‘Stories Of Surrender’ The Book Tour

Nov 2 2022
New York City, NY, US / Beacon Theatre
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Bono opening night at the Beacon!
So hope to get tix for 21st April!
It's my birthday after all, and I cannot think of a better gift : )
Come To Peru
Please come to Peru !! Thnx!!
So Happy I Got Tickets - Nov. 2nd!!
I rushed home after work to eat a small snack and then catch the train to NYC - the 55 minute ride was torture. I couldn't wait any longer than I had since a month earlier when I got tickets. I was pushed out of the "queue" a few times but luckily I got them. Bono came out on stage singing and I was surprised and so happy. He sounds great!! Loved the props. Still reading the book - so well written. Love it!! Love Bono's multi-talents! He's a legend!!
Thank You
The anticipation of seeing Bono was building for weeks. Opening night. What will happen? I’m a fan since the 80’s. The beginning. Drinks across the street from the Beacon before the show. I meet two amazing people at the bar. Their love for U2 our connection. Like children we laugh, joke and drink. That’s what U2 does to you makes you feel! Bono was amazing! I loved when he broke out into a song, the crown stirring as he started to sing, almost ready to see the bad jump on stage. And then, he pulls back the reigns on the Stalion and begins to read again. He seemed vulnerable at times sharing his story. I lost my father too to cancer in 5 weeks. Only months before did we finally connect deep inside. The loss, the hurt. Bono touched my soul. U2 touches so many souls. No phones inside. As I leave that night walking onto Broadway, I said “Bono is in this car” he rolls down the window and says “Hello”. Thank you Bono. Always.
NYC 11/2/22
We are so incredibly grateful and fortunate to have gotten tickets to the opening night in NYC. What a unique and inspiring insight to Bono’s journey. So moved and touched. Can’t wait to read the book! No electronic devices permitted and that made it even more special as no one was focused on their phones and engaged in the story!
BONO at the Beacon! Anniversary Celebrat
We went to the opening night of BONO’s book tour. It was amazing, insightful and inspiring. Thank you Bono for a once in a lifetime experience for our 31st Anniversary! The Beacon Theater is beautiful and created an intimate evening for all. We came from the Kansas City metro area for this special event and are so thankful for so many U2 concerts, songs and now this special evening being a huge part of our lives together over the years! Todd and Paula T+P=❤️ 4Ever
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