Oct 28 2018
Belfast, GB / SSE Arena

Second Night in Belfast

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Second Night in Belfast

'It's no secret that the stars are falling from the sky
It's no secret that our world is in darkness tonight.
They say the sun is sometimes eclipsed by the moon
Y' know I don't see you when she walks in the room….'

When & Where
Second and final night, SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland, October 28th 2018

Set List
'It's no secret that the stars are falling from the sky
It's no secret that our world is in darkness tonight.
They say the sun is sometimes eclipsed by the moon
Y' know I don't see you when she walks in the room….'

Only five shows to go after tonight, but no cruise control from this band.  Another blistering performance in Belfast and an audience as pumped and passionate as any on the tour.

'Blessed is Belfast for she is soul music.
Blessed is Cyprus Avenue
Blessed are Ford and Fitzroy
Blessed is the train from Dublin down to Sandy Row
Blessed is the city of Madame George
And blessed is the blue above the Europe we will still share
And may the yellow stars never fall upon our heads
Blessed is Van Morrison, George Best,  David Holmes, Lisa Barros d'Sa, Glenn Leyburn, Michael and Edna Longley, Betty Williams, Carolyn Mulholland, Ottilie Paterson...
Blessed is Belfast
Still a great European city...'

Here is the full set list from Belfast 2. 

On The Socials
Fans strongly agree that the recent additions of the suite of songs from Achtung Baby (the 'Berlin Suite'?), has added great excitement and energy to this part of show :
@madfl3a (via Twitter) 'This must be one of the most epic segment ever made. It's not a setlist, it's a freakin miracle'

The spoken words from the singer that ground the band and fans alike in each city are received… understood :
@NLBothwell (via Twitter) 'What a performance! Yes there is a train from Dublin to Sandy Row #Bono and I hope it stays that way. @u2 incredible as usual!'

And Sunday night in Belfast… still taking it to church :
@jzcanuck (vi Twitter) 'A special experience of ONE for me last night. A song, a gift, written from a place of disunity - now a stronger prayer of unity - “Do you hear us coming Lord, do you hear us call” with a crowd of united voices. Powerful moment. And we need this now'.

Experience Of The Day
The band stopped to chat with fans and to sign a few things before tonight's the show, captured on our Instagram earlier. Superfan Mark Baker flew in from Canada just for the Belfast shows. 'Were you there last night?' Bono asked him. 'Of course I was there last night', Mark smiled… 'Phenomenal!…You guys are on fire!'.

What Did Macphisto Say?
“What are you looking at Belfast? Haven't you ever seen a Politician before? …Macphisto's devils are taking over… right across the Globe. My kind of people… like 'The Donald'… making America HATE again… even today, this very Election day, or as we call it in Brazil : 'Beelzebub Bossa Nova' - 200 Million people about to have their Carnival turned into military parade, by a man by the name of 'Captain Bossanova'.  So many new names… but just one face. Mine.”

Were you at the show? Post your reviews and add your photos below. 

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    An amazing show
    Thessaloniki, Milan, Athens, Berlin, Belfast, 5 best days of my Life. U2 a reason to live for.
    Inspirational. Cannot let the performance go without acknowledging being in the presence of greatness. My first U2 concert, not really a fan, went out of curiosity and to tick the bucket list. Best concert I have been at. Not just a rock band. Not just a concert. Humanitarianism can shine over politics. Bono extraordinary. Connected with everyone in audience. It is clear why some people go to many. Maturing into world legends. A sincere thank you for an unforgettable experience.
    Totally worth the trip from NYC and driv
    Well we flew from NYC into Dublin and then drove to Belfast for the weekend. It was well worth the travel to see these 2 performances by our fave band. It was neat to see the difference between the US show and Euro show. The set lists in Europe are AWESOME. The energy In Belfast was amazing. foir Belfast 2, I did notice Bono choke up a little bit. I could feel his raw emotion. Made me choke up a bit myself. Bono thanked us for helping him have a great life. I feel I owe them the same sentiments. To meet such great fans from across the globe and be able to visit various countries to see the band … its a dream come true. I feel very fortunate to have these experiences. I look at the familiar faces from over the years and wonder if its a good idea to start a triage unit instead of a merch stand. 2 nights back to back at 50 and i'm lookin for my u2 ice pack lol All in great fun. God has blessed us all.
    U2, THANK YOU!
    Seeing and rockin' out live to the mighty U2 over two nights (27th, 28th October 2018) on the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour here in Belfast was absolutely fantastic! The first show was great, but the second show was even better! The band excelled! Reminds me of how 2015 was back in Belfast on the #U2ieTour. First night was great and the second night it felt like the band managed to raise the bar even higher! Incredible. I was in RED ZONE on Adam's side for Belfast 2 2018. I loved where I was standing within the RED ZONE! I loved the whole experience and it was very enjoyable to experience RED ZONE for the first time. It's something that I would love to do again if the opportunity came about came about once more. When Edge came into the RED ZONE during “Pride”, that was just absolutely amazing! Massive smiles, loud cheers, fans singing their hearts out nearby and all over - like me! *Wow Factor*. Whoever came up with this idea, THANK YOU for doing this within the show! SO AWESOME! I don't like to speak for people, but I think even Edge (and Adam on the opposite) side loves that part of the show. Up and close to their fans, their supporters. U2 has always tried their very best to get their audience close to them as possible and this part of the show is a perfect example of that. This tour along with 2015's tour in particular demonstrates that whole idea as well. Both shows (27th, 28th October 2018) were powerful, liberating in a way to galvanise people. The shows were also heartfelt, poignant, joyus, fun, entertaining helped by awesome visuals making it a typical U2 spectacle. All of this packed into one of the more smaller European arenas (The SSE Arena). The Belfast audience was loud and passionate over the two nights. Meeting, speaking with fellow fans, friends, catching up, sharing memories, stories was a great experience in itself. I've said it before, you just have to be there to understand the U2 concert experience. No picture, no video, no words can fully explain how amazing it was - only a mental image. Grateful to have seen the band live again and to massively top it off, I managed to meet the band (minus Larry - Larry we love you regardless) with other fans before the second show began! I got within close distance of Adam, got a firm handshake from Bono, asked for a picture with Edge which he gladly accepted. Yes! A pic with The Edge! The picture personally wasn't the way I intended to take it. My own positioning could be better (yes, I'm nitpicking!) but all in all, it's soooo cool nevertheless and I'm so grateful. Thank you Edge! On the previous day, I shook Brian Murphy's hand who's an absolute legend! That for me was always a dream of mine - to meet the band in some way or another. Leading up to these shows, I wanted to “dream out loud” and I did. For my dream to have happened for real is quite special. Feel honoured and privileged to have met my music idols, heroes with some quick words exchanged too. I treated these two Belfast shows as if they were my last ever U2 concerts in an effort to not take anything for granted and to make sure that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did my best and I think I managed to achieve just that. Thank you U2 for giving me even more live memories and experiences to hold on to and to cherish. I hope to catch yous sometime again in the future. Hopefully Belfast won't have to wait too long again to witness yous live here in the city. Along with Dublin, Belfast (Ireland's second city) should always be on the tour schedule for the island. In my previous write up for the previous show (Belfast 1 - 27th October 2018), I said that Belfast is a place that I think needs your music and even your voice - especially in these times. Bono's speech over the two days/shows (27th, 28th October 2018) before the performances of “One” alludes to my thoughts. So hopefully Belfast gets to witness your music and voice once again in the near future inspiring the current and the new generation. Thank you also for “Songs of Innocence” and “Songs of Experience”. I love them both and both have meant a lot to me. Both albums are up there with the band's best ever work - especially lyrically. I genuinely believe that. Incredible work which yous should be very proud of. One last thing to close. As I'm typing this, the #U2eiTour is almost over. U2, you have given us so much in recent years gone by. The fanbase arguably has been over spoiled during this time perioid. We certainly do not take any of it for granted. We greatly appreciate all that has came our way in the recent years gone by. So much memories that will be forever cherished. Yous absolutely deserve a long break. Please take it and enjoy the time away with your family and friends. When ready, when refreshed, the fan base will be here for when yous return again. All the very best to yous Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam and THANK YOU for EVERYTHING. P.S; Note to self.....learn to simplify? Pretty much impossible for an Irish person to do! Lol. Over and out.
    What a night Belfast 2nd night
    What a night, brilliant from start to finish. First time seeing the band play indoors unbelievable. Set list was excellent.
    Awesome !
    There was a warmth and chemistry between the band at this show which was touching. Bono and the Edge at full pelt on Who’s Gonna Ride your Wild horses a magic moment in particular and worth the ticket price to see that alone. Magic Night!
    U2 - Belfast Night One and Night Two
    Two Brilliant shows!!! from start to finish, i love all the songs, and i could have listened to another 22 different U2 songs, if only the concerts could be longer!!! Clair
    Brilliant show✌
    First time to see them outside of Dublin, what a gig!! 11/10 The new songs make so much more sense live.
    Thank you lads
    Thank you lads for two great nights in the SSE Arena and in particular, I want to thank the person, who kicked your butts in Copenhagen to change the set in this way. You're on the right track.
    Belfast 28/10/18
    Omg best night of my life.. I have waited 18 years to see them and I have got there!! I can die happy
    Age of Innocence
    37 years after my first U2 gig in Belfast these guys still have it in spades and give 100% in every show.
    Ahhhh YES!!!!! I´m so happy!!!!
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