The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

Dec 1 2019
Kallang, SG / National Stadium

Thinking about 'Heroes'

'Let's rip the roof off,' said Bono as the second show in Singapore opened tonight. Everybody was happy to oblige.

And on World AIDS Day a night to remember the activists working around the world. 'Bad' set the tone again.

Thank you, Singapore, last night was one of the great nights of our lives
Took us four decades to get here - but only 24 hours to come back
Let me tell you why I'm here tonight…I think I speak for my bandmates…  I'm here for 
some kind of rock'n'roll transcendence… I need some 
I'm here to surrender… to you, to music, to love… 
anything could happen… This is Bad. 

'This is a bit of a special day... World AIDS Day… December 1st
And a time to give thanks to the everyday heroes – women and men – still working to eliminate this tiny  little virus that has wreaked so much havoc in so  many lives…  Can we take a moment, a prayer, in the dark to think about these heroic hidden figures…  let's bring them into this moment …'

And the lights once again turned the stadium into a Cathedral as Bowie's 'Heroes' emerged from 'Bad'.

'Love is the higher law' was Bono’s refrain, repeated several times tonight, notably after Beautiful Day.

'When human rights drown out human wrongs – it’s a beautiful day 
When sisters around the world are in school like their brothers – that's a beautiful day 
When men can love men and when women can love  women – that’s a beautiful day 
And when women of the world unite to rewrite  history as HERstory – that’s a beautiful day ...'

Full report coming later, meantime here's the complete set list and if you were at second show at the Kallang SG tonight, tell us all about it.


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    Bad in Mumbai - Give Peace A Chance...
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    For me this tour started in Singapore....and i‘m so touched and speechless! You guys are sooooo filled with energy, with love....with happiness and fun!!!! I will follow you in Asia...and I can’t wait for the next show! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME A GREAT LIFE (with you)
    50Th birthday gift
    my brother 50th birthday gift was a return ticket from France to Singapore to attend his first U2 show ever on November 30! we got it memorable!!first row!he is still singing!! i didn't miss a tour since ZOO TV and expect not to miss one in near future!! THANKS!!!!
    Live dvd of Joshua Tree tour 2019
    Are U-2 going to put out a live dvd of the shows of the Joshua Tree Concerts 2019 I think that would be great with all the new tv screens and backdrops they have, compared to what they had years ago. I hope they do before the beginning of the new year. I saw them in Ct at the Mohegan Sun Arena the Experience and Innocence Tour it was a great venue to see them in and hope they will play there again! Ken Haney
    My Lifetime memories
    Finally got a chance to watch U2 concert in auckland on november 8th was one of the best thing that happened in my life. And yesterday my 2nd in singapore... wow... i can not believe it myself. Yes...Dreams do come true... thank you @U2.... thank u universe...
    A moment many of us have waited for a li
    Two nights, two magic shows and the icing on the cake....Bono & Edge generously taking their time to warmly great and embrace their fan base before their departure for Tokyo. What an early Christmas that was!
    Dubai to Singapore
    Can't wait...coming from Dubai to Singapore for this one...
    So JAZZED !!! a lucky guy, am able to see Eddie Vedder (Barolo, Italy) and U-2 within 6 months of each other in GREAT locations.  Turning back the clock to December 2006 where I last saw Eddie and PJ open for U-2 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  CAN"T WAIT !!! Coming from Chiang Mai, Thailand, my home now.
    Can't wait
    Travelling from Vienna to Singapur for both Shows. I am soooo excited!
    from UK to Tokyo
    see you there, going to both shows.
    I've prayed for this like forever!!!
    Hey U2!!! ♥️My prayers were finally answered! To think that I've been saving up for more than 5 years now just to see you live in Europe! Ever since you announced that you wouldn't tour outside Europe anymore, it nearly broke my heart but I didn't want to give up! A lot of stuff went down that caused me to find out about this tour really late! I nearly died! The second show in Singapore is another prayer answered! I got scammed by Viagogo in my first attempts to buy tickets because the official Singapore page wouldn't accept my card, but I don't care about that anymore. Because after sending an SOS for help to almost all my friends, I was FINALLY able to get my VIP ticket!!! ♥️♥️♥️ I love you guys and your god-sent music so much! It saved me too many times to count! I'm travelling to Singapore from the Philippines all by my lonesome to see you! Thank you so much for coming to Asia!!! ♥️Take care & see you there!!!
    more than 100000km for that Show
    Coming from Ratheim Germany to see the Band
    Finally got the tickets! Attending the concert of the biggest band in the world!!! I finally found what I was looking for! :-)
    Finallly! I'll get to watch U2 live!!! See you in SG!!! Thank God I have friends there to watch with! Thank you for coming to Asia!
    I'm in, again !!!
    Can't afford 7 nights in Singapore Can't afford tickets for night 1 Definitely can't afford Red Zone for night 2 It's only debt LOL !!
    Singapore - here we go
    Finally Singapore!!!!!!!!!
    Came in from Indonesia, Woww never thought that U2 will finally come to asia!!!!!!
    Seen U2 pretty much all over Europe and US to see them in Asia is just soooooo exciting - and I love Singapore!
    So historic cannot miss the show!
    As a 20+ year-old, I cannot believe I would have an opportunity to go to a country/city where U2's never been before in my life time! What a show! I'm going to both debut show and the 2nd night, all the way from China. If I'm lucky, I will convince my dad to go too!!!
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