‘Stories Of Surrender’ The Book Tour

Nov 16 2022
London, LND, GB / The London Palladium
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They make children. Not like this one...
Bono exceeded all expectations in this fantastic one man show. A brilliant mixture of life stories, experiences and songs delivered with poetic prose! Sometimes moving, often funny but never boring. I was hooked from start to finish. Amazing!
London and Sorrento
London and Sorrento, and i'm from Sorrento... The excitement felt last week to see Bono again after Tokyo 2019 was great, then increased by the supreme ass of having had a nice front row in pole position as a "best seat" from ticketmaster. I enter the theatre, after 20 minutes in line in the rain, and after the usual packing of the mobile phone, I run towards my seat. I find myself 2 meters from the stage eager to see Bono again. I admit it, I fear seeing him aged and out of shape but I'm ready to forgive him and understand him, after devouring the 650 pages of his book and getting excited about how he told his story and especially his relationship with Bob and Iris. Instead Bono is fit, emaciated, brilliant, ironic and looks like a consummate actor on stage. There is everything in this story. The birth of the band (the splendid moment in which he ideally snatches the guitar from Edge's neck to explain to him how he wanted the "follow" riff and then incites the other members of the band to play it until the explosion of the guitar that resonates in the theater like a real musical orgasm), the immense and boundless love for Ali, with a poignant With or without you, the tormented relationship with Bob and the regret of not having been able to save his mother in any way. The torment for the relationship with his parents is constant, with harsh stories, others more ironic, but his need to find himself in the approval and love of the people he has had is evident. The family, the band... A continual pursuit of happiness and a realization of inner peace that has never been achieved. Dialogues with Bob in the Sorrento Lounge, an area of ​​the stage dedicated to their chats at the Finnegan with a series of truly unmissable stories such as the one about the meeting with Lady Diana, feared by Bono for political reasons. Gentleman Bob shakes the hand of the Princess and smiles at her with Bono breathing a sigh of relief exclaiming: "hundreds of years of wars and conflicts gone in an instant". There would be so much to tell; musically the best moments were Pride and Beautiful day, with very beautiful arrangements that touched the soul. The finale with Bono sitting in the Sorrento Lounge singing Torna a Surriento (entire) a capella devastated me. The closing of the circle, after the death of his father and him rediscovering his voice. It can't be random as an ending, since the English version of the song is called Surrender. Friends there would be a thousand things to tell, many moments. I can tell you that it was very beautiful and amazing. With me was a friend who is not a fan but simply passionate about music in general. The night wrote me a wapp: "You made me live a crazy emotion, an unforgettable, moving evening." Bono isn't just a singer; as written on the back cover, it is not a confession of an artist or an activist but of an "actualist". Bono recites, sings, is moved at the end of Iris "the death of her it was fucking me", suffers and saves himself continuously with the love of Ali, of his children, of the band. They are the reasons for living which, together with the Scriptures, represent the sources of his salvation. Read the book if you haven't and wait for a fucking DVD or movie of the show.
It’s an emotional journey!
What a real privilege to see Bono perform this emotional journey. How a cellist, harpist, drummer (and the Bono Vox of course!) recreated the sounds of U2 was hugely impressive. Amazing stories that tripped along like lyrics. I laughed, cried, sang, empathised and admired and I still am as I read this brilliant book!
Sat in front of Bono
Amazing! I was 3m from the man himself! What a performance!!
What an absolutely amazing epic show, one man, a harp and a cello, WOW, this was off the scale and loved it so much, the atmosphere tingled with electricity as moments of about to break out into shear full gig joy was pulled back with excellence - never have I experienced such a moving fantastic experience, humour, insight and such heartfelt experiences, so emotional as I lived my life experiences listening to this amazing performer/band. WOW, WOW, WOW - please do move tours!!!
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