Nov 9 2018
Dublin, IE / 3Arena

Dirty Day in Dublin

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Dirty Day in Dublin

Third night of four in Dublin and how to top the first two. Put Dirty Day in the show for the first time since December 1993.

When & Where
Night 3 at the 3Arena, Dublin, Friday 9th November 2018

Third night of four in Dublin and how to top the first two. Put Dirty Day in the show for the first time since December 1993. 'It's a Beautiful Day, all right,' reflected Bono, on a wet and windy Dublin night, getting set to open the 'Berlin' sequence of the I&e narrative with a long lost classic from Zooropa.
'Now each of us has a story as to how we got here tonight., Larry, Edge, Adam and myself… We grew up on the north side of Dublin in the seventies.
Ireland in the '70s was not the happiest place. There was "The Troubles" between North and South but there were all kinds of troubles on this island that had nothing to do with politics. No jobs . The troubles in a family home. A different kind of dangerous, like sons taking on fathers with so much to prove. U2 was our way of getting out from their shadow, to be different to them, our way of saying to our fathers, 'I'm not like you'….'
 As sketches of Garvin Evans, Brian Clayton, Larry Mullen Snr. and Bob Hewson appeared up on the screen, Bono recalled how his own father didn't take his son too seriously:'He could see I was doing a great job of that myself. ..' 

'I don't know you and you don't know the half of it
I had a starring role, I was the bad guy who walked out
They said be careful where you aim
'Cause where you aim you just might hit
You can hold onto something so tight
You've already lost it
Dragging me down
That's not the way it used to be
You can't even remember
What I'm trying to forget...'

The arena was illuminated with heart shaped red balloons as One gave way to Love Is Bigger.  It was the idea of a fan who'd won a radio competition and travelled to see the band play in Berlin. Aoife Murdock said she wanted to surprise the band and crew and give something back. 

We thought Tuesday couldn't be topped but Friday night in Dublin might have pulled it off.

Here's the full set list from Dublin 3.

On The Fansites
Sherry Lawrence from @atu2 travelled in from the USA for the final 2 Dublin shows and sent us her thoughts about Dublin 3…
'The eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour is in its final days, which makes these shows all the more special. This is a tour which has continued to evolve, getting better with each change. It was because of those changes that I came to Dublin to reacquaint myself with the show. The shows I saw in the U.S. paled in comparison to Dublin. It wasn't because of it being in U2's hometown, rather it's because the  show found its voice once the tour arrived in Europe. The boldness of the call for unity was not as vivid or direct during the first leg in North America. 
The power and energy coming from the four band members filled the arena - you couldn't help but feel like you were on this journey with them. Bono kept inviting us in call-and-response, engaging the audience more than he did in the shows I saw on leg 1. Larry's drumming is the best he's ever played - he couldn't hit the skins any harder without breaking them. Edge seemed lost in the songs, playing with eyes closed for many tunes. Adam exuding joyfulness while playing his new lighted fly wing bass. Their performances elevated the songs we all love into a different stratosphere. The inclusion of "Dirty Day" was a brilliant choice. Mothers were the focus of iNNOCENCE, so it was only natural for fathers to be the bookend of eXPERIENCE. The smooth transition into the Achtung Baby/Zooropa segment of the first act felt seemless with the new dialog that began "Dirty Day." The song, only played 10 other times during the Zoomerang leg of ZooTV in 1993, sounded as fresh as new. It's a natural fit for this show. The visuals reintroduced the lightbulb, reworking the visuals from "Cedarwood Road" and "Song For Someone" to provide another link between the 2015 production and 2018. It also serves as a bookend to "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses": "These days run away like horses over the hills" ("Dirty Day"). 
This is a band which has been chasing after that wild, independent kindred spirit from the beginning. This suite of songs shows that journey from father to son, both as sons and as fathers. The global audience at 3Arena embraced each song in the set list like an old friend. For me, that added to the energy. It was a night I will cherish for sure. Dublin 3 ranks right up there as one of the best gigs I have ever been to. At the start of the tour, Bono said in an interview that WGRYWH was more about his relationship with his daughters as they may not need their old man and him trying to reconcile that. (To me), Dirty Day is the song reconciling his relationship as a son with his Dad. Those two songs are powerful narratives in the journey story.'

On The Socials
After almost 25 years (actually 24 years, 10 months, 30 days… as the stats fans kindly reminded us - you know who you are ;), it was Dirty Day that lit up the socials. Those who were at the show and those following along online shared the moment… Dirty Day Dublin Debut. 'It's nice to get out of the house'…

Fabiano from Brazil travelled in with his friend Marcelo and is connected to many fan sites across the world including @ultravioletu2 @u2br @sombrasearvores @u2wolvesbr - we spotted him front row near the `Red Zone soon after the show and he told us : '(it) was magical, or may I say was a "Dirty Day". The transition from Beautiful Day to Dirty Day, where Bono tells the story about his dad (who) doesn't believe him to be a rock star was mind blowing because today millions of fans believe him and travel all around the world to see the band. Me and my friend @u2_marcelo came all the way from Brazil to see these 4 concerts in Bublin Dublin and listening this song after more than 24 years was a big moment of Joy and happiness.'

Jonathan Martin - @theboyonthebike via Twitter : 'Rabid fans like me utterly lost our minds tonight at the tour premiere of the brilliant but rarely played "Dirty Day" off of Zooropa (I've never heard it live in all of my shows). I may have shrieked a little bit. Absolute highlight of any @U2 ever for me.'

James - @TheeEdge. 'Bono knows how to tell a story and Dirty Day was no exception. Not only is he brilliant in his presentation skills but has mastered the craft hands down.'

What Did Macphisto Say?
Hello… you lovely little Lepricians. Macphisto is my name. I'm Irish actually…Isn't everyone Irish who wants to rule the world? I've a message for you little Ireland people… Build that wall… build that wall… BUILD THAT WALL! Call it a backstop, call it a Peace Wall, call it a border, whatever - just build it! How? I hear you ask. Just let the passions flow… little bit of distrust, bigotry, jealousy… and watch that wall emerge. People's hearts and minds, brick by brick. Brick by brick. Ha ha ha…'

U2.com / Zootopia Reviews
the shev. 'Blown away by DIRTY DAY in dublin. There is only one band our band the U2 formally feedback.thank u for everything. i'm bringing my 7year old son davey tomorrow nite .he wants to say hello to the FINGLAS MAN BONO'

valeriafoschi. 'Night 3 in Dublin and 5 in Ireland and what an amazing night. Fantastic 4 again, powerful music, always the right words Bono.. thank you for the gem of Dirty Day. My own father was up there on the big screen. Can't wait for tomorrow's show.'

What did you think? Were you at the show ? Post your reviews and add your photos below.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    It was a Beautiful Day (Night)!
    It may have been wet & windy in Dublin on Friday night,but as soon as Bono & the boys hit the stage all that was forgotten about.Over 2 hours they belted out hit after hit. Great crowd & great atmosphere,couldn't fault a thing. I have been to a number of their shows over the years & like a fine wine they just keep getting better & better. Roll on to their next time in Dublin!
    Here's to my name sake
    It was great to see Bono give a shout out to Garech DeBrun on Friday. He was a fascinating man that did an awful lot for Irish Music. My Parents used to visit him in wicklow when my Dad worked for Gael Linn. The like him and his name. So much they named me after him. You are right to honor him Bono. Mise le Meas Garech Mulcahy
    Thanks to Larry for his drumsticks!
    Larry gave his drumsticks to my 10 year old daughter Isabelle after the show on Friday night! You have never seen a more excited and happy little girl. She has been born & raised on U2. Thank you Larry! 35 years of never missing a single U2 concert in Ireland... this was the best night ever for me!!!
    Friday night Nov 9 Dublin. It’s as simple as this, Thank You U2
    Friday night Nov 9 in Dublin. It’s as simple as this, Thank You U2.
    I’ve been to a few U2 concerts and I have to say Friday night was the best one yet.thats not to say that the other gigs I’ve been to were bad because they were really good aswell. Dirty day was so good like all the other songs they played that night.such a great band.loved it☘️ No photos though
    Dirty Day!
    All of Zooropa is Genius
    Dublin 2018
    Like a fine wine get better with age fantastic shows
    the shev
    Blown away by DIRTY DAY in dublin.
    There is only one band our band the u2 formally feedback.thank u for everything.im bringing my 7year old son davey tomorrow nite.he wants to say helli to the FINGLAS MAN BONO
    Friday Dublin
    Excellent show yet again - “Dirty Day” (as it was today!), my fav off Zooropa. Cracking atmosphere - best this week. Roll on tomorrow!!
    Thank you again!
    Night 3 in Dublin and 5 in Ireland and what an amazing night. Fantastic 4 again, powerful music, always the right words Bono.. thank you for the gem of Dirty Day. My own father was up there on the big screen. Can't wait for tomorrow's show.
    Saturday Night Fever
    Yes me too, bucket list item No.1 just about to be ticked tomorrow night. I don’t think I’ve been this excited since my wife said “we’re having a baby (3rd)”!!!!
    Heading to the sat night show in Dublin. seen them in Belfast 2 weeks ago and I'd just like to say that you are in for a hell of a treat :-)
    Fridays Show
    Good morning folks. Well, I guess if you’re reading this, you’re a diehard fan like me. Despite the weather, today IS going to be a beautiful day (yes it’s raining). I’ve been counting down the months to today & have watched all the show reports with envy from Tulsa to nights 1 & 2 here in Dublin - now it’s my turn to experience the buzz of a lifetime. What makes today extra special, is that I’m going to the gig with my old & best friend from school. Let’s Rock n Roll
    Tick the bucket list no 1.
    My dream comes true: to see U2 live in Dublin and this year it will happen, On my birthday travelling from Sweden with my Girlfriend. She dont know that we are going. Pack a bag for a weekend trip Thursday - To Sunday exploring Dublin (but she don't know the location yet) and then on Friday - THE CONCERT. Saw them in Copenhagen in September but still as thrilled you can be - It has been a dream to see them in Dublin since the first time I saw them in in Gothenburg 26 of January 1985. Soon it will come true... Love this band and all the music they created, the sound, the feeling, the atmosphere - I just love it. Looking forward to this.... :-)
    Bucket List
    #7 - See U2 in Dublin. My wife and I are coming all the way from Portland, OR to see U2 in their hometown. Can't wait! Looking forward to rocking out with U2 and all the fans in GA.
    Dream out loud
    When I was 11, I made a promise to myself: See U2 in Dublin. This dream, about to come true, left me in tears when I finally got my ticket. I am currently 29 years old, I am 10 years old along with my wife, a wonderful person I met thanks to No Line On The Horizon. This concert, in addition to being a personal achievement, will be a gift for a relationship started thanks to U2. Thanks guys!
    in a house !!!!
    Happy Birthday to Me!
    If all goes as tentatively planned... I get to see the band onstage in Dublin for the very first time on my birthday this year! Blessings abound! Love love love, Marcy
    Absolutely so delighted to have secured tickets to see U2 on this tour thanks to the power of my good wife's credit card! Having grown up with this special band through the years and witnessed other tours...October, War, Unforgettable Fire, (Self-Aid!), Joshua Tree, Zoo TV, PopMart, Elevation, Vertigo, 360, I+E............this incredible band has sooo much Experience to draw upon that I just know that it will be EPIC. Lads, hope you have an absolutely fantastic and enjoyable tour and we're looking forward to seeing you all play again in Dublin in November. Sláinte, Síocháin, Sonas do gach duine!
    Pre sales for innocence
    Finally got my hands on tickets for this show. Pre sales for innocence, the drop down selection times was all over the place. Not fair, I'm sure a lot got caught out on that. My drop down didn't kick in until a lot of areas where already gone!
    Yeahhh, our first time in Dublin. But first we go to Amsterdam.
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