gigs I saw, please don't STOP MAKING and PERFORMING your ART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whAt a nIghT !
    From the very first song of the night, we felt it would be a very special hot night. and it has been ! Totaly different than the day before… Great atmosphere between the band and the fans tonight ! Thanks guys ! See you in Dublin now !
    Love is all we....
    Por favor . en Madrid no puede faltar _"love is all we have left"_
    Very good show, thank you
    I never miss my best Irish friends when they come to town in the city of lights. It was a very good show with as usual a very very good energy. The audience was nice too. I especially loved Pride with an awesome heavy bass and drum intro. New year's day with synth effect was very good too. I really love the second part of the show, I was very close of the scene... Even Better than the real thing was executed perfectly. Vertigo put the concert hall on fire :-) Thank you again, and I would love to see you again for the 13th times. Lots of love from France guys, be blessed. Steph
    Incredible night
    It was my 5st concert and the 2nd at Bercy after 2015. A very good ambiance, and what a show!
    #U2ietour Paris.
    Amazing show
    Wow, Ecosse
    Guys, please, perform the song "bad" on September 9
    From across the pond U2 September 9th
    Se you in Paris for a Summer of Love #U2eiTour
    Cherche 2 places Cat 3 pour le dimanche
    Hey, je suis à la recherche de 2 places pour le Dimanche 9 Septembre...cat3 .....merci d'avance !!
    Paris is bigger than anything in It's wa
    Me and my wife Rita will come back to Paris to take back what we lost in November 2015, to remember, to celebrate, without fear because Love is bigger than anything in It's way... Silvio from Turin
    In Paris again hoping to attend all the shows... Vive la ville plus belle du monde!
    Dear team YEP !!!!! I 've got ticket in RZ1 For the last concert in 2015, i shaked hands of Jesse Hughes (EODM) Hope member (s) of the band this 9th september Lionel
    From Dublin to Paris
    We've always seen U2 at home in Dublin, be it Croker, Slane, Lansdowne or the 3Arena (the Point if you're being nostalgic), but seeing as we're in France on holiday in September, why not see them in the City of Blinding Lights. Can't wait!
    PARIS BERCY .......... Mon Amour .......
    2 Paris Bercy 1989 1 Paris Bercy 1992 2 Paris Bercy 2001 4 Paris Bercy 2015 .......... Beaucoup plus cher en 2018 ......... Mais ouais on y sera encore !!!!
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