Oct 7 2018
Amsterdam, NL / Ziggo Dome

'Wild Horses' in Amsterdam


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'We return to finish what we started on I+E three years ago,  our story of innocence and experience…'

Opening night of two in the Netherlands and the volume of this audience was off the scale.

'Four Irish boys come to the great port of Amsterdam to play a club called the Milky Way, it’s still here, de Melk Weg,  and the whole universe changes in them…'

Gloria, Beautiful Day, Zoo Station, Stay… and Wild Horses.

When & Where
First night in the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Sunday 7th October 2018.

Set List
'We return to finish what we started on I+E three years ago,  our story of innocence and experience…'
Opening night of two in the Netherlands and the volume of this audience was off the scale. 'Four Irish boys come to the great port of Amsterdam to play a club called the Milky Way, it's still here, de Melk Weg,  and the whole universe changes in them…'

Gloria, Beautiful Day, Zoo Station, Stay… and Wild Horses.

'You're dangerous, 'cos you're honest.
You're dangerous, you don't know what you want.
Well you left my heart empty as a vacant lot
For any spirit to haunt….'
Here is the full setlist from Amsterdam 1.  

In The Press
Bart Wijlaars for De Telegraaf 
(translated via google) '…stirring excerpts from the film classic The Great Dictator, ultramodern and crystal clear sound techniques, even larger and preferably nine times sharper screens, fans who spend days in front of the doors: all spoke of the greatness of the visit of U2 to our country… Sunday evening with the first of two shows in Ziggo Dome. The sold out Amsterdam concert arena became the setting for a complete rock show… The two Amsterdam concerts are part of the European eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENCE tour, belonging to their latest album Songs of experience (which follows the album Songs of innocence, during which Ziggo Dome was also played). Two recent songs were at the start: The Blackout and Lights of Home. With the classic audience favourites I Will Follow and Beautiful Day in between, they formed the telling prelude to the beautiful grip of their entire oeuvre that followed. The entire Ziggo Dome was used. The Irish started on the regular stage at the front, soon they moved on the gigantic walkway, which they reached to the ridge during Who's Going To Ride Your Wild Horses, Elevation, Vertigo and a passionate Acrobat they played on the small podium (e-stage) at the end of the walkway at the back of the room. Bono specially put his high Macphisto hat on it. For the acoustic You're The Best Thing About Me and then some dancing Summer of Love that went off again. Pride (in the name of love) followed a bloody compilation of violent protest on the big screen. Back on the main stage, the quartet started the final of the show, with New Year's Day, City of Blinding Lights and One in the encore. Full and complete evening fun! All credits for this naturally go to the four starring actors: Bono (excellent at voice!), Guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. on drums. But also to the technique with which the group currently travels through Europe. The huge moveable display above the long runner into the hall is an attraction in itself. The sum of all this makes a rock 'n' roll circus that in the year 2018 hardly knows its equal worldwide. 'Thanks for sticking with us ', Bono thanked his Dutch fans. The applause from the audience was very telling…'

Experience Of The Day
Local fan clubs were distributing sets of self-made MacPhisto horns to other fans to don as Acrobat played which didnt go unnoticed by the singer during the set on the e-stage. 'Oh there you are! Looking good in the horns dude! A little jealous here!”

On The Socials 
@thomgoethals (via Twitter) 'Epic night in the port of Amsterdam. What a set list, a band on fire and perfect conditions in the Ziggo Dome. Couldn't wish for more. Time to say thanks!!'

@DJFrogson (via Twitter) 'Last night in Amsterdam an Acrobat broke the rules and took the train to Zoo Station! Amazing night with lots of #achtungbaby'

What Did Macphisto Say?
'So many bridges around here. You need to build some walls… to keep out all the different people that you don't want in Europe. Because you don't want to be a part of Europe because its full of foreigners… and we don't like f-f-f-f-f-f foreigners! I don't like foreigners, what's the point in all these different languages if people insist on understanding each other?'

Were you in the house tonight ? Post your reviews and add your photos here. https://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561515#comments


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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    U2 2018...show 18 for me
    U2 show # 18 for me this year at opening night in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, guess #19 will come in Amsterdam on Monday Oct 8 as well Yihaaaaaaaaa
    More Belgiums in Amsterdam
    We're going to Amsterdam!! Nice place, great concerthall.
    Belgium in Amsterdam
    U2 don't go to Belgium...so Belgium will go to U2. Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam will be for me nices places to see the band. Not so far from my country... A great new album ! Great moments on stage for sure !! Fans are so happy to see you again this year !
    It's going to be amazing! Small arena U2 shows are once in a lifetime experience! Let's all dance and sing!
    Yes! It's going to be great! Small arena U2 shows are the best experience! Let's all dance and sing together, cannot wait!
    Yes I have my tickets, Amsterdam here we come
    Ziggo Dome, here we come.
    No problems with retail pre-sale today. Going with my 13 year old son. He will be delighted when I tell him!
    again in the ziggodome
    we will be there lets party
    amsterdam here i come
    I have only been waiting to see U2 forover 30 years ,didn't think I would ever get to see the lads,im over the moon ,roll on October ,see you there.
    All Belgians to Amsterdam!! ;-)
    Why becoming a U2.com member?
    Many years and many U2-concerts I got my ticket in a normal, but very stressy way: looking at my screen, hoping that I would be on time and succesfull. A year ago I decided to become a member of U2.com so that it would be less stressfull to get my ticket. Yesterday, I looked at my screen for more then two hours and "for the first time ... I didn't feel love": I have no tickets ....
    We will back to Amsterdam!
    Good guys go to Heaven, bad guys and the U2 go to Amsterdam!
    sold out in pre sale allready
    Yes party 7 Oktober it wil be " a Beautiful day "
    That was relaxed. 2 tickets in the pocket.... on to the next level!!
    Hi dutch mates from italian friends, yea
    My name is Gerry I'm italian and i'm very excited for U2 concert in Amsterdam. I will coming "In God's Country". We will live together this extraordinary evening. I can't wait event day at the amazing Ziggo Dome. See you soon Have a good life, friends. Gerry
    Presale went smooth. Two tickets. Some people with presale codes for the first group without tickets?
    Another amazing night!
    Yes...got Red Zone tickets for the show. This really makes my day. In 2015 also Red Zone tickets. What an amazing night it was, and very close to the stage. Can't wait for another magic night! Thank you guys for coming to the Ziggo Dome again!
    martin van der veen
    Tickets in the pocket!!!
    Come to Belgium!
    You know the best concerts are always taking places here!! We we love you the most!!
    No room for a party of more than two???
    Too bad I can only buy two tickets. We would have liked to enjoy the show with a party of four, sitting next to each other.... Bummer.
    The boys are back
    Can't wait to see you again in a new setting. !!!!!!!! YOU'RE WELCOM IN HOLLAND !!!!!!!!
    Please can we get more info if they come to Belgium. If we use our presale code, and afterwards Belgium dates are announced ... It would be a pitty...
    the boys are back in town! YEAH
    Yes guys come to Belgium, you know we adore you ;-)
    When are U2 coming back to Belgium?
    Come to Belgium please
    What about Belgium?
    tour Belgie
    en Belgie
    And what about Belgium? The first country where U2 had their breakthrough!
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